Nigel Farage is pelted with wet cement and coffee cup by attacker as he campaigns for Reform Party on open top bus in Barnsley

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Nigel Farage was pelted pinch bedewed cement and a java cup arsenic he took an open-top autobus circuit through Barnsley municipality centre coming - conscionable a week aft being doused successful milkshake.

Dramatic footage shows a man successful a reddish hoodie scooping up handfuls of cement from a worksite earlier pelting them astatine nan Reform leader. He is seen being pulled distant by building workers to chants of 'scum' earlier later being arrested by police. 

Mr Farage, 60, had conscionable addressed supporters earlier being interrupted by a crowd of demonstrators and warned by constabulary not to get disconnected nan autobus earlier nan incident happened. 

He has thanked South Yorkshire Police, adding: 'I will not beryllium bullied aliases cowed by a convulsive left-wing mob who dislike our country.'

It is nan 2nd clip he has been targeted while campaigning for nan wide election after earlier being doused pinch a milkshake by an OnlyFans exemplary successful Clacton, Essex, past week.

Nigel Farage is targeted coming by an attacker, who is not pictured, throwing objects during an unfastened apical autobus circuit successful Barnsley 

The protester, wearing a reddish hoodie, throws a java cup successful nan guidance of nan Reform statement leader 

The man is wrestled by workmen (left) and past led distant by constabulary (right) pursuing nan shocking incident successful South Yorkshire this morning 

JUNE 4: Mr Farage had milkshake thrown complete him during an predetermination rally successful Clacton 

2019: The leader was besides targeted pinch a milkshake while speaking to voters successful Newcastle successful nan lead-up to nan Brexit referendum 

Victoria Thomas Bowen, 25, was charged pinch battle by beating and criminal harm erstwhile a milkshake was thrown complete Mr Farage arsenic he near nan Moon and Starfish Wetherspoon pub successful Clacton-on-Sea successful Essex connected Tuesday past week.

Mr Farage was seen pinch nan yellowish portion splattered crossed his acheronian bluish suit arsenic he boarded his run bus.

During a run walkabout successful Newcastle successful 2019, he had a £5.25 Five Guys banana and salted caramel milkshake thrown astatine him.

Meanwhile, South Yorkshire Police today that a 28-year-old man has been arrested connected suspicion of nationalist bid offences successful Barnsley. 

The unit said: 'We person arrested a 28-year-old man connected suspicion of nationalist bid offences pursuing upset successful Barnsley municipality centre today.

'It is believed that nan man threw objects from a adjacent building area.

'A fishy was quickly detained and remains successful constabulary custody.'

A man hurls objects from a building tract towards an open-top autobus Mr Farage is opinionated in

Mr Farage grimaces arsenic objects are thrown towards him coming successful Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Mr Farage giving nan thumbs up to crowds successful Barnsley coming earlier grimacing arsenic objects are thrown successful his direction 

The man holds a java cup successful his near manus arsenic workmen look connected earlier rushing to drawback him 

The man is wrestled by a constabulary serviceman aft stepping distant from nan segment successful Barnsley 

The man is arrested by officers successful Barnsley. Mr Farage later thanked South Yorkshire Police 

Mr Farage speaks from nan apical of nan open-top autobus earlier he is attacked (not by anyone pictured) 

Anti-Farage protesters successful Barnsley today. There is nary proposal anyone pictured attacked him 

Earlier nan Reform leader had his nails painted at n The Lash beauty salon successful Hoyland 

The leader was successful bully spirits erstwhile he began nan open-top autobus ride 

Essex Police said astir past week's incident successful Clacton: 'A female is owed to look successful tribunal pursuing an incident successful Clacton.

'Victoria Thomas Bowen, 25, will look astatine Colchester Magistrates' Court connected Tuesday 2 July to reply charges of battle by beating and criminal damage.

'The charges subordinate to an incident successful which a portion was thrown astatine a man successful nan area of Marine Parade East, Clacton, astatine astir 2.10pm connected Tuesday 4 June.

'A 44-year-old man who was arrested connected suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker has been released and will look nary further action.'

The Clacton incident led to wide condemnation from MPs each crossed nan governmental spectrum including Labour's Yvette Cooper who called it a 'disgrace' and 'completely unacceptable and wrong'. 

Reacting to nan milkshake incident, Mr Farage told ITV: 'I don't cognize what was thrown astatine maine but it deed maine successful nan look adjacent and square. Quite frightening.'

He went connected to opportunity he thinks he keeps having nan dairy portion thrown astatine him because he goes 'out to meet nan nationalist and cipher other does'.

The Clacton incident had echoes of 2019, erstwhile he fell unfortunate to a akin stunt successful Newcastle.

His assailant was later ordered to transportation retired organization activity and salary £350 successful compensation. 

Mr Farage has made a melodramatic return to nan governmental frontline and besides been installed arsenic Reform UK leader successful spot of Richard Tice. 

CLACTON: Mr Farage was deed by a milkshake past week erstwhile he stepped retired of a Wetherspoons pub

Mr Farage was flanked arsenic accustomed by burly information arsenic he near a pub, but they could do thing arsenic nan contents of what appeared to beryllium a McDonald's cup is flung towards him

Victoria Thomas-Bowen pictured past week aft she was charged pinch criminal harm and assault 

Thomas-Bowen will look astatine Colchester Magistrates' Court connected July 2nd to reply nan charges

It caught him afloat successful nan face, though he wiped his eyes and continued

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