Nick Cannon reveals his son Zillion, two, with baby mama Abby De La Rosa has been diagnosed with autism

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TV big Nick Cannon has 12 children pinch six different women.

Nick has children with: Mariah Carey, LaNisha Cole, Brittany Bell, Bre Tiesi, Alyssa Scott and Abby de la Rosa. 

His children are: Monroe and Moroccan, Onyx, Rise, Powerful, Golden, Legendary, Halo, Zen (he passed away), Beautiful, Zion and Zillion. 

 In early November 2022, pregnant Alyssa confirmed Nick was nan begetter of her child, conscionable 11 months aft they mislaid their boy Zen astatine property 5 months owed to encephalon cancer.

Cannon is nan proud begetter to 11-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan pinch ex-wife Mariah Carey.

He welcomed his eighth child, Legendary Love, pinch Bre Tiesi connected June 28, 2022.

Nick's ninth kid - girl Onyx Ice pinch exemplary LaNisha Cole - was calved connected September 14, 2022.

Less than 2 weeks aft Onyx arrived, Nick welcomed his 10th child, a boy called Rise Messiah Cannon connected September 23, 2022, pinch Brittany Bell, who he already shares 2 children with: girl Powerful Queen, two, and boy Golden, five.

Nick precocious welcomed babe number 12 pinch Alyssa Scott - girl Halo Marie Cannon, calved connected December 14, 2022.

They had a boy arsenic well, but he died successful 2021. Nick and Alyssa's beloved boy Zen died from a encephalon tumor connected December 5, 2021.

Zen had antecedently suffered from hydrocephalus, successful which fluid builds up successful nan cavities of nan encephalon and increases nan size of nan ventricles, putting unit connected nan brain.

He was diagnosed pinch a malignant tumor successful his caput and was rushed successful for surgery. Zen made it retired of room but his wellness began to deteriorate astir Thanksgiving, and yet he died connected December 5.

'We knew since August that Zen's clip connected this world would beryllium limited. We knew he would not make it to spot 6 months,' Scott erstwhile shared successful an Instagram post. 'I americium eternally grateful he was successful nan arms of nan group who loved him most.'

He had his 11th kid pinch his babe mama Abby De La Rosa -  girl Beautiful Zeppelin connected November 11, 2022; they besides stock copy sons Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, one.

Daughter Monroe and boy Moroccan pinch ex woman Mariah Carey

Nick and Mariah Carey tied nan knot successful 2008, and they welcomed nan rapper's first kids connected April 30, 2011 - a group of twins named Monroe and Moroccan Scott. The family is pictured successful 2018

Nick and Mariah Carey tied nan knot connected successful the Bahamas successful 2008, and they welcomed nan rapper's first kids on April 30, 2011 - a group of twins named Monroe and Moroccan Scott.

According to People, Monroe was named aft precocious character Marilyn Monroe, who was said to beryllium an inspiration to Mariah. They decided not to springiness her a mediate sanction since Mariah doesn't person one.

As for Moroccan, nan thought for his sanction came from nan Moroccan décor successful Mariah's apartment, which is wherever Nick projected to her.

His mediate name, Scott, is besides Nick's mediate sanction and his grandmother’s maiden name.

Back successful December, successful nan aftermath of Zen's death, Nick said retired astir really difficult it was for him to show nan twins, who are now 11 years old, astir Zen's passing - but credited their support, particularly Monroe, pinch helping him get done nan tragedy.

He said Monroe is truthful 'so axenic and truthful honest,' and called nan 11-year-old his 'best therapist.' 

'Having to explicate that to [then]-10-year-olds ... is beautiful intense,' he admitted to People.

'But their knowing and them being location for maine astir apt helped maine support it together arsenic good arsenic really woody pinch it. Specifically, Roc and Roe. They were location for nan full journey.

'My daughter, really, she's truthful successful tune and successful statement and wise beyond her years. I sewage a batch of therapists, but she's astir apt my champion therapist.

'She keeps maine successful check. She's truthful axenic and truthful honest. To beryllium 10, she asks immoderate really beardown and powerful questions.

'Really, conscionable it's each retired of love. She's my oldest child. Even though they're twins, she came retired first and she lets everybody cognize it. She's helped maine support it strong.'

Back successful 2016, aft nan commencement of his 2nd son, Golden, Nick opened up astir nan twins' narration pinch their younger sibling, and he revealed that they really enjoyed having a small brother.

'They emotion hanging retired pinch him, and it is almost for illustration they are much concerned astir him having nosy than them having fun,' he gushed to Entertainment Tonight.

'They are ever trying to make them laugh, and he is stepping now, truthful they are trying to get him each nan toys.

'Watching that full older related point return place, they understand nan work of it. They understand that they tin thatch him things, truthful it is really cool.'

He besides called them 'geniuses,' and admitted that he was not happy pinch really accelerated they were increasing up.

'I'm good pinch my boy increasing up. It's my girl that I person a problem with,' he joked. 'I mean, shotgun's loaded.'

As for really he his ex Mariah were co-parenting nan twins, he explained successful 2016 that they had travel to a spot of 'understanding and unconditional love.'

'When you travel from a spot of knowing and unconditional emotion for truthful galore things, you can't really spell wrong,' he said.

'It would beryllium very easy to propulsion our egos successful - what we judge we want to do pinch our clip and effort - but past you measurement back.

'When it comes to my kids, it is immoderate they want astatine immoderate time, and I build my schedule astir it.

'Those children are nan astir important point to some of us. It benignant of turned her into this awesome mother, that I consciousness for illustration nan world started to link pinch her connected that level.

'There will ever beryllium unconditional emotion and a awesome relationship. That is 1 of my champion friends successful life, truthful it is ever going to beryllium that.

'The truth that location is nary bad humor and we tin still coexist, I deliberation that is nan champion spot for it.'

Sons Golden and Rise Messiah, and girl Powerful Queen, pinch Brittany Bell 

Nick and Phoenix Suns dancer Brittany Bell person sons Golden, five, Rise Messiah, calved September 23, 2022, and girl Powerful Queen, 2 , together. They are pictured here  successful 2021

After his divided from Mariah, Nick dated Phoenix Suns dancer Brittany Bell on-and-off for years.

They welcomed a boy together, named Golden Sagon, connected February 21, 2017.

At nan time, Nick gushed connected Instagram, 'Weeping whitethorn strengthen for a night, but joyousness cometh successful nan morning!

'No matter really difficult nan world whitethorn deed you, God ever reminds america of our purpose! Welcome to Earth, son. #TrueHappiness #Awakened.' 

Reports came retired that nan mates had divided aft that, but successful November 2020, they were seen stepping hand-in-hand astatine his 33rd day ceremony - pinch Brittany sporting a increasing babe bump.

They past welcomed their 2nd child, Powerful Queen, successful December 2020.

'The champion gift ever,' Brittany, who is besides a model, shared connected Instagram astatine nan time.

'We person been amazed with… A GIRL! Powerful Queen Cannon came this week, cleanable timing for Christmas.

'So overmuch much to share. All I tin opportunity is that Nick was my stone done nan astir aggravated yet empowering earthy h2o birth.

'It was thing but POWERFUL. Merry Christmas! THANK YOU GOD.' 

One period later, Nick was asked by Power 106 power hosts if her gestation had been an 'accident,' and he insisted that it was not. 

'I’m having these kids connected purpose,' he said. 'I didn’t person nary accident. [There were] a batch of group that I could’ve gotten pregnant that I didn’t. You only unrecorded once.'

In December 2021, conscionable aft Powerful Queen's first birthday, nan Masked Singer big couldn't extremity raving complete really smart she was connected Instagram.

He shared a clip of her saying words for illustration 'nose, cat, dog, and tree' while he held up flashcards for her.

'Wow! Look astatine this superb baby!' he captioned it. 'They sewage huffy erstwhile we named her POWERFUL QUEEN! Y’all fortunate I didn’t spell pinch my different prime GENIUS EMPRESS!

'LOL. I can’t return immoderate of nan in installments present though! That’s each her astonishing mommy.'

On September 23, 2022, Nick and Brittany welcomed their 3rd kid together, boy Rise Messiah, weighing successful astatine 10lbs. 

Sons Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir and girl Beautiful Zeppelin pinch Abby De La Rosa

Nick and Abby De La Rosa, who is simply a DJ and broadcast professional, kept their narration a concealed until they announced that they were expecting copy boys together successful April 2021

The boys - who they named named Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir - were calved connected June 14, 2021. They are pictured successful December 2021

Nick and Abby, who is simply a DJ and broadcast professional, kept their narration a concealed until they announced that they were expecting copy boys together successful April 2021.

'Our dearest sons - my occurrence babies, convey you for choosing maine to beryllium your mommy,' Abby wrote connected Instagram astatine nan time, successful a now-deleted post.

'I cognize nan Lord has destined maine and prepared maine for nan gift of not 1 but 2 small angels.

'I believe that God gives you some nan spot to locomotion brave and boldly successful your individual truth conscionable for illustration your daddy... That God bless you and your relative and guideline you into surviving retired your afloat purpose.

'Your dada and I will ever beryllium present for you both; successful complete unison and support.

'No matter what this world whitethorn propulsion your way, cognize that forgiveness is cardinal and what is for you - is for YOU! You some are already truthful loved and we can't hold to meet you both.' 

The boys - who they named named Zion and Zillion - were born on June 14, 2021.

In an Instagram Q&A, Abby later revealed that she and Nick accidentally sewage pregnant successful April 2020, but sadly, they mislaid that baby. Then, they became focused connected getting pregnant again. 

'First pregnancy, April 2020, was decidedly not planned, but Nick was specified a awesome friend to maine and conscionable truthful bully to me, and past our attraction became to person a baby,' she explained. 'Little did we cognize we would extremity up having twins.

'Let maine conscionable adhd that this readying wasn't for illustration america sitting down pinch a almanac and being like, "You gotta beryllium pregnant by this date." It had already been a thought and it happened.

'It had already been retired there, it was thing we were manifesting and we were conscionable letting it flow.' 

Now, they are gearing up to invited their 3rd kid together, whose gender is unknown. 

On November 9, 2022, pregnant Abby confirmed Nick was nan begetter of her unborn child.

She gave commencement to his 11th child, girl Beautiful Zeppelin connected November 11, 2022. 

Family: He had his 11th kid pinch his babe mama Abby De La Rosa - girl Beautiful Zeppelin connected November 11, 2022; they besides stock copy sons Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, one 

Son Legendary Love pinch Bre Tiesi 

Nick Cannon has go a begetter for nan eighth clip aft welcoming his first kid pinch exemplary Bre Tiesi, 31, a babe boy named Legendary Love (pictured) - while still awaiting nan presence of his ninth babe pinch a 5th woman  

Nick first revealed that he was expecting an eighth kid pinch exemplary woman Bre, 31, backmost successful January, erstwhile nan mates were seen attending a gender uncover to observe nan news that they were having a babe boy together. 

He past shared nan happy news connected an section of his since-canceled talk show The Nick Cannon Show, saying astatine nan time: 'It's a boy! We recovered retired yesterday. Everyone knows I person a batch of children. It's ne'er a competition. Each 1 is special.'

Bre took to Instagram to denote nan commencement of nan couple's son, Legendary Love, revealing successful a candid station that their babe had arrived successful an 'all earthy unmedicated location birth', while heaping praise connected Nick for 'showing nan f up' and being 'an astonishing and supportive partner'. 

Legendary was calved connected June 28, 2022. 

'I did it,' she wrote, while sharing respective black-and-white photos taken during her labour and birth. 'An each earthy unmedicated location birth. 

'This was nan astir humbling / limit pushing yet awakening and wholly empowering experience. I can’t convey my squad capable for delivering my boy safely. This acquisition has changed maine everlastingly and I couldn’t [have] asked for a much astonishing and supportive partner. 

'Daddy showed nan f up for us... I couldn’t [have] done it without you. I can’t judge he’s here.'

Images taken during nan commencement show Nick caring for his partner during her labor, moreover taking a bath pinch her astatine 1 point, perchance to effort and easiness her contraction pain. 

A photograph of nan proud mom and dada pinch their newborn babe besides shows Nick cutting his son's umbilical chord, while wrapping a protective limb astir his boy and partner Bre, who besides shared video footage from her commencement connected YouTube. 

'The vlog of my commencement is now unrecorded connected my YouTube,' she revealed. 'I person documented my pregnancy, earthy induction, labor, transportation arsenic good arsenic much accusation and resources for doulas midwife’s and hypno birthing. It’s existent earthy and I dream It helps anyone considering an unmedicated location birth.'

In her YouTube video, Bre documented her acquisition of labor, sharing clips of herself trying to activity done nan symptom of her contractions and impending transportation - pinch Nick by her broadside nan full time. 

The caller mom revealed that nan couple's boy Legendary Love weighed 8lbs 10oz astatine commencement and measured astatine 21 inches, adding successful an intro slide: 'Trigger warning. This video is rather intense. It is my existent and earthy natural commencement acquisition pinch a batch of screaming and [it] is simply a small graphic. 

'Viewer discretion advised.' 

She besides revealed that nan mates had thing of a scare during nan birth, explaining that her boy had a 'long crown' because his manus was up by his receptor erstwhile he was calved - a information known arsenic nucal hand. 

'So he needed a small respiratory support from [my midwife],' she wrote. 'I noticed he wasn't crying...' 

Daughter Onyx pinch LaNisha Cole

Adding to nan brood: Nick Cannon made nan astonishment announcement that he had welcomed his ninth kid pinch his tenth and 11th children still connected nan measurement arsenic he shared this family threat featuring 40-year-old exemplary and caller mom Lanisha Cole

Nick Cannon made nan astonishment announcement that he had welcomed his ninth child 

The actor, 41, shocked fans arsenic he took to Instagram successful September 2022 to denote that he had welcomed a kid pinch 40-year-old exemplary LaNisha Cole.

He shared a threat of nan proud caller parents pinch nan bundle of joyousness - a girl - pinch a lengthy caption which revealed nan child's sanction is Onyx Ice Cole Cannon, calved connected September 14, 2022.

The lengthy caption began: 'Introducing ONYX ICE COLE CANNON… Once again Today I americium successful Awe of nan Devine Feminine! God has fixed maine and @MissLanishaCole nan privilege of hosting an Angel present connected earth. I vow to protect, provide, guideline and emotion this kid to nan champion of my abilities.' 

As he has impregnated respective women complete nan years, he went connected to explicate that though he arsenic tegument heavy capable to woody pinch nan criticism, it doesn't precisely tally successful his family.

 He wrote: 'As we each cognize I americium not easy triggered and person rather reliable tegument and person ever been an unfastened book but not everyone successful my family has that aforesaid level of strength. So I believe and inquire others to please task each disapproval and cynicism towards ME and not nan loving and precious Mothers of my children.'

Nick was romantically linked to LaNisha successful February 2021 arsenic she shared a now deleted video of him successful a room filled pinch balloons, however, they divided astatine nan extremity of nan month.

LaNisha is an American manner exemplary who was champion known for her 8 seasons arsenic a rotating exemplary connected The Price Is Right hosted by Bob Barker past Drew Carey.

Son Zen and girl Halo pinch Alyssa Scott

Nick met Alyssa Scott erstwhile they some starred successful MTV's Wild 'N Out. Years later - successful January 2021 - they announced that they were having a babe together

Nick met Alyssa Scott erstwhile they some starred successful MTV's Wild 'N Out. Years later - successful January 2021 - they announced that they were having a babe together.

Their son, Zen, was calved connected June 23, 2021, pinch Alyssa penning astatine nan time, 'I will emotion you for eternity.'

But erstwhile nan babe was 2 months old, they noticed he had travel down pinch a cough that wouldn't spell away, and decided to person it checked retired by doctors.

'I ever noticed he had a cough and truthful I wanted to cheque it out,' Nick later said connected The Nick Cannon Show.  

'He had this absorbing breathing and by nan clip he was 2 months, I noticed he had this bully sized caput too, we called it a Cannon head.

'We didn’t deliberation thing of it, but I wanted to return him to nan expert for his sinus and breathing.'

After taking nan newborn successful for a 'routine' checkup, they were told he had a malignant tumor and needed emergency room immediately. 

He had besides developed hydrocephalus - a information wherever fluid builds up successful nan cavities of nan encephalon causing nan caput to summation successful size and yet putting unit connected nan brain. 

He unluckily passed distant connected December 5, 2021 - spending his past moments by nan ocean.

He unluckily passed distant connected December 5, 2021 - spending his past moments by nan ocean 

'He was nan astir loving. We called him Z Chilling. He was ever smiling. He had nan astir beautiful spirit,' Nick said aft his death.

On nan Today show, Nick praised Alyssa - 'who carried a beautiful kid for 9 months and nurtured and cared for him each azygous time done this process' - for her 'strength.'

'[Alyssa] is strong,' he said. 'She is decidedly 1 of nan strongest individuals I've known.

'I couldn't ideate - I mean, arsenic a father, it's painful, but for a mother who carried a beautiful kid for 9 months and nurtured and cared for him each azygous time done this process.

'There were truthful galore medicines and truthful galore trips to nan infirmary and nan doctor, and besides she's a mother-of-two truthful to watch her spell done this...' 

At nan time, he said he was utilizing his religion and therapy to get done nan immense loss. 

'I'm taking it - arsenic my therapist says - 5 minutes astatine a time, but I'm optimistic successful uncovering nan intent done each of nan pain, truthful I'm attempting to smile, I'm attempting to beryllium nan high-frequency individual that I've group retired to be, but on nan measurement there's decidedly immoderate curves successful nan journey, truthful I'm taking it 5 minutes astatine a time.

'Honestly [there] was a batch of fearfulness progressive [in telling group astir Zen's death]. I'm truthful utilized to being upbeat and outspoken and moreover susceptible astatine times, wherever I'll talk astir anything.

'But this was astir apt nan astir delicate and nan astir precious point I've ever had to talk about.

'And I didn't cognize really to talk astir it, I ne'er imagined having to beryllium successful this scenario, truthful arsenic overmuch arsenic it was specified an outpouring of love, location was a batch of fear, location was evidently immoderate hurt.

'I wanted to beryllium nan protector arsenic good for each of nan remainder of my family, Alyssa and [everyone], truthful I wanted... It's a very delicate thing, moreover erstwhile talking astir this.

At nan time, he said he was utilizing his religion and therapy to get done nan immense loss

In January 2022, nan prima admitted that he was 'still missing his small dude' Zen, while sharing a throwback photograph of Moroccan, Zion, Zillion, and Monroe sitting pinch him, arsenic he held Zen

'And that's coming from a personification who is utilized to talking to group each and each time unrecorded present connected television. It's scary.'

After nan tragic passing, Nick opened up astir nan 'guilt' he felt astir having to disagreement his clip betwixt moving and being a dad.

'I'm a father, first and foremost. There's a batch of guilt that I consciousness and I talk astir this successful therapy each nan time,' he admitted.

'It's rooted successful not having capable clip to walk pinch my loved ones, specifically my children, because I person a batch of children.

'I'm besides dispersed truthful bladed successful my activity because that's really I cope. That's really I woody pinch things.

'I person respective jobs and respective shows and movies and music, each that stuff. And I telephone myself a supplier for many, but 1 point nary matter really overmuch money I generate, 1 point I can't make is time.

'It's not astir quantity, it's astir quality. And it's really conscionable having value moments pinch my children, value moments pinch my family.

'Had a batch of value moments pinch Zen successful his short clip here. I ever opportunity clip is simply a manmade thing, but emotion and power is simply a godsend.'

In January 2022, conscionable days earlier his and Bre's gender uncover party, nan prima admitted that he was 'still missing his small dude' Zen successful an affectional Instagram post.

'Still missing my small dude… His tone and brightness were truthful beardown #ZensLight,' he captioned a throwback threat that showed Moroccan, Zion, Zillion, and Monroe sitting pinch him, arsenic he held Zen.

He added: 'The full family, we ALL miss you young King! Forever Our Angel!' 

In early November, pregnant Alyssa confirmed Nick was nan begetter of her unborn child. 

Alyssa gave commencement to his 12th kid - girl Halo Marie Cannon successful December; she was calved connected December 14, 2022. 

Baby girl! Nick Cannon's babe mama Alyssa Scott announced that nan mates person welcomed a girl together via a rubbing Instagram video; girl Halo Marie Cannon was calved connected December 14, 2022

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