NFL star of new Netflix show Receiver reveals behind the scenes details of what players had to do for docuseries

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By Alex Raskin

Published: 15:39 EDT, 11 July 2024 | Updated: 15:46 EDT, 11 July 2024

Detroit Lions prima wideout Amon-Ra. St. Brown gave fans an wrong look astatine reality TV accumulation and Netflix's caller series, Receiver.

The NFL Films task follows 5 walk catchers from astir nan NFL complete nan 2023 season: Las Vegas Raiders receiver Davante Adams, Minnesota Vikings prima Justin Jefferson, San Francisco 49ers tight extremity George Kittle, his teammate, receiver Deebo Samuel, and St. Brown.

The caller bid follows a akin task from NFL Films titled 'Quarterback,' which offered a behind-the-scenes look astatine passers for illustration Patrick Mahomes II.

Receiver promises nan aforesaid access, but arsenic St. Brown explained, nan accumulation ne'er felt excessively intrusive.

'Honestly it was easy,' he said successful a caller section of his podcast. 'It was not excessively invasive. They did a awesome occupation of making it seamless. They mic'd maine up erstwhile a week for practice. I was mic'd up, I think, each Wednesday because that's nan biggest believe time successful nan NFL. Tuesday's off, Wednesday's your biggest activity day.

Lions prima Amon-Ra. St. Brown gave fans an wrong look astatine Netflix's caller series, Receiver

Amon-Ra St. Brown, Justin Jefferson, Devante Adams and George Kittle be LA premiere

'They would mic maine up connected Wednesday, and nan camera unit would beryllium location for practice. And past they'd mic maine up connected crippled days — each crippled day. Camera crews would beryllium there.'

As St. Brown explained, nan footage provides awesome position connected 'what we do connected nan field.'

'You guys will understand really overmuch goes into mentation and really playing,' he said.

But possibly nan much memorable facet of nan show focuses connected nan players' lives distant from nan field: 'The benignant of group we are, our family. What makes america tick.'

St. Brown admits he hasn't watched nan full bid yet, yet he's assured successful its attack because it encapsulates some ends of nan NFL spectrum.

Amon-Ra St. Brown warms-up anterior to nan NFC title crippled against nan San Francisco 49ers

'I've only seen immoderate parts,' said St. Brown, who is coming disconnected a historical NFC title crippled berth pinch nan Lions. 'So I'm excited to spot nan full point successful its entirety pinch each nan athletes. Was talking to Davante. I consciousness for illustration everyone's story's different. Everyone's result of nan play — evidently pinch nan Raiders, his was astir apt not really he wanted it to go. Justin Jefferson sewage hurt. The Niners spell each nan measurement to nan Super Bowl and don't win. We get close.

'So everyone's communicative is different,' he continued. 'Everyone's inheritance is different.'

As for his favourite portion of nan series, St. Brown hesitated earlier deciding connected nan section 'where we play nan Rams.'

'I dye my hairsbreadth blue,' he said. 'Make judge you guys tune into that episode. Legendary.'

The Lions hosted nan Rams successful nan first information of nan NFC playoffs, wherever St. Brown embarrassed LA's secondary for 110 yards connected 7 catches.

Receiver is presently disposable connected Netflix.

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