New York Red Bulls 1-1 FC Cincinnati (7-8 on penalties): Playoff pressure finally catches up to the hosts as they are eliminated by No. 1 seed in thrilling penalty shootout after Aaron Boupendza canceled out Tom Barlow's opener

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Homegrown near backmost John Tolkin claimed nan Red Bulls execute amended erstwhile they person their ‘backs against nan wall’ earlier this week but nan unit yet caught up pinch New York arsenic they couldn’t past a punishment shootout against FC Cincinnati.

After being routed 3-0 successful nan opening game, nan Red Bulls returned location to New Jersey for a must-win conflict against nan No. 1 seed.

The Red Bulls person had a must-win mentality for complete a month, winning 4 of their past 5 regular play games, including a last-minute Decision Day triumph successful Nashville to inch done to nan postseason. They past dominated Charlotte 5-2 successful nan Wild Card matchup to seal their spot successful nan first round.

And that grit and determination needed to was recovered successful abundance erstwhile again successful New Jersey.

But grit unsocial against nan Supporters’ Shield winners wasn’t capable arsenic Aaron Boupendza’s second-half onslaught canceled retired Tom Barlow’s 45th-minute opener, forcing 10 rounds of penalties which New York couldn’t conflict its measurement retired of this time.

FC Cincinnati emerged victorious from a punishment shootout to destruct New York Red Bulls

Tom Barlow opened nan scoring for nan hosts successful a must-win Game 2 astatine Red Bull Arena

Tom Barlow's effort ricocheted disconnected Roman Celentano's thigh and spilled into nan gil 

Hunting down a important win, New York came retired pinch precocious intensity, perpetually surging guardant pinch Daniel Edelman and Luquinhas linking up to find committedness down nan near broadside passim nan first half.

And conscionable 5 minutes in, their pressing looked to person paid disconnected erstwhile John Tolkin was brought down successful nan container but nan referee didn’t springiness nan punishment and VAR wasn’t moreover called into action, starring Red Bull Arena to spot red.

On nan 21st-minute mark, Elias Manoel sent 2 Cincinnati defenders skidding earlier firing disconnected a changeable that yet had nan crowd disconnected their feet but it agonizingly coiled complete nan bar, failing to supply nan hosts pinch a captious opener.

But chances unsocial weren’t bully capable and pinch each 1 that grounded to beryllium converted into a goal, nan level of desperation wrong nan stadium seemed to beryllium ramped up.

New York looked group to rue their squandered chances arsenic nan No. 1 seed sparked to life erstwhile Dominique Badji burst past nan Red Bulls’ backline and into nan container successful nan 25th minute. The Red Bulls looked each but guaranteed to person forsaken their dream of taking nan advantage complete their opponents but Carlos bailed them retired by blocking nan thumping effort by Badji.

It was nan past publication from nan Senegalese guardant who exited nan crippled conscionable 10 minutes later aft receiving curen connected nan section and was replaced by Boupendza.

The high-intensity and beingness crippled saw a number of challenges that sparked confrontations

But New York was relentless, refusing to concede immoderate crushed to nan visitors and Barlow yet delivered nan basal extremity connected nan brink of halftime.

At first nan guardant looked to person wasted different chance for nan Red Bulls arsenic he scrambled to get nan shot retired from nether his feet earlier firing his changeable straight astatine Roman Celentano, but fortunately for New York it ricocheted disconnected nan diving goalkeeper’s thigh spilling complete his limb and into goal.

But it wasn’t complete yet, Troy Lesense and his broadside headed into halftime knowing that nan occupation was only half done pinch a agelong 45 minutes lying up earlier information could beryllium considered guaranteed.

And arsenic nan minutes of nan 2nd half ticked by, corners began to beryllium celebrated for illustration goals, saves for illustration championships.

But nan stadium fell silent successful nan 75th infinitesimal erstwhile Luciano Acosta cruised his measurement done New York’s defense earlier threading nan shot done to Cincinnati substitute Boupendza, who pulled nan trigger, yet beating Carlos.

Cincinnati had respective chances to triumph nan crippled successful regular clip and looked to person done truthful successful nan last infinitesimal of further time.

Aaron Boupendza (center) replaced Dominique Badji who exited nan crippled done injury 

But it was chalked disconnected by VAR for a foul connected Carlos, taking nan crippled to a punishment shootout which nan Red Bulls had to navigate without caput coach Lesense who was sent disconnected successful wounded clip aft a 2nd yellowish card.

Santiago Arias handed New York a lifeline erstwhile he missed Cincinnati’s 3rd but ironically it was section lad Tolkin who couldn’t nutrient erstwhile he recovered his backmost against nan wall, missing erstwhile he had nan chance to unafraid a return travel to TQL Stadium.

On nan ninth round, Carlos, nan man of nan hr erstwhile again, saved Yerson Mosquera’s but Serge Ngoma couldn’t get nan occupation done for nan hosts earlier Junior Moreno scored for Cincinnati and Celentano saved nan effort from Andre Reyes, winning nan shootout 8-7 and knocking New York retired of nan playoffs.

The Red Bulls person not won a playoff crippled since 2018 and, contempt nan champion attempts to defy being suffocated by nan unit Saturday night, that streak crushingly remains intact.

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