New RNC amendment could lead Trump to announce VP at the last minute

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A projected amendment to nan Republican National Convention rules could let presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump to hold until nan past infinitesimal earlier announcing his vice president.

The amended norm book, viewed by The Post, deletes nan erstwhile norm requiring a group number of delegates to state their support of nan presumptive nominee and VP prime “not later than an hr prior” to placing nan names up for nomination.

The caller norm now allows nan delegates to taxable nan names “prior” — meaning Trump could time off Republicans successful suspense until nan last moment.

The amended RNC rules let delegates to taxable their written support to nan caput “prior” to placing nan names up for nomination.

Trump advisor Chris LaCivita told The Post that “it’s wrong” that nan VP prime could beryllium announced later, without elaborating why.

The erstwhile president has made conflicting remarks connected erstwhile he will denote his moving mate, saying he could publicize his prime astatine nan normal moving July 15-17, aliases before.

“Probably a small earlier nan convention, but not much,” Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity connected Monday. “It could moreover beryllium during nan normal that we’re doing it. I’d emotion to do it during nan convention, I deliberation it would beryllium a very absorbing buildup and important for nan convention.”

Trump’s speaking schedule astatine nan normal has yet to beryllium released, but nan caller norm has immoderate Republicans speculating he will hold until Wednesday to denote his moving mate.

“From a clever, under-the-radar alteration successful nan statement rules to past believe to Biden’s prime-time TV question and reply and nan all-star shot game, each signs constituent to Wednesday being nan time erstwhile nan moving mate is announced,” Republican strategist Dennis Lennox said, referring to Biden’s question and reply scheduled for Monday nighttime and nan shot crippled group for Tuesday.

Trump has teased who his VP could beryllium but has kept everyone guessing connected his last choice. Getty Images

“While President Trump tin denote his prime whenever he wants, it seems for illustration nan 3rd time of normal is nan time (that) would maximize liking and eyeballs,” Lennox added.

Another GOP strategist agreed pinch nan Wednesday prediction.

“Wednesday night. They conscionable changed nan rules truthful he tin nominate arsenic precocious arsenic possible,” nan strategist told The Post.

Workers proceed preparations astatine nan Fiserv Forum up of nan Republican National Convention connected July 11, 2024, successful Milwaukee. Getty Images
Sources antecedently told The Post that Sen. JD Vance of Ohio and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum are 2 of Trump’s apical picks. Getty Images

Another motion that points to Wednesday is that Donald Trump Jr. is slated to speak astatine nan normal Wednesday earlier Trump’s VP takes nan stage, Axios reported. The younger Trump has pushed difficult for Sen. JD Vance (R-OH), who is reportedly astatine nan apical of Trump’s list, to beryllium nan nominee.

But nan Trump run has agelong insisted that Trump could make his announcement astatine immoderate time. He could state his moving mate connected Saturday astatine his Pennsylvania rally aliases return to Truth Social connected immoderate day.

There are nary plans for Vance to beryllium astatine nan Pennsylvania rally arsenic of publication. It’s unclear if North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, who Trump insiders opportunity has a large chance astatine being chosen, will beryllium astatine nan rally.

Trump advisor Jason Miller had antecedently said Trump would make his determination nationalist earlier Monday.

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