Netflix sets NFL Christmas ad spots at $5MILLION each as sponsors are imposed June deadline

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By Alastair Talbot

Published: 18:10 EDT, 17 June 2024 | Updated: 18:19 EDT, 17 June 2024

Netflix is group to complaint $5million for NFL Christmas advertisement spots this upcoming season, arsenic games will beryllium charged connected nan streaming giant's level for nan first clip ever.

According to Ad Week, nan 5 advertisement packages for nan 2 games connected Christmas Day will each costs $2million little than a azygous 30-second commercialized during Super Bowl 58, 3 months ago. 

The vacation packages will see pre-game, halftime, in-game characteristic No. 1, in-game characteristic No. 2 and post-game, pinch nan past 1 nan priciest.

Furthermore, each package must see astatine slightest 8 30-second commercials for each sponsor. 

The NFL's 8 firm partners, including Gatorade, Verizon, Visa and Microsoft, are expected to beryllium prioritized connected nan package options, though a deadline has been imposed connected each institution to make a last determination by June 26. 

The NFL is expecting its sponsors and different companies to return up its advertisement Christmas packages

Regular-season games will beryllium shown connected Netlfix for nan first clip successful convention history this season 

The 2 Christmas games this twelvemonth are: nan Kansas City Chiefs against nan Pittsburgh Steelers - group for 1 p.m. ET - and nan Baltimore Ravens vs. nan Houston Texans astatine 4.30 p.m. ET.

Meanwhile, successful bid for fans to watch all 272 games of nan 2024 NFL season, they will request to subscribe to Netflix, ESPN+, Amazon Prime Video and NBC's Peacock, connected apical of nan league's ain cablegram transmission (NFL Network). 

International games, including Week 1's Packers-Eagles crippled successful Brazil, will beryllium shown connected Peacock and perchance different streaming platforms. 

The NFL has played astatine slightest 2 games connected Christmas Day since 2021 and has shown a matchup complete nan vacation play annually since 2020. 

Last year, nan NFL's Christmas ratings overtook nan NBAs, arsenic nan Raiders caused an upset complete nan Chiefs while nan Ravens defeated nan 49ers - occupying nan apical six slots connected's rankings. 

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