Netflix's 'Taking Care of Maya' teen Maya Kowalski is seen partying days after her lawyer claimed her health was deteriorating due to a CRPS flare during bombshell $220M trial

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The teen astatine nan halfway of $220 cardinal lawsuit surrounding aesculapian malpractice and parental authorities was pictured scantily clad while retired partying pinch friends soon aft her family's ineligible squad said she was to sick to be court. 

Maya Kowalski, 17, was conscionable 10 years aged erstwhile she was removed by nan authorities aft doctors astatine Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital accused her parents of faking symptoms for her uncommon chronic symptom condition.

During her 3 period stay, her mother Beata Kowalski was forbidden by rule from seeing her. The stricken mom fell into a depression and yet ended up taking her ain life amid nan despair. The heartbreaking calamity was elaborate successful nan Netflix documentary Taking Care of Maya. 

Last Friday, nan Kowalski family lawyer, Gregory Anderson, told nan media that Maya was not coming for grounds of Dr. Sally Smith, nan kid maltreatment pediatrician who investigated her case. 

In his remarks, Anderson said that nan affectional effect of nan proceedings connected Maya had seen her create lesions relating to her Complex Regional Pain Syndrome diagnosis, reports Court TV. 

The lawsuit took different move connected Tuesday erstwhile lawyers for nan defense introduced photos, immoderate taken from Instagram, into grounds showing Maya astatine a Halloween statement and a homecoming event.

One of nan photos that defense attorneys showed successful tribunal alleging that Maya was now surviving a normal teen life contrary to what her lawyers say

Last week, Maya's lawyer said that nan accent of nan proceedings had caused her to break retired successful lesions associated pinch her CRPS diagnosis

'This is nan life of Maya Kowalski today. We did not aggravate a preexisting condition. She’s astatine her prom, she’s retired successful heels, has friends — it’s successful complete contradiction to her testimony' - 1 lawyer said

Maya's lawyers based on that nan photos should not beryllium admitted because nan teen didn't station them herself 

One of nan pictures shows Maya astatine a homecoming event

In nan Halloween pic, nan teen tin beryllium seen wearing a 2 portion outfit while smiling and base nary evident lesions. In another, she wears a short dress while riding successful a limousine. 

Defense lawyer Ethen Shapiro said successful reference to nan pictures that nan tribunal person been told that since Maya's hospitalization, she has been incapable to unrecorded a normal teenager's life. 

'This is nan life of Maya Kowalski today. We did not aggravate a preexisting condition. She’s astatine her prom, she’s retired successful heels, has friends — it’s successful complete contradiction to her testimony,' Shapiro said while speaking astir nan pictures. 

The family's attorneys person countered saying that nan pictures should not beryllium admitted because Maya wasn't nan 1 who posted them and that those pictured pinch her are not progressive successful nan case. 

The judge ruled that 2 of nan 3 photos presented could beryllium admitted but nan 1 of her successful nan 2 portion outfit was thrown out.  

Lawyers for Johns Hopkins rested their lawsuit connected Wednesday nevertheless Maya, arsenic good arsenic her father, Jack, could beryllium backmost connected nan guidelines during rebuttal. 

Maya collapsed down successful tribunal arsenic she told nan tribunal nan last moments she saw her mom arsenic she took nan guidelines successful nan $220M proceedings against Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

The now 17-year-old was diagnosed pinch analyzable location symptom syndrome (CRPS) aged 9, but was taken to infirmary pinch terrible symptom Oct 2016, aged 10

Maya's mom, Beata, (right) took her ain life aft she was diagnosed pinch a depressive temper and accommodation upset upon being separated from Maya for almost 3 months

 Maya was removed from her parents' attraction aft infirmary unit became suspicious of nan dosage of ketamine her mother insisted connected treating her pinch for nan excruciating chronic pain.

Florida's Department of Children and Families and a authorities judge supported infirmary staff's suspicions of 'child aesculapian abuse' and placed Maya nether Florida's Department of Children and Families' custody and she was housed astatine nan center.

AndersonGlenn LLP, who launched nan suit connected behalf of nan Kowalski family confirmed nan family is seeking $55 cardinal successful compensatory and $165 cardinal successful punitive damages.

The hospital's defense is expected to halfway connected unit position arsenic mandatory reporters required by authorities rule to telephone nan maltreatment hotline if they person 'reasonable cause' nan Tampa Bay Times reported.

Ethen Shapiro, who is portion of nan hospital's defense team, antecedently stated that nan determination to region Maya was made by nan kid use strategy alternatively than nan aesculapian facility.

The infirmary released a connection to which read: 'Our privilege astatine Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital is ever nan information and privateness of our patients and their families.

'Therefore, we travel strict national privateness laws that limit nan magnitude of accusation we tin merchandise regarding immoderate peculiar case.

'Our first work is ever to nan kid brought to america for care. Our unit are required by rule to notify Florida's Department of Children and Families (DCF) if they fishy maltreatment aliases neglect.

'It is DCF and a judge – not Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital – that investigates nan business and makes nan eventual determination astir what people of action is successful nan champion liking of nan child.

'We are wished to forestall immoderate chilling effect connected nan responsibility to study suspected kid maltreatment successful bid to protect nan astir susceptible among us.'

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