Netflix's great streaming RIP-OFF: Shocking charts reveal how the 'greedy' platform hiked its prices by 14% - just two weeks after the David Beckham documentary scored it a record 3.8 MILLION viewers

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Netflix hit nan headlines yet again this month, aft it announced that it was hiking prices for millions of customers successful nan UK.

On October 18, nan costs of Netflix's cheapest ad-free tier went up by £1 to £7.99/month, while its astir costly tier was hiked to £17.99. 

This value hike came conscionable weeks aft 2 shows helped people nan level grounds viewers.

The first section of 'Beckham', released October 4, which sees Posh and Becks bespeak connected their early romance and marriage, family life and David's sparkling footballing career, scored Netflix a staggering 3.8 cardinal viewers successful nan UK. 

Meanwhile, nan first section of 'Harry & Meghan', which was released successful December past twelvemonth and charts nan events starring up to nan Duke and Duchess of Sussex breaking free of nan Royal family, reeled successful an awesome 2.4 cardinal viewers.

According to nan Broadcasters Audience Research Board (Barb), nan first section of Harry & Meghan recorded 2.4 cardinal UK views successful its first time connected Netflix, while nan 2nd registered 1.5 million. Meanwhile, nan first section of 'Beckham' had 3.8 cardinal UK viewers successful little than a week since its merchandise , while nan 2nd registered 2.8 million, Barb said. Note that these viewing figures are not a nonstop comparison ('Beckham' viewing figures are for first 5 days since release; 'Harry & Meghan' figures are for nan time of release)

In nan UK, Netflix's cheapest ad-free tier (Basic) has been accrued £1, from £6.99 to £7.99, while its astir costly tier (Premium) has been accrued by £2, from £15.99 to £17.99. The different 2 tiers are unchanged. It's worthy noting Netflix's Basic scheme is nary longer disposable for caller aliases rejoining members, but if you are presently connected nan Basic plan, you tin stay connected this scheme until you alteration plans aliases cancel your account, Netflix says

According to the Broadcasters Audience Research Board (Barb), nan first section of Harry & Meghan recorded 2.4 cardinal UK views successful its first time connected Netflix, while nan 2nd registered 1.5 million. 

Overall, nan first section of Harry & Meghan was watched by mean of 4.5 million in nan first week of its release, Barb besides revealed past year. 

Meanwhile, nan first section of 'Beckham' had 3.8 cardinal UK viewers successful little than a week since its release, while nan 2nd registered 2.8 million, Barb said. 

Although these are large numbers, Barb's figures are conscionable for nan UK and only count streams from TVs – not phones, tablets aliases laptops – truthful nan wide viewing figures globally will beryllium moreover more.

It's worthy noting that Netflix bumped up its prices conscionable 2 weeks aft nan four-part Beckham bid debuted.

However, Ben Barringer, exertion expert astatine Quilter Cheviot, told MailOnline that he doesn't deliberation this was a cunning maneuver by nan institution to make money during nan activity of liking successful nan series. 

'The value summation successful nan mediate of October won’t person been timed specifically for nan merchandise of nan David Beckham documentary, but it surely won't do immoderate harm for nan business,' Mr Barringer said. 

This chart visualises nan wide alteration successful Netflix subscribers globally successful nan past 18 months. In Q2 2022 (the play betwixt April and June 2022), Netflix mislaid 970,000 subscribers globally, but since past numbers person been rising

Time will show whether 'Beckham' tin break into nan database of Netflix's apical 10 astir viewed shows globally

In nan six-part docuseries Harry & Meghan, nan Duke and Duchess of Sussex (pictured) item their experiences starring to their determination to measurement distant from British royal duties and make a caller commencement successful nan US

'Ultimately, while marque Beckham does still beryllium and will thrust subscribers to nan platform, Netflix past needs to support them location and it does this by investing successful its content.' 

It was backmost successful April 2022 that Netflix revealed it had mislaid subscribers for nan first clip successful much than a decade.

Between January and March past year, Netflix's full userbase fell by 200,000, which it blamed connected nan warfare connected Ukraine and accrued title from nan likes of Disney+, Hulu and HBO.  

But things sewage moreover worse nan pursuing quarter; betwixt April and June 2022, it registered a full subscriber nonaccomplishment of almost 1 million.

More and much viewers were cancelling their accounts owed to further factors including nan cost-of-living situation and concerns complete 'lack of content'.

Fortunately for nan streaming giant, since past it has only been gaining subscribers alternatively than losing them, and nan warts-and-all Harry & Meghan bid has undoubtedly played its part. 

Interestingly, Netflix gained an wide 7.7 cardinal subscribers successful Q4 2022, betwixt October and December past twelvemonth – nan play erstwhile Harry & Meghan was released. 

An master said Netflix is now 'firing connected each cylinders' and has 'got its mojo back' aft nan subscriber losses

For its astir caller quarterly results, for nan 3 months from July and September 2023, Netflix reported an awesome subscriber summation of 9 million, owed successful portion to its lucrative crackdown connected password sharing. 

But nan effect nan Beckham documentary has had connected Netflix subscriber numbers is yet to beryllium seen - arsenic good arsenic really this may beryllium affected by nan caller value hikes. 

Many subscribers could beryllium leaving if they deem £7.99 excessively overmuch to salary for ad-free contented during a costs of surviving crisis.   

Netflix will uncover subscriber figures for Q4 2023 (from October to December) arsenic portion of its quarterly results position successful January. 

Paolo Pescatore, expert astatine PP Foresight, said Netflix is now 'firing connected each cylinders' and has 'got its mojo back' aft nan subscriber losses. 

'While location mightiness beryllium a boost owed to nan Beckham effect, this mightiness inhibit consequent quarters – hence nan value of diversifying and releasing caller titles,' Pescatore told MailOnline. 

A Netflix spokesperson said 'While we mostly paused value increases arsenic we rolled retired paid sharing, our wide attack remains nan aforesaid — a scope of prices and plans to meet a wide scope of needs, and arsenic we present much worth to our members, we occasionally inquire them to salary a spot more. 

'Starting today, we’re adjusting prices successful nan US, UK and France. In nan US, our ads ($6.99) and our Standard plans ($15.49) will enactment nan same, while Basic will now beryllium $11.99 and Premium $22.99. For nan UK and France, our pricing for Ads/Basic/Standard/Premium are UK £4.99/£7.99/£10.99/£17.99 and 5.99€/10.99€/ 13.49€/19.99€, respectively (like nan US, our Ads and Standard plans successful UK and France are unchanged). 

'Our starting value is highly competitory pinch different streamers and astatine $6.99 per period successful nan US, for example, it’s overmuch little than nan mean value of a azygous movie ticket.

'We person an exceptionally beardown fall/winter schedule, including: nan last play of our Emmy grant winning play The Crown; Berlin nan latest bid successful our Money Heist franchise; our highly anticipated reality title show Squid Game: The Challenge; Zack Snyder’s epic science-fantasy Rebel Moon; caller movies starring Julia Roberts, Chris Evans, Natalie Portman, Audra McDonald, Emily Blunt, Mahershala Ali, Jennifer Garner, Julianne Moore, Colman Domingo, Carey Mulligan, Annette Bening and Jodie Foster; and critically acclaimed films from Bradley Cooper (Maestro), David Fincher (The Killer), George C. Wolfe (Rustin) and J.A. Bayona (Society of nan Snow).'

Netflix's password sharing prohibition explained: Everything you request to cognize astir nan scheme to extremity 'freeloaders'

Netflix has been cracking down connected password-sharing and forcing streaming 'freeloaders' to portion pinch their money.

Under caller rules, group watching Netflix utilizing personification else's relationship will person to create their ain logins and salary for their ain accounts.

Alternatively, those who still want to stock an relationship pinch group successful a different location will person to motion up to 'paid sharing' astatine a costs of a fewer other pounds a month.

To enforce nan ban, Netflix tracks IP addresses and instrumentality IDs to find nan location of devices that are utilizing a Netflix floor plan - and make judge they're each successful a azygous household. 

This lets Netflix cognize whether an relationship is being utilized connected a 'trusted device' – successful different words, if they're successful nan aforesaid location arsenic different devices that are utilizing nan account. 

If there's a mismatch aliases immoderate suspicious signs, Netflix's tin artifact nan 'untrusted' instrumentality from accessing nan account. 

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