Netanyahu promises 'victory' against Hamas despite IDF's 'painful losses' since entering Gaza - as Israel's air force chief accuses the terrorist group of 'using civilians as part of this war' following Jabalia strike

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Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to present triumph against Hamas contempt nan IDF's 'painful losses' since entering Gaza, aft 11 soldiers were killed connected Tuesday.

'We person truthful galore important achievements, but besides achy losses. We cognize that each worker of ours is an full world,' nan Israeli Prime Minister said successful a televised reside aft nan service confirmed nan troops were killed successful crushed fighting.

'We will proceed until victory.'

His comments came aft Israel's aerial unit main accused Hamas of utilizing civilians arsenic portion of its warfare against nan Jewish state, pursuing nan IDF's admittance that it carried retired an airstrike connected a exile campy that killed much than 50 people.

In nan aftermath of nan onslaught that has further stoked anger astatine nan Israeli military's bombardment of nan Gaza Strip, Brigadier General Eyal Greenbaum insisted each target successful nan territory was being assessed successful beforehand to minimise civilian losses.

A ample detonation ripped done nan densely packed Jabalia campy earlier nightfall, tearing facades disconnected adjacent buildings and leaving a deep, debris-littered crater.

Wails filled nan aerial arsenic hundreds of bystanders and volunteers clawed astatine actual blocks and twisted metallic looking for survivors. 

The IDF says nan onslaught killed a Hamas commandant progressive successful nan October 7 attacks that killed 1,400 successful Israel, while reports connected nan crushed opportunity it killed astatine slightest 50 group and that nan decease toll will proceed to rise.

Hamas has claimed 7 of nan hostages taken from Israel by Hamas terrorists connected October 7 were besides killed successful nan strike, including 3 overseas passport holders.

Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to present triumph against Hamas contempt nan IDF's 'painful losses' since entering Gaza, aft 11 soldiers were killed connected Tuesday. Above, an IDF conflict vessel is seen moving into position successful Israel

Above, a group of Israeli soldiers are seen wrong nan Gaza portion successful photos released by nan IDF

A position from nan crushed cognition of Israeli forces arsenic nan Israeli army's air, oversea and crushed attacks connected nan Gaza Strip proceed connected its 26th time successful Gaza City, Gaza connected November 1

Israeli soldiers are seen stepping successful Gaza during nan on-going crushed operation

An Israeli vessel maneuvers adjacent to nan Gaza Strip, arsenic seen from Sderot, confederate Israel

Greenbaum told The Times that each onslaught goes done 11 aliases 12 stages of support being being authorised by Israeli commanders.

He insisted that nan IDF were intimately pursuing nan world rules of warfare that authorities nan complaint of civilian deaths beryllium proportional to nan target's subject importance.

Since nan October 7 Hamas panic attack, Gaza has suffered weeks of relentless bombardment by Israel that has costs nan lives of much than 8,500 people, including much than 3,500 children, according to nan Hamas-run wellness ministry. 

Israel has agelong accused Hamas of utilizing civilians arsenic quality shields, launching rocket attacks from - and mounting up bid centres successful - civilian buildings.

Critics of Israel opportunity that this accusation is utilized by nan IDF to springiness itself carte blanche to onslaught targets crossed nan region, sloppy of nan number of civilian casualties that could consequence from an attack.

But Greenbaum blamed Hamas for nan civilian losses, saying that it has chosen to make nan group of Gaza portion of its warfare machine.

'It's not a campaign, it's a warfare successful Israel correct now,' he told The Times.

'We insist connected keeping nan process of really we prime targets. These are our values. Unfortunately, location are a batch of casualties. We effort to debar these casualties. But Hamas-Isis uses civilians to beryllium portion of this war. Despite this determination we effort to debar civilian casualties, but unluckily sometimes successful this warfare it happens.'

He did admit that nan existent run has 'used much ammunition and struck much targets' than erstwhile incarnations of nan conflict.

By Thursday (October 26) Israeli forces had already launched 8,000 munitions into Gaza, according to nan IDF - an incredibly precocious complaint of fire. Since nan warfare began, Israel has said it has struck 11,000 targets.

An IDF ineligible advisor told nan British newspaper that nan greater value of nan warfare has changed really target assessments are being made.

'The measurement that nan IDF manages this very difficult consideration, this very tragic nonaccomplishment of civilian life, has not been changed. The system has not changed,' nan advisor said, but that nan 'greater threat' posed by Hamas changed nan balance.

The advisor told The Times that nan on-going conflict is 'fundamentally different' from erstwhile wars betwixt Israel and Hamas successful nan past.

Israel's aerial unit main has accused Hamas of utilizing civilians arsenic portion of its warfare against nan Jewish state, aft nan IDF admitted carrying retired an airstrike of a exile camp. Pictured: Palestinians hunt for casualties successful nan rubble successful nan aftermath of nan deadly aerial strike

A man is seen carrying nan limp assemblage of a young woman aft nan onslaught of nan exile camp

Bodies of Palestinians killed successful Israeli strikes connected houses successful Jabalia exile camp, dishonesty astatine a infirmary successful nan bluish Gaza Strip, October 31

Dozens of Palestinians hunt done nan rubble successful nan aftermath of Tuesday's strike

A group of men hunt done nan rubble of the Jabalia exile campy successful Gaza, October 31

Israel said its warplanes had struck a 'vast' passageway analyzable astatine nan site, sidesplitting 'many Hamas terrorists', including section battalion commandant Ibrahim Biari (pictured)

Greenbaum's comments came arsenic hundreds of wounded Gaza residents and foreigners gathered astatine nan Egypt separator successful a bid to fly nan shattered territory.

Images showed agelong lines of ambulances and respective group successful wheelchairs astatine nan Rafah separator crossing - nan only 1 not controlled by Israel - aft Cairo said it would fto successful 81 of nan astir earnestly injured.

Egypt besides announced nan first foreigners could exit Gaza. On Wednesday morning, nan separator yet opened for the first clip since nan October 7 attacks. 

AFP journalists saw a phalanx of 40 achromatic ambulances streaming done nan crossing, arsenic crowds of overseas and dual nationalist families gathered nearby, hoping to time off nan catastrophic conditions of Gaza down them.

At slightest 2 children were seen successful nan ambulances, 1 pinch a ample bandage wrapped astir his stomach, arsenic medics examined nan wounded and transferred them to stretchers. 

Meanwhile, reporters for France's AFP news agency saw much tanks move complete nan separator into bluish Gaza as Israel stepped up its crushed incursion.

The mini 140-square-mile territory is still reeling from nan onslaught connected its largest exile camp, which killed astatine astir 50 people.

AFP witnessed astatine slightest 47 corpses being recovered from nan site.

Horrified resident Ragheb Aqal, 41, likened nan detonation to 'an earthquake'.

He said of seeing 'homes buried nether nan rubble and assemblage parts and martyrs and wounded successful immense numbers'.

Israel said its warplanes had struck a 'vast' passageway analyzable astatine nan site, sidesplitting 'many Hamas terrorists', including section battalion commandant Ibrahim Biari.

Military spokesperson Jonathan Conricus described Biari arsenic 'pivotal successful nan readying and execution' of nan raids by Hamas, that Israel has vowed to 'crush' successful retribution.

Gaza's Hamas-run wellness ministry denounced nan incident arsenic 'a heinous Israeli massacre' and said an first toll of 50 dormant and 150 wounded was judge to rise.

Tuesday's onslaught sparked much world condemnation, pinch Bolivia announcing it was cutting ties.

And Qatar warned that expanded strikes would 'undermine mediation and de-escalation efforts'.

Doha hosts respective elder Hamas officials and is simply a cardinal transmission successful trying to unafraid nan merchandise of immoderate 240 hostages believed to person been taken by Hamas connected October 7.

Saudi Arabia besides criticised nan strike, pinch its overseas ministry issuing a connection saying it condemned 'in nan strongest position imaginable nan inhumane targeting by nan Israeli business forces of nan Jabalia exile camp'.

But location is small motion of nan conflict abating.

As nan aerial warfare continued, Israel said 9 soldiers were killed arsenic troops engaged successful 'fierce battles' pinch Hamas militants 'deep wrong nan Gaza Strip' connected Tuesday.

Hamas's equipped wing, nan Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, has vowed to move Gaza into a 'graveyard' for invading forces.

Palestinains hold astatine nan Rafah separator crossing betwixt nan Gaza Strip and Egypt connected Wednesday, hoping to time off nan territory that is presently nether siege by Israel

Palestinians hold pinch their suitcases astatine nan Rafah separator crossing connected Wednesday

Aid groups and nan United Nations warned clip is moving retired for galore of nan territory's 2.2 cardinal group denied entree to food, water, substance and medicine.

Surgeons are conducting amputations connected infirmary floors without anaesthetic, and children are forced to portion salty water, said Jean-Francois Corty, vice-president of Medecins du Monde, which has 20 unit connected nan ground.

The Palestinian telecommunications agency said Wednesday that telephone and net services had 'been wholly trim disconnected successful Gaza', nan 2nd specified blackout successful a week.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dismissed world calls for a humanitarian ceasefire. He said they magnitude to 'a telephone for Israel to surrender to Hamas, to surrender to terrorism, to surrender to barbarism'.

'This will not happen,' he said.

Israeli officials said that 70 trucks pinch assistance were allowed to participate Gaza from Egypt connected Tuesday - one of nan biggest flows since a US-brokered woody was reached.

However, it is overmuch little than humanitarian groups opportunity is needed.

Israel fears that food, water, and medicine coming into Gaza could beryllium diverted to Hamas, aliases that assistance shipments could conceal arms aliases different supplies.

As a result, Israeli information unit transportation retired stringent inspections that person slowed nan travel of assistance to a trickle.

As Israel steps up its battle connected Gaza, nan families of hostages are struggling pinch an unbearable hold for news of relatives thought to beryllium held successful nan labyrinth of tunnels heavy beneath Gaza.

'It's really hell. There are nary words to definitive this,' said Hadas Kalderon arsenic she walked past nan blackened homes of kibbutz Nir Oz.

There gunmen killed her mother and niece and kidnapped her 12-year-old boy and 16-year-old daughter.

'I don't person immoderate power and knowledge astir service actions, I conscionable cognize my children are still location successful nan mediate of a war,' said nan 56-year-old.

Israeli service soldiers beryllium successful nan turret of a conflict vessel moving astatine a position successful nan precocious Galilee region of bluish Israel adjacent nan separator pinch Lebanon connected November 1

A immense plume of fume rises supra nan Gaza Strip aft an Israeli aerial onslaught connected Wednesday

Israelis besides look a regular barrage of aerial attacks from Hamas and different Iran-backed groups astir nan Middle East.

Yemen's Huthi rebels said they had 'launched a ample batch of ballistic missiles... and a ample number of equipped aircraft' towards Israel connected Tuesday.

Israel's subject said a 'hostile craft intrusion' had group disconnected informing sirens successful Eilat, its Red Sea resort, and a surface-to-surface rocket was 'successfully intercepted.'

In nan north, Israel has traded near-daily occurrence pinch Lebanon's Iran-backed Hezbollah movement, amid fears that nan conflict could dispersed to nan wider region.

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