Need a Wi-Fi boost? Expert reveals how a device you likely have around the house can increase signal

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Alex Tofts, broadband master astatine Broadband Genie said reviving an aged router tin boost awesome successful your home

There's a elemental measurement to boost your Wi-Fi awesome to screen much of your location utilizing a instrumentality galore of america person lying astir nan house.

If you've sewage an aged Wi-Fi router to spare, you tin usage that to widen nan scope of your existing Wi-Fi network, said Alex Tofts, broadband master astatine Broadband Genie.

Most modern routers person a mounting that allows them to activity arsenic a 'repeater' for different Wi-Fi network.

Tofts said that doing truthful tin debar nan request for a costly Wi-Fi extender aliases mesh web exertion and thief boost your broadband awesome passim nan home.

Routers often struggle to nonstop signals done heavy walls, and householders move to costly tech extras to effort and woody pinch nan problem.

Tofts said, 'Wi-Fi extenders are celebrated for households looking to boost their broadband signal. However, alternatively than buying one, an aged router tin often beryllium repurposed to region sum blackspots successful nan home.'

Tofts said that astir caller router models will happily activity arsenic a booster (although immoderate older models whitethorn garbage to play ball), and it's conscionable a mobility of adjusting nan settings.

Tofts said, 'To revitalize your router, you'll request to alteration its settings. 

'First, do a mill reset connected nan router by holding down nan recessed reset fastener - these are often small, truthful usage a pencil.

Adjusting settings tin make aged routers activity arsenic a 'repeater' for your existing network

'Next, move connected nan aged router and link it to your machine utilizing an ethernet cable. While you're doing this, cheque connected nan backmost of nan router, wherever you're apt to find its IP reside (typically, username and password. 

'On your computer, type successful nan IP reside into your accustomed browser, followed by nan different details, to entree nan admin power panel.

Tofts pointed retired that these menus will alteration by router model, but you should look for 3 circumstantial paper options - LAN, DHCP, and IP reside settings.

This will let you to alteration your router to activity arsenic a 'repeater' for your existing router alternatively than a router successful its ain right.

Tofts said, 'Once you're logged in, look for nan LAN (Local Area Network) settings to nexus nan 2 routers. Here, you'll besides request to disable nan DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) settings connected nan aged instrumentality truthful it acts arsenic an extender while your main router is successful charge.

Next you'll request to manually springiness your caller 'repeater' a caller IP address, which lets it activity pinch your existing network, Tofts said.

Tofts explained, 'Go to nan IP reside mounting and springiness nan aged router a akin IP reside arsenic your main one, changing nan last digit (e.g 

'This allows nan routers to stock nan aforesaid section web without being successful conflict.'

The last measurement is to alteration nan web sanction connected nan aged router to lucifer your network, Tofts explained.

'Finally, nether wireless settings, alteration nan web sanction aliases SSID (Service Set Identifier). Match nan sanction and password pinch your main router's and prevention your changes. You should besides cheque that some devices are utilizing nan aforesaid type of encryption, for example, WPA2, truthful that some Wi-Fi entree points are arsenic secure.

'Now unplug nan ethernet cablegram and usage it to link nan 2 routers. They should some person an net connection, beryllium connected to nan aforesaid web and beryllium capable to entree devices, giving your Wi-Fi awesome a helping hand.'

If you don't want an Ethernet cable, you tin usage powerline extenders (available for astir $30) to link nan 2 routers via your electrical system.

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