NBA2K25 cover star is REVEALED - with a WNBA player to feature on special edition cover for the first time

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  • The screen stars of NBA 2K25 person been announced up of nan game's launch
  • Kobe Bryant and Sabrina Ionescu were nan screen athletes of past year's editions
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By Eric Blum

Published: 08:28 EDT, 10 July 2024 | Updated: 08:44 EDT, 10 July 2024

The screen stars of NBA 2K 25 person been announced. 

The highly coveted honors were fixed to 1 existent NBA star, a WNBA star, and a discontinue Hall of Famer. 

Last year's editions featured nan precocious Kobe Bryant connected nan cover, a motion to his No 24, and nan New York Liberty's Sabrina Ionescu. 

This year, Celtics prima Jayson Tatum will characteristic connected nan modular editions cover, Las Vegas Aces fable A'ja Wilson will beryllium connected nan WNBA edition, while some will beryllium connected nan typical All-Star edition. 

It will beryllium nan first clip a WNBA subordinate has featured connected a non-WNBA version of nan crippled successful history.  

Boston Celtics prima Jayson Tatum is connected nan modular version of video crippled NBA 2K25

A'ja Wilson and Jayston Tatum are together connected nan screen for nan game's All-Star edition

Former Toronto Raptors sensation Vince Carter will beryllium connected nan Hall of Fame edition.

'Being featured connected nan NBA 2K25 screen is simply a large infinitesimal for maine and a testament to nan ever-growing fandom of nan WNBA,' said A'ja Wilson, via property release. 

'Seeing much and much WNBA athletes scanned into NBA 2K25 to champion seizure nan style and assurance of nan convention has been empowering, and I can't hold for fans to acquisition it in-game,' Wilson continued.

Tatum and Wilson were nan focal points of their respective teams successful winning nan latest NBA and WNBA titles. 

'It’s an grant to beryllium named a screen jock for NBA 2K25,' Jayson Tatum said via release. 'I’ve been playing NBA 2K since I was a kid and it’s been a dream to 1 time beryllium connected nan cover. Even aft coming disconnected an NBA Championship, it’s humbling to spot this travel to life.'

The crippled launches connected September 6 worldwide and will beryllium disposable on PlayStation 5 PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. 

While nan modular version has unlimited distribution, nan WNBA Edition is simply a GameStop exclusive, and will only beryllium disposable pinch beingness copies for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. It will besides only beryllium disposable successful North America. 

'Between nan honors NBA 2K and nan Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame person bestowed upon me, this twelvemonth is an unforgettable one, making maine region pinch gratitude astatine my career,' Vince Carter said via release. 

'Being named a screen jock would person ever been a typical infinitesimal for me, but it is simply a peculiar grant to beryllium connected nan screen of nan NBA 2K25 Hall of Fame Edition,' Carter concluded.

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