NBA star Kelly Oubre 'faces potential lawsuit after running red light and crashing his purple Lamborghini into a 21-year-old college student's car in a Philadelphia intersection in April'

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  • Oubre is facing a imaginable suit from a 21-year-old complete an April car accident
  • READ MORE: Oubre's car mishap 'being investigated by Philadelphia Police

By Alex Raskin

Published: 08:13 EDT, 10 July 2024 | Updated: 08:21 EDT, 10 July 2024

Philadelphia 76ers guardant Kelly Oubre is facing a imaginable suit from a 21-year-old assemblage student complete an April car mishap that was nan taxable of a constabulary investigation.

That student, identified by TMZ arsenic 'Siddh,' says he was driving his Hyundai Elantra astatine 1:45am successful Philadelphia connected April 23 erstwhile Oubre ran a reddish ray successful his purple Lamborghini Urus. Oubre's car was allegedly walking astatine a precocious complaint of velocity earlier colliding pinch Siddh's.

Both vehicles were subsequently towed. Police astatine nan clip said location were nary injuries to beryllium reported, but Siddh told TMZ that he and 1 of his passengers did suffer injuries successful nan collision.

Siddh says his car was totaled and he now battles worry issues erstwhile driving done intersections. He and his lawyer person tried and grounded to interaction Oubre and nan Sixers to scope a settlement, and Siddh believes nan subordinate is intentionally avoiding him. As a result, Siddh is now considering a suit against nan 28-year-old Oubre.

While Oubre was not ticketed for nan mishap and later appeared successful Game 3 of that first-round series, Philadelphia constabulary did motorboat an soul affairs investigation complete fears he received typical curen from officers. It remains unclear if that investigation is still ongoing, and constabulary spokespeople did not instantly respond to's petition for further accusation connected Wednesday morning.

Philadelphia 76ers guardant Kelly Oubre is facing a imaginable suit complete an April car crash 

Oubre is seen connected Instagram alongside nan Lamborghini that he would later crash 

The clang occurred astatine nan intersection of 16th and Vine streets successful Philadelphia's Center City

Likewise, Oubre's supplier has not yet responded to's petition for comment.  

Oubre's mishap came astir 5 months aft he suffered surgery ribs and cuts erstwhile he was struck by a car.

Ring doorbell footage captured him stepping backmost to his location afterwards arsenic he winced successful pain.

According to a constabulary study astatine nan time, Oubre was allegedly stepping westbound erstwhile a metallic conveyance speeding successful nan aforesaid guidance tried turning southbound onto a different thoroughfare - but struck him successful nan precocious thorax pinch nan driver's-side mirror.

He missed 11 games aft that incident.

The 6-foot-7 guardant is nether interaction for nan 2024-25 play pinch a headdress deed of astir $8 million. He has a subordinate action for nan 2025-26 season, erstwhile he will person nan action to go a free agent.

The 76ers person added extent astatine guardant this offseason, signing Paul George (four years, $211 million) and Caleb Martin (four years, $35 million).

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