National Guardsman chasing runaway dog fatally plummets over 100-feet down Kentucky’s steepest waterfall

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A National Guardsman connected a hike successful Kentucky plummeted to his decease complete nan state’s steepest waterfall Friday while trying to drawback his runaway dog, constabulary said.

An “out of municipality family” recovered Isaac Lee Turpin’s assemblage aft noticing a tactical backpack sticking retired of nan h2o astatine nan guidelines of Yahoo Falls astir 11:30 a.m., McCreary County Sheriff David Sampson said Sunday.

Officials judge nan 23-year-old US Army National Guard sergeant apt slipped while chasing his pup, Cujo, who had surgery loose during their locomotion astir nan Big South Fork National River park.

Issac Lee Turpin died Friday aft falling complete nan 100-foot driblet of Yahoo Falls. Facebook

Cujo was recovered aft nan mishap and returned to Turpin’s fiancée, family said.

Billed arsenic nan steepest waterfall successful Kentucky, Yahoo Falls features a 113-foot driblet down a ample stone location to a shallow pool.

Tragically, Turpin was an avid outdoorsman who often hiked and lived conscionable 30 miles from nan falls.

Pictures shared connected societal media by loved ones show Turpin exploring galore authorities and nationalist parks pinch his puppy by his side.

Turpin was chasing his runaway canine erstwhile he slipped complete nan falls, officials said. Facebook
An “out of town” family discovered Turpin’s assemblage aft noticing his tactical backpack sticking retired of nan water. Facebook

“He loved life and touched everyone who knew him. He enjoyed nan outdoors, riding his motorcycle, camping, playing his guitar, and spending clip pinch his family and friends,” his obituary states.

Turpin was a dressed up National Guard servicemember, receiving nan National Defense Medal, Army Service Ribbon and Armed Forces Service Medal.

He was readying a wedding pinch partner Cherish Menken, who mourned her fiancé connected Facebook arsenic “my ray I had ever prayed for.”

Cherish Menken said Turpin was for illustration “no different quality I’ve ever met.” Facebook

“If I could of manus picked personification cleanable for maine it was you. I’m truthful fortunate pinch nan clip I sewage pinch you. you balanced maine for illustration nary different quality I’ve ever met,” Menken wrote connected Facebook.

“My precious man, nary words could ever picture nan spread successful my heart. I’m truthful unbelievably devastated.”

Turpin’s tragic autumn and decease remains nether investigation arsenic officials await autopsy results.

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