Nathan Lyon reveals how FOOTY inspired him after calf injury that ruled Australia star out of the Ashes 'hit me harder than I've ever been hit before'

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  • Nathan Lyon has reflected connected his spell connected nan sidelines 
  • Spinner says it was a immense intelligence conflict aft his calf injury 
  • But he says nan AFL expansive last inspired him to bounce back 

By Ollie Lewis and Nathan Salt

Published: 13:00 EDT, 4 April 2024 | Updated: 13:00 EDT, 4 April 2024

Nathan Lyon has revealed really past season's melodramatic AFL expansive last inspired him successful his betterment from his superior calf injury.

Lyon, 36, was forced retired of nan remainder of an enthralling Ashes bid betwixt England and Australia aft pulling up during time 2 of nan 2nd Test against Ben Stokes's broadside astatine Lord's. 

Lyon's wounded had ended an unthinkable grounds of 100 consecutive Test matches for Australia, and nan seasoned spinner admitted to suffering mentally challenging moments during his clip connected nan sidelines. 

But speaking astatine Old Trafford up of his stint pinch Lancashire successful nan County Championship, Lyon said that nan AFL expansive last served arsenic inspiration for him, watching from home.

Collingwood triumphed complete Brisbane Lions successful a melodramatic four-point triumph astatine nan MCG, and nan thrilling quality of nan back-and-forth title was a reminder of conscionable why Lyon loves playing astatine nan pinnacle of his sport. 

Nathan Lyon has opened up connected his roadworthy to betterment from his calf injury

The spinner suffered nan awesome wounded during nan 2nd Ashes Test past year

'Looking backmost astatine erstwhile my wounded happened past twelvemonth erstwhile I was here, it astir apt happened astatine nan correct time,' he said.

'I americium looking astatine nan affirmative broadside now, but I was really disappointment and down, astir apt adjacent to slump watching nan guys spell astir it for nan past 3 Ashes Test.

'But past I was capable to watch nan AFL expansive last backmost location and seeing nan guys [his teammates] spell astir it and triumph relit a occurrence and I said to my woman "there's nary measurement I'm giving this up, this is what I'm present to do and this is what I love." 

'The time I aftermath up wherever I don't want to get amended is nan time I'll bent my boots up.'

Reflecting connected his lengthy spell distant from nan game, Lyon - who has taken 530 wickets astatine Test level - admitted that it was a awesome intelligence battle.

'It deed maine existent hard,' he said. 'I've played 100 consecutive Test matches, ne'er been injured, been dropped a fewer times, been very fortunate ne'er to person been injured until Lords connected that time 2. 

The seasoned spinner says he was inspired by nan melodramatic AFL expansive last successful September

'It deed maine a batch harder than I've ever been deed before. Mentally, rehab sitting astatine home, each that stuff, watching nan guys compete successful nan past 3 Ashes Tests.

'We didn't person nan results spell our measurement which astir apt made it worse arsenic good but looking astatine a affirmative ray I was capable to do immoderate really bully activity connected myself to effort to get fitter and better.

'It's each portion of nan game.' 

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