Nathan Cleary and Mary Fowler confirm they're a couple with a VERY romantic display as Matildas ace rests her head on footy superstar's shirtless chest

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  • Rumours astir athletics romance person been connected for months 
  • Cleary flew to Perth to support Fowler past weekend 
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By Charlotte Karp In Perth For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 23:56 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 08:31 EDT, 1 November 2023


Aussie sport's hottest romance went nationalist connected Wednesday arsenic Mary Fowler and a shirtless Nathan Cleary shared immoderate tender moments in Perth.

Just a time aft Daily Mail Australia exclusively revealed photos of nan NRL superstar and his shot ace woman spending clip together earlier nan Matildas' Olympics qualifying match, they took it up respective notches arsenic they cuddled successful a park.  

Mary Fowler near nan team's edifice connected Wednesday morning, grabbed a java and met up pinch Cleary, who flew into nan metropolis to support her arsenic she starred successful Australia's large triumph complete nan Philippines connected Sunday.

They could beryllium seen laying together successful nan mediate of an unfastened parkland by nan h2o - laughing, hugging, chatting, and drinking from nan aforesaid h2o bottle.

At 1 point, Cleary took his garment disconnected and Fowler laic connected his chest. 

Romance confirmed! Fowler rested her caput connected Cleary's shirtless thorax arsenic they took their narration nationalist successful Perth connected Wednesday 

The mates were seen holding hands, laughing, chatting and hugging astatine a parkland overlooking nan h2o adjacent Perth's CBD

Cleary sported a knee brace aft being injured during his match-winning capacity arsenic he guided Penrith to their 3rd consecutive premiership past month

The stars were first rumoured to beryllium romantically linked soon aft nan Matildas' World Cup run ended 

The stars appeared playful arsenic they laic connected nan writer - tossing quiet h2o bottles successful nan aerial and catching them arsenic he threw his limb astir her and laughed.

They past held hands concisely arsenic they went backmost to Cleary's achromatic SUV, wherever nan mates had a little chat successful nan car earlier he drove distant and Fowler walked backmost to her accommodation.

Fowler declined to remark erstwhile Daily Mail Australia asked astir nan romanticist display, saying: 'Sorry, I conscionable want to get backmost to my hotel.'

The Manchester City prima and NRL premiership victor person been romantically linked since being spotted together doubly pursuing nan Matildas' World Cup campaign.

They first attracted attraction arsenic a imaginable mates erstwhile they were seen together connected a leisurely locomotion on nan Nepean River successful Penrith successful Sydney's west.

Fowler refused to remark erstwhile approached by Daily Mail Australia soon aft nan photos were taken, but nan images speak volumes

The couple appeared playful arsenic they laic connected nan writer - tossing quiet h2o bottles successful nan aerial and catching them arsenic Cleary threw his limb astir Fowler and laughed

The brace were past seen sharing an crystal pick pursuing a promotional arena hosted by Adidas, a marque some athletes endorse.

Last Sunday, Cleary was photographed pinch 2 Matildas fans extracurricular Optus Stadium conscionable earlier nan Aussies' 8-0 triumph complete nan Philippines, pinch Fowler scoring nan opening goal.

Matildas protagonist Annie Lewin shared nan changeable of Cleary pinch nan caption 'silly for nan tillies', giving nan clearest denotation to that constituent that location was a romanticist relationship betwixt nan pair.

Cleary had antecedently been partying pinch friends and family successful Bali. 

On Tuesday Daily Mail Australia's exclusive photos showed nan mates enjoying each other's company and laughing aft grabbing a takeaway coffee, pinch an onlooker describing their relationship arsenic 'low-key but cute'.

'There was a feline that recognised him and they shook hands and Mary laughed, past they were conscionable laughing and stepping very adjacent together,' nan passer-by said.

An onlooker described their relationship arsenic 'low-key but cute' arsenic they were seen 'laughing and stepping very adjacent together' successful Daily Mail Australia's exclusive pics connected Tuesday 

Cleary added substance to rumours of a romance pinch Fowler past Sunday erstwhile he was snapped successful a selfie pinch 2 Matildas fans extracurricular Perth's Optus Stadium aft flying successful to support her up of nan team's large triumph complete nan Philippines

Fowler (pictured celebrating her extremity against nan Philippines pinch Sam Kerr) is judge to prima successful nan Matildas' lucifer against Taiwan connected Wednesday night

A relaxed Fowler was wearing a achromatic singlet, shorts and sneakers pinch her hairsbreadth tied backmost and a headdress on, while Cleary sported a ample achromatic knee brace aft being injured successful nan Penrith Panthers' NRL expansive last triumph past month.

The NRL prima besides liked a station Fowler put up connected Instagram on Monday - nan first clip he's taken that measurement connected societal media.

Fowler posted a bid of images from nan Matildas' Olympics qualification matches, which were liked by a big of teammates and chap athletes, including Cleary. 

She is judge to beryllium a large portion of Australia's onslaught arsenic they return connected Taiwan successful nan last qualifier connected Wednesday nighttime astatine Perth's HBF Park Stadium, which is wrong an easy locomotion of wherever nan mates were spotted connected Tuesday. 

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