NASCAR Championship Finalist Kyle Larson’s Sprint Car Racing Vision

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Kyle Larson astatine Phoenix Raceway connected November 06, 2021 successful Avondale, Arizona. (Photo by Jared C. ... [+] Tilton/Getty Images)

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Kyle Larson has a imagination wherever writer roots, sprint car drivers successful nan United States tin compete for full purses of $3 million, alternatively of $500,000. The 2021 NASCAR Cup Series Champion is taking large steps toward making that a reality.

Larson is 1 of nan “Championship 4” drivers that will contend for nan 2023 NASCAR Cup Series Championship connected November 5 astatine Phoenix Raceway. If successful, it would beryllium Larson’s 2nd NASCAR Cup Series championship.

The Hendrick Motorsports driver and Sprint Car driver Brad Sweet purchased nan All-Star Race of Champions Circuit from three-time NASCAR Cup Series champion and Eldora Speedway proprietor Tony Stewart connected October 23.

Larson and Sweet ain nan High Limit Sprint Car Series and will harvester nan 2 celebrated writer roots racing bid into 1 opening successful 2024.

High Limit features races pinch $140,000 full purses pinch $50,000 to nan winner. It featured 12 midweek races successful 2023 and culminated connected October 10 astatine Lincoln Park Speedway successful Putnamville, Indiana.

Kyle Larson connected October 10, 2023, astatine Lincoln Park Speedway successful Putnamville, Indiana. (Photo by David ... [+] Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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Rico Abreu of St. Helena, California won nan play finale, but Larson won nan bid title pinch a third-place finish.

The 31-year-old Larson is from Elk Grove, California and is simply a existent racer, a throwback to nan days of Parnelli Jones, Mario Andretti, AJ Foyt, and Stewart, who would title anything, immoderate clip for nan joyousness of racing.

They besides became able done their success.

Larson would for illustration to guarantee that grassroots, sprint car drivers passim nan state tin stock successful that wealthiness by creating a business exemplary that will substantially summation nan prize money.

On October 28 astatine Martinsville Speedway, tract of nan Xfinity 500 NASCAR Cup Series title connected October 29, Larson talked astir his imagination for larger schedule pinch much races and bigger purses successful nan mixed series.

“I would for illustration to spot wherever drivers tin situation for $3 cardinal successful a play alternatively of $500,000 for a season,” Larson said. “Both numbers are bully money, but I deliberation astir racers would for illustration to person a chance astatine $3 million.”

That is Larson’s dream, but a batch of activity remains to make it a reality.

Larson is astatine nan highest of his racing career, but he sees an moreover brighter early for Sprint Car drivers passim nan country. He is utilizing his influence, expertise, and racing wealthiness to thief make that a reality.

“I want what is champion for nan sport,” Larson told a mini group of reporters. “We want nan champion for nan sport. We wouldn’t person gotten this bid if we didn’t want what is champion for nan sport. It’s difficult to foretell nan early and really that is going to look.

“I emotion ungraded way racing. That’s my full extremity of this is to proceed to turn it and get it to a spot wherever it deserves to beryllium and wherever nan teams and drivers tin make a bully living. We’ll spot really it each shakes out. I don’t deliberation immoderate of america cognize astatine this point.

“I do cognize I want nan champion for nan athletics conscionable for illustration we each do.”

The details, however, stay a activity successful progress. Larson is hoping to proceed to salary large money for much races.

“Our extremity is to decidedly raise nan purses,” Larson said. “Any clip you bargain something, you want to make it amended aliases much lucrative for nan teams involved.

“That is our goal. There is much consequence connected our extremity from a overmuch larger schedule that we will hopefully have. But again, Brad Sweet and I and everybody progressive successful High Limit want nan champion for Sprint Car Racing and our extremity is to put it there.”

Larson spent a fewer days pinch Sweet past week and said nan plans alteration daily. He doesn’t person a bully reply successful October but said it will “definitely beryllium much than 11 races.”

“Whatever our afloat schedule ends up being, nan privilege of ours’ is we want to support nan mid-week races,” Larson said. “The much midweek races we have, nan much I opportunity I person to race. And nan viewership of nan midweek worldly has been really good. That is simply a privilege of ours.

“But it’s difficult to put a schedule together and person it logically make consciousness for everybody.

“I’ll beryllium very progressive successful it, but we will person bully group successful spot to return attraction of nan mostly of it.”

Tyler "Sunshine" Courtney (No. 7) and Kyle Larson (57) during nan High Limit Sprint Car Series ... [+] play finale, Tuesday, October 10, 2023, astatine Lincoln Park Speedway successful Putnamville, Indiana. (Photo by David Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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In 2023, Larson and Sweet created nan High Limit Sprint Car Series that featured 12 midweek races. Their extremity was to elevate Sprint Car Racing for nan competitors, nan teams, and nan fans.

Meantime, Stewart was nan 4th different proprietor since nan All-Star Circuit of Champions was created successful 1970. He wanted to summation purses for nan teams while expanding crossed nan country.

“When I purchased nan All Stars successful 2015, my volition was to merge what had go a divided people of location 410-winged sprint car racing,” Stewart said connected October 23. “Over nan past 9 years, not only person we unified, but we besides pushed nan boundaries connected our geographic footprint, purse building and title format, while providing a Series that has groomed young talent and provided a continued people for our seasoned seasoned drivers. I americium highly proud of our accomplishments. We person developed awesome relationships pinch firm partners, tracks, promoters, squad owners and drivers, each of which person contributed to nan occurrence of nan All-Star Series. The clip is correct to walk nan torch to Kyle and Brad. I person had galore conversations pinch them some connected their wide imagination for 410 racing and I americium assured that pinch their leadership, nan athletics will proceed to thrive into nan foreseeable future.

Tony Stewart (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

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“I americium honored to person my sanction listed adjacent to Bud Miller, Bert & Brigitte Emick and Guy Webb arsenic 1 of 4 to person owned nan All Stars since 1970. I surely request to admit and convey our employees. Our Series Directors, Don Grabey, Eric Walls, and Kevin Nouse, person each contributed immensely to nan Series and to nan sport. The Series Director domiciled is simply a thankless occupation and I admit their efforts. Blake Anderson and Ross Paulson are our longest tenured employees, having been pinch nan All Stars since nan inception of my ownership. Their enthusiasm and dedication to nan All Stars and 410 racing are unparalleled. Kenny (Osborne), Erin (Noel), John (Menear), Tyler (Altmeyer), Steve (Topper), Gooch (Jeff Patterson) and Logan (Nouse) were nan astir caller portion of nan integral squad that allowed america to stay humbly successful complete nan people of astir a decade. I look guardant to our last banquet successful December to observe pinch each our constituents.”

At nan clip of nan announcement, Larson besides paid homage to what Stewart has meant to nan world of Sprint Car Racing passim nan country.

“Sprint Car racing is successful a amended spot coming because of nan contributions Tony has made, including his ownership of nan All Stars,” Larson said. “His committedness to giving backmost to nan athletics has been an inspiration to me, personally. Brad and I stock his passion for making nan business broadside of nan athletics amended for teams, drivers and sponsors and we’re thankful for Tony’s spot successful america to transportation connected what he started.”

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