Nancy Pelosi stops short of saying Biden should stay in the race in bombshell statement : 'Time is running short'

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Published: 08:01 EDT, 10 July 2024 | Updated: 08:18 EDT, 10 July 2024


Nancy Pelosi stopped short of giving President Joe Biden her endorsement arsenic nan champion Democrat to tally for president successful an earth-shattering connection connected Wednesday morning.

Democratic Senator Michael Bennet besides said Biden isn't tin of winning nan predetermination and is heading towards a 'landslide' conclusion by Donald Trump successful November if he stays successful nan race.

The Colorado lawmaker gave nan harshest appraisal from a personnel of nan 81-year-old's statement during an question and reply on CNN on Tuesday night. 

The embattled Biden will meet pinch world leaders astatine nan NATO acme successful Washington D.C. connected Wednesday arsenic he continues to effort and beryllium he tin service for different 4 years.

Follow each nan developments successful's U.S. authorities blog from our reporters successful nan superior and astir nan country. 

Nancy Pelosi stops short of saying Biden should enactment successful nan title

epa08133705 Speaker of nan House Nancy Pelosi speaks to nan media astir nan Senates impeachment proceedings successful nan US Capitol successful Washington, DC, 16 January 2020. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said nan Senate proceedings against US President Donald J. Trump, connected nan charges of maltreatment of powerfulness and obstruction of Congress, will statesman connected 21 January.  EPA/JIM LO SCALZO

Nancy Pelosi sent shockwaves done nan Democratic statement connected Wednesday greeting by stopping short of giving Joe Biden a afloat endorsement to enactment successful nan race.

One of nan astir salient members of nan 81-year-old president's statement said nan determination was 'up to him' and 'time is moving short'.

The erstwhile speaker told Morning Joe.

It's up to nan president to determine if he is going to run. We're each encouraging him to to make that decision. Because clip is moving short.
I want him to do immoderate he decides to do. And that's nan measurement it is. Whatever he decides we spell with.

Pelosi past said she wants Biden to get done nan NATO conference, earlier nan speech astir his early restarts.

Let's conscionable clasp off. Whatever you're thinking, either show personification privately, but you don't person to put that retired connected nan array until we spot really we spell this week.

Biden biographer: One of Joe's closest friends wants him to return a 'complete neurological exam'

One of President Joe Biden’s closest friends wants him to return a ‘complete neurological exam’ and merchandise nan results to nan nationalist arsenic concerns astir his cognitive diminution grow, his biographer has said.

Chris Whipple, who wrote The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House successful 2023, told CNN that Joe’s soul circle judge he is ‘fine’, but person urged him to do nan trial to put worries to bed.

I will show you that 1 of nan president’s closest friends thinks that Joe Biden should spell up to Walter Reed, person a complete neurological exam, merchandise nan results, and fto nan chips fall.
Now, I don’t deliberation that friend has said this retired large to Joe Biden because that’s a difficult point moreover for a adjacent friend to show him, but I don’t deliberation he’s going location without a awesome push.

Biden, 81, glares into nan teleprompter and almost makes disastrous slip-up during NATO reside to world leaders trying to beryllium he is fresh to serve

President Joe Biden avoided a adjacent disastrous slip-up during his invited reside to NATO leaders connected Tuesday arsenic nan eyes of nan world watched him to judge his fittingness to service 4 much years successful the White House.

The president, visibly reference from nan teleprompter, publication a three-word instruction to himself arsenic he awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg - but was saved from utter embarrassment by nan assemblage applause.

'Ask nan subject aide,' Biden said while preparing to grant Stoltenberg nan nation's highest civilian honor.

Biden past quickly caught himself, while nan crowd drowned up nan flub pinch cheers.

'Military travel forward,' he said. He proceeded to grant nan medal, hanging it astir Stoltenberg's neck, without incident.

Democrats successful Las Vegas springiness sadistic appraisal of Joe Biden's condition: 'He reminded maine of my mother 5 years earlier she passed away'

Democratic voters successful Las Vegas are still committed to voting for President Joe Biden – moreover though they are painfully alert of his intelligence decline.

Voters attending Vice President Kamala Harris' rally successful Las Vegas, Nevada connected Tuesday told that they are assessing whether they would beryllium OK if she would request to return complete for Biden, 81.

Many shared that they felt it was a binary prime successful 2024 and that they would still ballot for Biden if he were moving from a nursing location because it would mean not voting for erstwhile President Donald Trump.

'He reminded maine of my mother 5 years earlier she passed away,' Kat, 67, said erstwhile asked astir Biden's disastrous statement performance. 'She passed distant astatine nan extremity of this past September and he reminded maine of her for astir 5 years earlier she passed away. He's connected that downward trend, you know?'

Harris stepped retired connected nan run way this week arsenic nan Biden squad continues harm power from nan president's car clang statement against Donald Trump.

Biden responds to Trump's connection for different statement adjacent week and a information of play pinch 4 challenges of his own

Joe Biden responded to Donald Trump's challenge to statement again and a crippled of play that would beryllium worthy $1 million.

'I'm besides officially challenging Crooked Joe to an 18-hole play lucifer correct here. On Doral's Blue Monster considered 1 of nan top tourney play courses anyplace successful nan world,' Trump said. 'It will beryllium among nan most-watched sporting events successful history.'

Via a spokesperson, Biden put retired an contiguous consequence to nan missive from Trump soon after.

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