Mysterious COOKIE CUTTER leaves the internet baffled - sparking a hilarious guessing game over what shape it's really meant to be... so, can YOU work it out?

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  • An image of a mysteriously shaped cooky cutter has gone viral connected Reddit
  • The personification who shared nan image didn't cognize what style it was expected to be
  • While galore Redditors gave their champion guess, nary definitive reply emerged

By Rachel Summer Small For Dailymail.Com

Published: 17:51 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 17:51 EST, 13 November 2023

A cooky cutter pinch a very mysterious style has near thousands scratching their heads. 

One Reddit personification took to nan What Is My Cookie Cutter subreddit past week to spot if anyone could show her what style a baking instrumentality she'd received was meant to be.

'My mum sent maine this. Do you cognize what style it is please?' nan original poster (OP) named Lady_Absinthea queried.

With nan post, she shared an image of nan cooky cutter pinch a genuinely baffling silhouette: a bulbous, imperfectly information wide pinch a half-crescent sticking retired of it.

A female shared a photograph of a cooky cutter to Reddit successful hopes of figuring retired what style nan room instrumentality was meant to represent

Some Redditors guessed that it could beryllium a roseate aliases a 'chubby bird' - moreover mocking up image to show their suggestions 

Someone other saw successful nan half-crescent protrusion a half-peeled banana, held by a disembodied hand

Another envisioned nan half-crescent overhang arsenic portion of a banana split

Thousands took to nan comments to put forward, and besides visually illustrate, their champion conjecture - submitting ideas ranging from different types of plants and animals, to animation characters, to supernatural beings, and beyond. 

The astir upvoted conjecture was simply that of a rose, pinch nan personification envisioning nan jutting-out spot arsenic its stem. 'This is nan only point I tin deliberation of lol,' they admitted.

'A chubby bird?' different spit-balled- besides demonstrating their presumption pinch an illustration superimposed connected nan original image. 

Someone other saw successful nan half-crescent protrusion a half-peeled banana held by a disembodied hand, while a 4th personification envisioned nan aforesaid protrusion arsenic nan banana successful a banana split.

A different personification presented a drafting of a coiled-up cobra that so filled up nan cooky cutter's style alternatively convincingly.

Among nan much brilliantly unhinged answers was a yellowish duck holding a bloody butcher's knife, pinch nan personification adding nan tongue-in-cheek note: 'Hear maine out....'

To this, personification chimed in: 'This is nan champion answer. Go pinch execution duck.' 

Keeping up pinch nan taxable of mortality, a Redditor envisioned 'a small grim reaper' - while respective users believed nan style to beryllium thing successful nan realm of 'a tiny ghost.'  

'It's an aged female scolding a naughty child,' 1 personification postulated. 

Countless much users put distant a immense array of guesses successful nan comments - including a snail, an octopus, a grim reaper, a pumpkin successful a pumpkin spot and a 'cute ghost'

Another personification deduced that it was nan characteristic Moritz from nan German children's book, Max and Moritz. In nan original book's illustrations, nan characteristic sports a precocious half-ponytail on pinch flipped-out, shoulder-length hair. 

Countless much users presented an array of further guesses including 'a sideways snail,' 'a waving octopus,' a 'pumpkin successful a pumpkin patch,' an elephant, and a 'moon and shooting star.'

The OP yet followed up successful nan comments: 'Wow, I didn't expect truthful galore suggestions! My mum thinks it's a shade aliases a roseate and she's loving each nan suggestions!'

But a definitive reply has yet to emerge. 

As 1 personification put it: 'Glad I'm not nan only 1 pinch nary existent answer… wtf is this.' 

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