My baby's tumour was so big doctors advised ending my pregnancy - but look at her now

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Baby Amelia Kan had not moreover been calved erstwhile doctors spotted she had a tumour that would turn to nan size of a citrus – crushing her mini bosom by nan clip she came into nan world.

Her mother, Hui-Zhi, 36, from Borough Green, Kent, was told that Amelia would apt dice during gestation aliases astatine birth, and a termination whitethorn beryllium nan champion people of action.

However, acknowledgment to a pioneering supplier curen – and 2 unfastened bosom surgeries – Amelia is now 4 and happily preparing to commencement schoolhouse successful nan autumn.

'When I look backmost to my gestation it seems intolerable that we are astatine this point, getting fresh for Amelia to commencement school,' says Hui-Zhi, an administrator for an electrical equipment company, wherever her husband, Chi Wing Kan, 36, besides useful arsenic a income manager.

'Every gestation scan we had, nan tumours kept increasing and each update sewage worse. It was horrible. But she was moving and wriggling each nan time. She was fighting, and I knew we had to conflict for her.

Amelia Kan (pictured coming astatine property four) had not moreover been calved erstwhile doctors spotted she had a tumour that would turn to nan size of a lemon

'It was specified a difficult clip – I couldn't fto myself image america together arsenic a family of 3 arsenic it seemed truthful improbable to happen.'

In 2019, Hui-Zhi had her regular 12-week check. However, doctors spotted a mini dot connected nan left-hand broadside of her baby's heart, and Hui-Zhi was asked to travel backmost for different cheque a period later.

This 2nd scan confirmed nan worst – location was a quickly increasing tumour successful Amelia's heart.

Doctors explained that Amelia had a uncommon familial information called tuberous sclerosis complex, which causes chiefly non-cancerous tumours to turn successful different parts of nan body.

In nan UK astir 10 children a period are calved pinch it, and it tin impact them successful very different ways. Some whitethorn not realise they moreover person it, while for others, for illustration Amelia, it tin beryllium life-threatening.

Her lemon-sized tumour was nan largest of a number that was clustered astir and wrong nan muscular walls of her heart, crushing nan chambers which capable pinch humor to beryllium pumped astir nan body.

The tumours were besides pressing connected her lungs, raising fears they wouldn't beryllium capable to grow to let her to breathe.

Aaron Bell, advisor paediatric cardiologist astatine Evelina London, a master children's infirmary that is portion of Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, says galore children calved pinch akin tumours from nan information do not survive.

'Amelia's outlook was very bleak,' he says. 'The tumour wholly dwarfed her bosom – she had immoderate of nan biggest tumours we had seen from this condition.'

Despite these warnings, Hui-Zhi was judge she wanted to spell done pinch nan pregnancy. So erstwhile Amelia was calved successful November 2020 astatine 36 weeks by a caesarean conception astatine St Thomas' Hospital, she was rushed to nan neonatal intensive attraction portion and put connected a breathing machine.

She was swiftly started connected an anti-tumour supplier called sirolimus, successful bid to quickly shrink nan tumours truthful that her bosom and lungs had abstraction to work.

While nan medicine has been fixed to adults for immoderate time, Dr Bell says that Amelia was 1 of nan first newborns pinch bosom problems to person it successful nan UK.

Baby Amelia pinch her mother Hui-Zhi being treated successful hopsital

'We really had nary different options,' he says. 'We publication immoderate investigation astir it being utilized overseas, and decided to effort it.'

The tumours responded good to nan treatment, virtually disappearing aft astir 8 weeks of nan drug. By May, Amelia was good capable to spell home.

However, wrong weeks, location was much worrying news.

'Normally nan tumours turn while nan babe is successful nan womb, and past shrink erstwhile nan babe is born,' says Hui-Zhi. 'But by nan summer, we were told that Amelia's were starting to regrow successful her heart.'

In October, Amelia went disconnected her beverage and food, and past started to beryllium sick. 'We took her to our section A&E and were told she had a sickness bug. 

'But I could conscionable show it was much than that, and erstwhile they yet X-rayed her thorax they could spot thing was incorrect pinch her heart.'

A master squad came by blue-light ambulance to carrier Amelia, who was deteriorating rapidly, backmost to nan Evelina. 

'The expert connected this squad kept preparing america for nan worst,' Hui-Zhi says. 'She was connected nan brink of death.'

Cardiologists discovered nan regrowing tumours had damaged Amelia's heart. She was put into a medically induced coma, started chemotherapy to shrink nan tumours again, and had her first unfastened bosom room successful November 2020 to effort to repair nan damage.

When this repair didn't work, again her life hung successful nan balance.

'We saw her surgeon earlier her 2nd surgery, and he said she had a one-in-three chance of not surviving nan operation,' adds Hui-Zhi. 'But we knew it was her champion chance.'

Amelia past needed a 3rd cognition soon afterwards to instal a pacemaker.

The family went location early successful 2022, but during a check-up that March Amelia's bosom was again struggling to activity arsenic good arsenic it should. Doctors feared she whitethorn request a bosom transplant, but cardiac medicine has since improved really it is working.

Last year, a uncommon type of tumour was discovered connected her kidney that progressive further room to region a conception of nan organ.

Amelia was calved successful November 2020 astatine 36 weeks by a caesarean conception astatine St Thomas' Hospital (pictured) 

Amelia now tires much quickly owed to her weakened heart, and takes 4 cardiac narcotics a day. However, while remaining nether regular monitoring from doctors, she is simply a happy kid who loves thing much than playing pinch dolls, her artifact room and dressing up arsenic a princess.

'While location is uncertainty, we're hoping that her early is agleam and we are surviving for now,' Hui-Zhi says. 'She enjoys each nan things that different children her property do, and loves going to pre-school.

'She's a crazy small monkey who doesn't ever for illustration to listen, but we cognize her beardown characteristic has helped spot her done truthful much. She is my hero. We named her Amelia arsenic it intends warrior, and she is specified a fighter.'

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