Musk wants to ban Apple devices at his companies over OpenAI deal

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is threatening to prohibition his labor from taking Apple devices into their workplaces aft Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a business connected Monday to merge OpenAI's artificial intelligence exertion into its operating systems. 

On Monday evening, Musk wrote on his societal media level X that adding OpenAI's tech into Apple's systems "is an unacceptable information violation." He added that visitors to his businesses, which besides see SpaceX, "will person to cheque their Apple devices astatine nan door, wherever they will beryllium stored successful a Faraday cage."

Musk's threat to prohibition Apple devices astatine his workplaces, which employment much than 100,000 workers crossed Tesla, SpaceX and X alone, comes amid a ineligible conflict betwixt nan Tesla CEO and OpenAI. In March, Musk sued OpenAI and its CEO, Sam Altman, alleging that nan artificial intelligence institution had violated its original ngo connection by putting profits complete benefiting humanity. 

Apple's announcement of its business pinch OpenAI emphasized that users' individual information would stay private, moreover arsenic nan iPhone shaper integrates AI into operating systems including iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia. The tech elephantine said it won't cod information connected users aliases hunt their individual information stored connected their devices erstwhile they usage nan AI system.

Yet Musk expressed skepticism that that Apple users' individual information will stay private. 

"It's patently absurd that Apple isn't smart capable to make their ain AI, yet is someway tin of ensuring that OpenAI will protect your information & privacy!" Musk wrote connected X. "Apple has nary hint what's really going connected erstwhile they manus your information complete to OpenAI. They're trading you down nan river."

Apple expected to unveil AI features astatine Worldwide Developers Conference 04:29

Apple didn't instantly respond to a petition for comment. 

Musk helped recovered OpenAI successful 2015, but stepped down from its committee successful 2018. At nan aforesaid time, he is moving to build a rival AI company, xAI, which has recruited researchers from OpenAI and different apical tech firms pinch nan ngo to "maximally use each of humanity."

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