Musk Spills More Cybertruck Details: Beast Mode, Bulletproof Option

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Cybertruck Delivery Event is group for November 30.

Credit: Tesla

On Tuesday Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed much specifications astir nan Cybertruck and nan upcoming transportation arena connected November 30.

Musk appeared connected Joe Rogan’s podcast (at bottom), wherever he discussed nan upcoming electrical pickup.

Here are immoderate of nan highlights:

Cybertruck weight: 6,000 to 7,000 pounds, depends connected nan configuration.

Beast Mode: 0 to 60 successful beneath 3 seconds for nan beast mode version.

Bulletproof: going afloat bulletproof, including solid (windows), will beryllium an option. But “bulletproof solid won't beryllium capable to spell up and down” because it’s excessively thick.

“Going afloat Al Capone. One [of nan demonstrations is] emptying a Tommy Gun into nan broadside of nan car, a shotgun, and a 45. No penetrations.”

Ground Clearance: “Has nan champion clear tallness of immoderate vehicle.”

Production target: “We're aiming to make astir 200,000 a twelvemonth astatine measurement production. But I can't stress enough...manufacturing much, overmuch harder than first design.”

Cybertruck bed.

Credit: Tesla

A Solar Powered Tesla?

Rogan besides asked Musk astir nan viability of a purely solar-powered car.

“It’s a aboveground area thing. It's astir a kilowatt per quadrate meter. Normal to nan sun roughly...[that is] 90 degrees to nan sun,” Musk said.

“You don't person capable aboveground area to support nan car going conscionable from nan car's aboveground area. But if you had thing that folded out, you could make it self-sustaining,” he said, adding “like nan Starlink satellites do, wherever you unfold nan star panels. You conscionable request much aboveground area.”

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