More than 120 killed, mostly women, in India stampede at religious event

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Mourners stitchery arsenic nan deceased who died successful a melee during a sermon, are kept astatine a mortuary astatine Hathras successful India's Uttar Pradesh state

Mourners stitchery astatine a mortuary successful Hathras, Uttar Pradesh state. [Arun Sankar/AFP]

Published On 3 Jul 2024

The decease toll from a stampede astatine a Hindu belief congregation successful bluish India has risen to 121, according to nan authorities, arsenic a constabulary study said nan number of group coming astatine nan usability was much than triple nan permitted capacity.

Most of nan victims were women, said Prashant Kumar, nan director-general of constabulary successful Uttar Pradesh state, wherever nan incident took spot connected Tuesday successful Hathras district.

The dormant included 112 women and 7 children. Another elder constabulary officer, Shalabh Mathur, said much than 80 group injured successful nan stampede were admitted to hospitals.

The police’s first accusation study (FIR) described nan chaos erstwhile nan preacher astatine nan congregation – Surajpal, besides known arsenic “Bhole Baba” – was leaving successful his car.

Officials are still investigating what triggered nan deadly crush, but first findings suggested monolithic overcrowding, insufficient exits, bad upwind and mediocre readying arsenic contributing factors.

Some 250,000 group had turned up for nan gathering against nan support for 80,000. Moreover, nan arena was held successful a shelter successful a muddy field.

Forensic workers were scouring nan tract connected Wednesday for evidence, pinch discarded clothing and shoes scattered each over.

“Everyone – nan full crowd, including women and children – near nan arena tract astatine once,” said constabulary serviceman Sheela Maurya, 50, who had been connected work arsenic nan preacher delivered a sermon.

“There wasn’t capable space, and everyone conscionable fell connected each other.”

Relatives wailed successful distress arsenic bodies of nan dead, placed connected stretchers and covered successful achromatic sheets, lined nan grounds of a section hospital. A autobus that arrived location carried much victims, whose bodies were lying connected nan seats inside.

Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath called nan stampede “heart-wrenching” successful a station connected X.

India Stampede

People injured successful nan stampede person curen astatine Hathras territory hospital. [Rajesh Kumar Singh/AP Photo]

India Stampede

Police said overcrowding astatine nan belief congregation was among nan apt reasons for nan crush. [Arun Sankar/AFP]

India Stampede

Family members of 37-year-old Ruby mourn aft receiving her assemblage from a mortuary, extracurricular Hathras territory hospital. [Rajesh Kumar Singh/AP Photo]

India Stampede

Bodies of victims of nan stampede dishonesty successful a autobus extracurricular a infirmary successful Hathras. [Reuters]

India Stampede

Slippers scattered astatine nan tract of nan stampede. Amid nan ongoing investigation, forensic officers scour nan area for evidence. [Arun Sankar/AFP]

India Stampede

Apart from monolithic overcrowding, insufficient exits, bad upwind and mediocre readying apt contributed to nan incident. [Arun Sankar/AFP]

India Stampede

Forensic experts inspect nan tract successful Hathras. [Arun Sankar/AFP]

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