Montblanc Celebrates Muhammad Ali As Latest Great Character

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Montblanc Great Characters Muhammad Ali Limited Edition 98.


Three-time heavyweight champion of nan world, Muhammad Ali, is simply a fitting taxable for Montblanc’s latest Great Characters pen collection, which comprises 3 editions representing his 3 awesome boxing victories. Each incorporates references to nan athlete’s career, lending unique creation cues for illustration nan triumph belt-inspired clips and nan butterfly embellished headdress referencing Ali’s inimitable style (“Float for illustration a butterfly, sting for illustration a bee.”). The postulation besides includes a leather notebook dressed up pinch nan boxer’s silhouette successful 1 of his iconic triumph poses, arsenic good arsenic a typical version ink successful green.

Montblanc Great Characters Muhammad Ali™ Limited Edition 98

A brace of boxing gloves inlaid successful 18-karat golden return halfway shape successful this edition, which comprises conscionable 98 pieces successful reference to nan twelvemonth (1998) erstwhile Ali was named a “Messenger of Peace” of nan United Nations. The creation of nan pen’s headdress represents a punching bag, while nan bluish guilloche lacquer winding astir nan headdress creates nan textured look of nan wrapping boxers usage to protect their hands wrong their gloves. A golden inlay depicts a dove arsenic a awesome of peace.

The inscription connected nan headdress ring, “W 15 (15),” references Ali’s triumph against Leon Spinks successful New Orleans connected September 15, 1978, aft 15 rounds, and nan 18-karat golden “3” embedded successful nan halfway of nan Montblanc emblem connected nan headdress crown recalls his 3rd title triumph successful New Orleans successful 1978. The skeletonized clip is engraved pinch “Ali,” and it is group pinch a diamond.

Muhammad Ali.


The façade of nan Muhammad Ali Cultural Center successful Louisville inspired nan color-blocking decorating nan tube of nan penning instrumentality beneath an 18-karat achromatic golden overlay. The communicative of his 3rd World Championship title won successful nan 2nd of 2 fights successful 1978 is reflected successful nan 2 bluish lines connected nan cone, while nan 4 engraved lines correspond nan 4 ropes of a boxing ring.

The 18-karat golden gripping conception is engraved pinch nan six principles Ali lived by: confidence, conviction, dedication, giving, respect, and spirituality. The handcrafted 18-karat yellowish golden nib is engraved pinch a image of Ali surrounded by six stars, again referencing these principles.

Montblanc Great Characters Muhammad Ali™ Limited Edition 1942

The number of pens successful this version references nan twelvemonth of Ali’s birth, while its creation tastefully references his career. In 1974, erstwhile he challenged nan reigning heavyweight champion George Foreman successful nan “Rumble successful nan Jungle” lucifer successful Kinshasa, Zaire, Ali wore a overgarment arsenic he entered nan stadium that inspired nan shape of achromatic and achromatic lacquer connected nan cap. His triumph airs is engraved connected nan yellowish gold-plated headdress ringing alongside nan inscription “KO-W 8 (15)” (knockout successful nan 8th of 15 rounds). The achromatic resin Montblanc emblem connected nan crown is adorned pinch nan number “2” to commemorate this 2nd world title.

In 1975, conscionable 1 twelvemonth aft Muhammad Ali’s 2nd championship, different conflict went down successful boxing history: Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier. Billed arsenic nan “Thrilla successful Manila,” nan conflict lasted 14 rounds earlier Ali triumphed. The 2 celebrated matches won by Ali successful 2 successive years are memorialized connected nan cone of nan penning instrumentality pinch nan inscription “Kinshasa 1974 Quezon City 1975.” The skeletonized clip is inscribed “Ali.” The headdress is dressed up pinch a lacquered butterfly, while nan 18-karat golden bi-color nib is engraved pinch a boxing glove.

Montblanc Great Characters Muhammad Ali™ Special Edition

Here, nan 4 ropes that situation a boxing ringing are represented arsenic 4 engraved lines connected nan cone, while nan portion boxers usage to protect their hands nether their gloves is expressed successful nan matte achromatic resin barrel. Ali’s triumph astatine nan Summer Games successful 1960 is memorialized connected nan cone pinch nan engraving “Roma MCMLX.” The words “I shook up nan world,” which he said aft nan memorable conflict that dethroned world champion Sonny Liston 4 years later successful Miami are engraved connected nan cap. The achromatic resin Montblanc emblem connected nan crown is embellished pinch nan number “1” successful grant of this first world title.

His triumph airs is engraved alongside nan inscription “TKO-W 7 (15)” (technical knockout successful nan 7th of 15 rounds) connected nan gold-coated headdress ring, while nan cone bears nan engraving “Miami 1964.” The handcrafted14-karat golden nib is engraved pinch a boxing glove.

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