Monsieur Vo And Camphor Dish On Their Recent Collaboration Dinner

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Monsieur Vo x Camphor dinner

Courtesy of Monsieur Vo/PC Antoine “Noemad” Reid

Chalk it up to a serendipitous brushwood a fewer years agone for bringing New York–based Monsieur Vo and Los Angeles–based Camphor together. The 2 critically acclaimed restaurants teamed up this autumn for a collaborative meal that was filled pinch stylish nutrient lovers enjoying a beautiful confluence of French and Vietnamese cuisines.

Monsieur Vo, an elegant Vietnamese edifice specializing successful nutrient and seafood, opened past twelvemonth by hubby and woman squad Chef Jimmy Ly and Yen Vo. The paper highlights Vietnam’s ăn nhậu culture, which refers to nan contented of uniting complete savory foods and abundant drinks. Their sister restaurant, Madame Vo, opened successful New York’s East Village, conscionable a fewer blocks north, 5 years earlier.

Camphor, a modern French bistro pinch a Michelin star, is located successful DTLA. Co-owner Sarah Lam, on pinch Cyrus Batchan of No.8 Hospitality and their Co-Executive Chefs Max Boonthanakit and Lijo George, helm nan Arts District restaurant. The unpretentious paper is simply a clever motion to nan 2 chefs Southeast and South Asian heritage, each while beryllium rooted successful classical French cooking.

The amalgamation of flavors and techniques is precisely what made this collaborative meal truthful exciting.

Monsieur Vo x Camphor dinner

Courtesy of Monsieur Vo/PC Antoine “Noemad” Reid

Benjamin Liong Setiawan: How do you judge your activity complements each other?

Camphor: The harmony betwixt Vietnamese and French spirit profiles is remarkable, peculiarly arsenic Vietnamese cuisine had a important effect connected Sarah's upbringing, fixed her family's Vietnamese heritage. Also, this business serves arsenic a intends to support "mom and pop" restaurants.

Monsieur Vo: French and Vietnamese cuisines are inextricably linked based connected their shared history. The techniques utilized are similar, and nan French introduced caller ingredients during their business of Vietnam (and apt vice versa), but nan resulting spirit profiles are distinct. The collaboration betwixt Camphor and Monsieur Vo felt very integrated for this reason. There was a earthy synergy successful nan kitchen, and we besides some learned a batch from each other.

BLS: How did you scheme nan menu?

Both teams crafted dishes that harmonized pinch each different for each course, pinch nan dessert being a collaborative effort. The chefs prepared stiff coconut h2o ice, adorned pinch coconut cardamom syrup, poached kiwi, kiwi gelée, coconut beverage jelly, and a touch of refreshing mint. Additionally, nan teams collaborated connected a pâté for nan gift container that was fixed to each guest.

Monsieur Vo x Camphor dinner

Courtesy of Monsieur Vo/PC Antoine “Noemad” Reid

BLS: How did these dishes comparison and opposition pinch items presently featured connected your respective menus?

Camphor: The French bulb tart amuse offered a playful motion to Camphor’s French Onion Soup. The Starter Seabream Crudo shared striking similarities pinch its counterpart astatine Camphor. As for nan main course, nan Red Snapper pinch grenobloise sauce, typically utilized connected nan Dover Sole astatine Camphor, introduced a delightful twist pinch nan inclusion of Thai Basil, mounting it isolated from nan accustomed offerings.

Monsieur Vo: The beef successful betel leafage was nan only crockery served that is connected our regular paper arsenic portion of our Monsieur platter, but we elevated it by utilizing wagyu crushed beef, and we adjusted nan spirit floor plan to complement nan evening’s menu. Overall, our position was a spot much refined to lucifer nan activity of a edifice of Camphor’s caliber. The patê sô and short rib bo kho were heavy influenced by French cooking, truthful we wanted them to co-exist together pinch nan Camphor dishes.

BLS: Are location plans for early collaborations connected nan horizon?

Camphor: The thought of early collaborations is presently nether discussion, pinch a attraction connected perchance incorporating much casual, mini bites into nan mix.

Monsieur Vo: There's besides an breathtaking anticipation of our squad coming to Los Angeles, though nary circumstantial dates person been confirmed arsenic of now.

Monsieur Vo x Camphor dinner

Courtesy of Monsieur Vo/PC Antoine “Noemad” Reid

BLS: What restaurants aliases cuisines would you for illustration to partner with?

Monsieur Vo: Chef Jimmy is simply a Queens native. We emotion nan thought of partnering pinch iconic NYC institutions specified arsenic Clinton St. Baking Co. for a Vietnamese brunch menu, aliases Shake Shack.

BLS: Is location a peculiar crockery from nan collaborative paper that stands retired arsenic your favorite?

Sarah Lam: I person 2 favorites, really - nan Red Snapper and nan Bo Kho Vietnamese beef stew served pinch heavy atom noodles.

Jimmy Ly: My individual favourite was nan dessert that was genuinely a collaborative point and really encapsulated nan vibe of nan event.

BLS: What are immoderate of your favorites from your existent menu?

SL: At Camphor my go-to bid usually includes nan Beef Tartare, followed by nan French Onion Tartine, Scallop, Dover Sole, and rounding it disconnected pinch Marzipan for dessert.

JL: At Monsieur Vo, it would beryllium our pho ga kho (dry chickenhearted pho). This crockery isn’t disposable anyplace other successful nan city. It’s chiefly a comfortableness crockery we make astatine home. I conscionable emotion it truthful overmuch that I had to put it connected nan menu.

BLS: What tin guests expect for nan upcoming season?

Camphor: We introduced a caller monthly contented — Steak Frites Night — taking spot each 2nd Wednesday. The edifice temporarily switches retired its regular paper to characteristic this classical bistro dinner, complete pinch an 8oz steak, a generous serving of golden-brown frites, and a caller crockery for $65. Additionally, support an oculus retired for our typical prix fixe paper coming soon to ringing successful nan New Year!

Monsieur Vo: We are moving connected immoderate breathtaking caller additions to nan menu. We’re ever striving to create dishes that bring caller experiences for our diners. A mates we’ve been tinkering pinch are a Vietnamese basking cookware and a barren pho xao pinch fried chicken. We besides person a Madame Vo cookbook releasing adjacent year!

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