Moment kindly Chicago mechanic takes car apart to rescue terrified cat trapped inside - with animal heard giving grateful meows after being freed

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By Emma Saletta For Dailymail.Com

Published: 12:37 EST, 13 February 2024 | Updated: 12:39 EST, 13 February 2024

A mechanic named Jerry saved nan life of a tabby feline connected February 12 aft he recovered nan animal trapped wrong a car muffler.

Jerry first spotted nan feline while he was moving connected nan conveyance astatine LM Cars successful Burr Ridge, Illinois, yesterday afternoon.

A customer had brought nan car to nan shop earlier that time to person brake services.

LM Cars posted a video of nan feline yesterday during its rescue, which shows Jerry safely removing nan feline from nan muffler.

The cat, who began to meow loudly aft nan rescue, appeared to beryllium unharmed.

Jerry, a mechanic astatine LM Cars, saved nan life of a feline that was stuck underneath a car muffler connected February 12

The conveyance was brought successful by a customer earlier that time to person break services. It is unclear if nan feline was stuck wrong nan muffler while nan customer was driving

Jerry managed to successfully get nan grateful tabby feline retired from nether nan muffler. The feline will beryllium receiving an examination, but it appeared to beryllium alright aft its rescue

The video was taken by LM Cars wide head Willy Li, who called nan animal 'a tiny cat.' 

'He's fine. He's perfectly fine. He's responding to lights,' Li stated.

According to Li, nan labor first believed that nan tabby feline was not alive.

'We thought it was dormant but past we saw it moved,' he stated.

'So we made a landing pad pinch a broad and lipid drainer stand. Removed rather a fewer parts connected that car and wriggled nan muffler, nan feline safely dropped into nan landing pad.'

Li said that it took Jerry astir 15 minutes to get nan feline retired of nan muffler astatine astir 4:30.

The mechanics made a landing pad for nan feline pinch a broad and an lipid drained stand, which is wherever nan feline ended up aft being removed from nan muffler 

The feline was picked up yesterday astatine astir 6:00 by Dupage County Animal Services. 

They will analyse nan feline to guarantee it is successful bully wellness earlier putting it up for take aliases searching for its existent owner.

'Dupage animal services Lady said he/she was a domesticated cat, we dream nan proprietor of nan feline could spot nan news and return him location from Dupage animal services,' said Li.

According to Li, nary 1 astatine LM Cars has ever seen this hap before.

'We had cats moving astir our gait earlier but seeing a car stuck successful a car's undercarriage was scary and first clip thing,' he stated.

'This was a domesticated cat, very cute. Hopefully personification bring him home.' 

According to Li, this benignant of rescue has ne'er happened before. However, he and different labor person spotted cats moving astir their yard

Following this incident, Li hopes that individuals will watch retired for animals that whitethorn beryllium hidden successful their vehicles.

'In nan winter, make immoderate noise aliases bang connected your car a fewer times earlier you commencement driving distant your car to scare disconnected animals hiding successful your car,' he said.

'Animals do hide underneath cars.'