Moment daredevil wakeskates along an infinity pool as he is towed by a drone... what happens next is jaw-dropping

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  • Watch Brian Grubb's fearless stunt connected apical of Address Beach Resort, successful Dubai 

By Matt Strudwick

Published: 19:55 EST, 4 December 2023 | Updated: 06:43 EST, 5 December 2023

This is nan infinitesimal a daredevil wakeskates on nan world's highest infinity excavation successful Dubai  - earlier plunging disconnected nan broadside of nan building. 

American Brian Grubb was pulled on nan 311ft agelong rooftop excavation by a civilization drone astatine nan Address Beach Resort. 

The video shows nan three-time world wakeskate champion speeding and swerving on nan water. 

A ramp tin beryllium seen astatine nan extremity of nan excavation which he past mounts and uses to motorboat himself disconnected nan broadside of nan 96ft precocious 77-storey copy building building successful a bosom stopping moment. 

He tin beryllium seen hurtling towards nan crushed pinch his arms and legs flailing earlier he ejects his Red Bull branded parachute and safely glides to soil below.  

American Brian Grubb pulled disconnected nan fearless stunt connected apical of nan world's highest infinity excavation successful Dubai

The heart-stopping footage showed nan daredevil speeding on nan 311ft agelong rooftop excavation earlier he mounts a ramp astatine nan end

The fearless stunt was nan first-ever mixed wakeskate guidelines jump which has been dubbed arsenic 'WakeBase'. 

Brian told The Guardian: 'I conscionable started 10 years aliases truthful agone arsenic a tube dream and it has been a dream of excavation to do this since then. 

'It's been a agelong clip coming we had to build a drone that could propulsion america truthful I had to get much proficient astatine guidelines jumping.

'And past we recovered this awesome location present successful Dubai and we put everything together and we conscionable pulled disconnected nan sickest point I've ever done connected a wakeskate for sure.'

People reacted successful awe of nan jaw-dropping stunt aft it was posted connected Red Bull's Instagram page. 

One personification wrote: 'Was not expecting that. So sick!' 

While different thought it 'was insane, nan perspective gave maine butterflies arsenic he went down nan building'. 

Brian hurtles towards nan crushed aft launching himself disconnected nan apical of nan Address Beach Resort building (left) earlier ejecting a parachute and safely gliding to nan crushed beneath (right)

An ecstatic Brian is congratulated connected nan sandy formation aft he completes nan first ever mixed wakeskate guidelines jump 

A 3rd described it arsenic an 'iconic' infinitesimal while a 4th felt for illustration they had followed correct down him and jumped disconnected nan building themselves. 

'You’re truthful gnarly dude! So stoked to spot you yet get this done! So sick!!!,' different said. 

Brian, who first started guidelines jumping successful 2008, added: 'The thought of being capable to put these 2 sports together and return them to caller places was nan eventual appeal. 

'No 1 had ever done it earlier truthful to push my limits for illustration this was exciting.'