Mom-of-three who went viral for screeching at 'scary clown' in her driveway dies of cancer aged 44 - as she's remembered for her 'famous scream that spread joy all over the world'

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It was nan shriek heard astir nan world - aliases astatine slightest nan neighborhood, erstwhile a mother-of-three sewage nan fright of her life aft she saw a 'scary clown' retired of nan area of her eye.

Sadly, nan New Jersey female who became portion of nan hilarious viral video successful 2022 has passed distant aft losing her conflict pinch metastatic bosom cancer.

Cheryl Granito, from Denville, was a coach and died past period astatine nan property of 44 leaving down 3 young daughters, 12-year-old Harper, Kayla, 7, and Ellie who is 4. She is besides survived by her husband, 56-year-old Mark.

The ginger, curly-haired man seen successful nan clip, that has much than 500 cardinal views, is now trying to raise money for nan grieving family, pinch almost $40,000 generated truthful acold successful a GoFundMe.

'I americium nan man coming to prime up thing from her. I myself donated $4000 to nan GoFundMe. Her celebrated shriek dispersed joyousness each complete nan world,' 20-year-old Brayden Krupiarz told

Cheryl Granito seen pinch her daughters, 12-year-old Harper, Kayla, 7, and Ellie who is 4

Cheryl Granito, nan female featured successful a viral video that captured a mother's startling shriek astatine nan show of a 'scary clown' has died from bosom crab astatine nan property of 44

A 2nd GoFundMe was already group up by nan family successful March which raised $56,000. 

The video became truthful celebrated that Krupiarz moreover started an Instagram account devoted to nan encounter, complete pinch nan grip 'driveway.dude'.

The original video originates innocently capable pinch Granito seen speaking to a neighbour alongside different women and 1 of her children.

She appears calm and relaxed connected calm a summer’s time erstwhile suddenly, Krupiarz tin beryllium seen moving up nan driveway towards her.

Granito became known for her powerful shriek aft being becoming alarmed astatine nan beingness of Brayden Krupiarz, 20, who could beryllium seen stepping up a driveway down her

Granito fto retired an almighty shriek which served to scare those astir her

Brayden Krupiarz, 20, appeared to person a 'creepy clown' look astir him arsenic he approached

Cheryl Granito, from Denville, New Jersey , was a coach and died past period astatine nan property of 44 leaving down 3 doting young girls, 12-year-old Harper, Kayla, 7, and Ellie who is 4, and their 56-year-old dad, Mark

Granito was truthful engrossed successful speech that she didn’t announcement nan young man moving silently up down her.

The driveway camera captures his long, curly ginger hairsbreadth and mirrored sunglasses.

What whitethorn person been an guiltless look was seen arsenic ‘creepy clown-like’ by Granito who lets retired an ear-piercingly large shriek lasting respective seconds.

The scream, successful turn, besides alarms her children who jump backmost successful fright.

‘Holy s**t!’ Granito shouts.

Krupiarz appears to beryllium milking his 15 minutes of fame from nan little brushwood appearing successful nan aforesaid apparel successful each his consequent videos

Krupiarz tin beryllium heard apologizing explaining that he had only travel complete to prime thing up. It's understood that a parcel of his had been delivered to her address.

The video still generates laughs moreover years aft its first uploading.

'This video makes maine cough laughter each azygous time! I saved it a LONG clip agone truthful that I could rewatch it erstwhile I request a laugh!' wrote Wendy Angela.

'I've ne'er laughed arsenic much, each clip I spot it. The champion clip connected nan nett stated Battlesu.

'The sorry for simply existing is comedy!' added another.

Cheryl Granito, who worked arsenic a typical acquisition coach astatine Lakeview Elementary School, was diagnosed pinch crab successful 2019. 

Following her death, Krupiarz wrote connected his page: 'I americium truthful highly saddened to show you each that nan female pinch nan shriek heard astir nan world has passed away.

'Cheryl was an astonishing mom and had go a awesome friend. Please stock and donate.'  

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