Model who was found bound, beaten, gagged and wedged in a refrigerator in her downtown LA apartment has 'no clear cause of death' - despite medical examiner saying she died from 'homicidal violence'

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The decease of a Los Angeles-based exemplary who was recovered beaten, tied up, gagged and wedged wrong a refrigerator remains a mystery, nan lead LAPD detective has said, aft nan autopsy revealed nary clear origin of death.

Maleesa Mooney, 31, was recovered dormant connected September 12 wrong her home. Her family called nan constabulary aft they had not heard from her for a week.

The aesculapian examiner connected October 5 concluded that she died of 'homicidal violence', but could not specify precisely really she died.

David Marcinek, LAPD's lead detective successful nan case, told KTLA that he has ne'er been progressive successful a execution wherever nan coroner listed 'homicidal violence' arsenic nan origin of death. 

The latest autopsy study connected Maleesa Mooney reveals that her assemblage was beaten, bound, and past stuffed into her refrigerator

David Marcinek, LAPD's lead detective successful nan case, said he had ne'er worked connected a lawsuit wherever 'homicidal violence' was nan origin of death

The study lists her decease arsenic 'homicidal violence' and reveals 'blunt unit traumatic injuries' to her body, pinch traces of cocaine and intoxicant recovered by toxicology tests. 

Marcinek said they judge she died from nan 'totality' of her injuries.

She had cocaine and intoxicant successful her strategy erstwhile she died, but her sister's declare that she was pregnant astatine nan clip was disproved by nan coroner.

Marcinek said nan squad has received galore tips and reviewed information camera footage, but location person been nary arrests truthful far. 

He would not opportunity whether they person identified a personification of interest, but said it appears to beryllium an isolated incident. 

No signs of forced introduction were evident successful nan preliminary investigation and it remains unclear whether Mooney knew nan killer, aliases really they entered nan building. 

Mooney's sister, Jourdine Pauline, said she died pursuing a 'struggle', and her decease was not quick.

She told NewsNation: 'She was successful a struggle, some her ankles were surgery ... her hands, her legs. 

'It's very gruesome details. She was decidedly successful a struggle. It wasn't thing that quickly happened.' 

The aesculapian examiner said they cannot find 'what domiciled narcotics aliases intoxicant whitethorn person played successful her death, if any.'

But they said nan beating she endured was not capable to termination her. 

'The blunt unit traumatic injuries observed astatine autopsy are mostly not considered acutely life threatening connected their own,' nan aesculapian examiner wrote.

'However, based connected nan circumstances of really Ms. Mooney was found, these injuries propose she was apt progressive successful unit beingness altercation anterior to her death.'

The exemplary was past seen connected September 6: her assemblage was recovered connected September 12

Jourdin Pauline, her popular prima sister, who has 1.3 cardinal followers connected Instagram, said she precocious recovered retired her sister was expecting a kid - but nan coroner said she was not pregnant

Mooney pictured pinch a friend. She was apparently beaten truthful severely that nan mortician cried, and told nan family it was excessively traumatic for them to look astatine nan body

Mooney was past seen successful surveillance footage astatine her flat Skye astatine Bunker Hill connected September 6. 

Her worried family requested a use check.

Mooney worked arsenic a existent property supplier astatine Beverly Hills-based agency Nest Seekers and had only moved into her caller location a period anterior to her death, her family said.

The family knew thing was incorrect when iPhone text conversations pinch Mooney changed from bluish to greenish - signaling a alteration successful Wi-Fi and information services. 

'When a week went by, we conscionable knew thing was off,' Bailey Babb, Mooney's cousin, told KTLA

'Her messages weren't delivering and we knew thing was up because we each person a typical narration pinch Maleesa,' Babb said.

Mooney was reportedly beaten truthful severely that nan mortician cried, and told nan family it was excessively traumatic for them to look astatine nan body, Pauline said. 

'All I cognize is it was a torturous act,' she added. 

'They (the suspect) did aggregate things to her body, you know? The constabulary can't moreover pinpoint what precisely took her.

'Why would personification do this to her, you know? 

'It's conscionable really messed up. We conscionable request to find nan group who would do this. What did my sister do to merit that?' 

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