Mikal Bridges extends his incredible NBA iron man streak and now hasn't missed a game for SIX SEASONS... but how far off is he from the record?

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  • Bridges has played successful 472 consecutive games since being drafted backmost successful 2018 
  • But he remains a acold ways disconnected from nan grounds presently held by A.C. Green 
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By Jake Fenner

Published: 00:46 EDT, 15 April 2024 | Updated: 00:46 EDT, 15 April 2024

Brooklyn Nets prima Mikal Bridges is continuing his streak of nan astir consecutive games played successful nan NBA.

Bridges has not missed a crippled successful six seasons and has extended his streak of games played to 472.

Currently, that's nan longest progressive streak amongst NBA players and Bridges has done it crossed aggregate teams.

Bridges was drafted tenth wide to nan Philadelphia 76ers and was past instantly traded to nan Phoenix Suns.

He's played successful each crippled since - including erstwhile he was traded to nan Brooklyn Nets arsenic a portion of nan Kevin Durant trade.

Brooklyn Nets prima Mikal Bridges has played each crippled for six consecutive seasons

Bridges presently holds nan league's longest streak of playing successful games astatine 472 successful a row

While that's an awesome number, he's still acold disconnected from nan existent grounds holder A.C. Green

While Bridges' people of 472 games is notable - and nan league's existent champion - he's still a ways disconnected from nan record.

That's held by three-time NBA champion and erstwhile Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, and Miami Heat prima A.C. Green.

Green's grounds still stands astatine an awesome 1,192 games - nan balanced of 14.54 seasons successful nan NBA.

For Bridges to break Green's grounds (without accounting for playoff games), he'd person to play 8 full seasons successful nan NBA positive an further 65 games.

By then, he'd beryllium 36 years aged and would person had to play 15 NBA seasons. 

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