Mick Jagger alludes to damning rumor that he slept with Justin Trudeau’s mom

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Mick Jagger is stirring up trouble.

The singer, 80, precocious alluded to nan decades-old rumor that he had activity pinch Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mom, Margaret Trudeau, successful nan 1970s.

During nan Rolling Stones performance successful Vancouver, Canada, connected July 5, Jagger said from nan stage, “We emotion your Mr. Trudeau,” which elicited boos from nan audience.

“I mean, his family has ever been specified large fans of our band,” Jagger added, which galore took arsenic a joke astir nan past rumors.

Mick Jagger astatine nan Rolling Stones performance successful Canada connected July 5, 2024. brianlilley/X

Justin’s parents, who joined erstwhile his mother was 22 and his begetter 52, separated successful 1977 amid rumors that his mom had skipped nan couple’s sixth day to statement pinch nan Rolling Stones aft their performance successful Toronto.

Margaret Trudeau successful Canada connected September 19, 2022. REUTERS

Margaret, 75, talked astir hanging pinch nan celebrated set successful a 2016 question and reply with Harper’s Bazaar.

“We played dice until astir 5 successful nan morning, successful my edifice suite,” she recalled. “Smoked immoderate dope, talked. It was a bully night, and it was my caller world. But nary 1 knew I was separated from my hubby yet, and it brought a immense scandal.” 

Mick Jagger performing successful California connected July 10, 2024. Getty Images
Mick Jagger performs pinch nan Rolling Stones. Getty Images

The Canadian activistic denied she slept pinch Jagger astatine nan time.

“I spent nan nighttime pinch nan Rolling Stones, nary question, but it was surely not Mick Jagger. And that’s each we’ll opportunity astir that,” she told nan publication.

According to the Daily Beast, Margaret later joked astatine a intelligence wellness conference, “I should person slept pinch each azygous 1 of them.”

Margaret finalized her divorcement from Justin’s father, Pierre Trudeau, successful 1984. He died successful 2000 astatine property 80.

Margaret and Justin Trudeau astatine Pierre Trudeau’s ceremonial successful 2000. AFP via Getty Images
Baby Justin Trudeau pinch his parents. Toronto Star via Getty Images

Jagger likewise denied nan rumors that he had activity pinch Margaret.

He reportedly told nan Evening Standard that Margaret was a “very sick woman successful hunt of something. She recovered it – but not pinch me. I wouldn’t spell adjacent her pinch a barge pole.”

Mick Jagger and nan Rolling Stones. Getty Images
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Getty Images

Donald Trump resurfaced nan rumors erstwhile he was president successful a speech pinch former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham.

According to Grisham’s 2021 memoir, Trump, 78, looked astatine Grisham, 47, connected Air Force One and asked her, “Are you OK if I opportunity this?”

Stephanie Grisham and Donald Trump successful 2019. Getty Images

“That was ever a troubling question. Who knew what was going to travel retired of his mouth?” Grisham wrote successful her book.

Trump past allegedly told Grisham: “Trudeau’s mom. She f – – ked each of nan Rolling Stones.”

Donald Trump successful 2018. AFP via Getty Images

Margaret was joined to Canada’s 15th premier curate from 1971 until their separation successful 1977.

In nan 2016 Harper’s Bazaar interview, she revealed that she struggled pinch manic slump successful nan 1970s. She was later diagnosed pinch bipolar disorder.

“When I was manic, it was expansive mania,” Canada’s erstwhile first woman said. “Where personification other mightiness person tally disconnected pinch nan feline from nan 7-Eleven, I ran disconnected pinch nan Rolling Stones. I would walk each my money buying Birkin bags; personification other would person spent each nan market money. It’s paralyzing either way. You don’t person nan expertise to person a second, sober thought.”

Margaret Trudeau astatine Toronto Women’s Fashion Week successful March 2018. FilmMagic

Margaret sewage remarried to real-estate developer Fried Kemper successful 1984. They sewage divided successful 1999.

She welcomed 5 children including Justin, 52. He’s served arsenic Canada’s 23rd prime curate since 2015. 

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