Michigan president urges the Big Ten to wait for the results of the NCAA's investigation into sign-stealing before taking action against the football team: 'Due process matters'

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  • Connor Stalions, who was allegedly down nan operation, resigned connected Friday 
  • Ono asked that nan convention not unreserved to judgement earlier nan probe's results 
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By Associated Press And Jake Fenner For Dailymail.Com

Published: 22:34 EDT, 4 November 2023 | Updated: 22:35 EDT, 4 November 2023

University of Michigan President Santa Ono sent an email to Big Ten Commissioner Tony Petitti, imploring nan convention to hold for results of the NCAA's sign-stealing investigation earlier perchance taking action against nan Jim Harbaugh-led shot program.

'The reputations and livelihoods of coaches, students, and programme cannot beryllium sacrificed successful a unreserved to judgement, nary matter really galore and really loudly group protestation otherwise,' Ono wrote successful an email to Petitti connected Thursday nighttime earlier their gathering nan adjacent day. 'Due process matters.'

Michigan athletics spokesperson Kurt Svoboda shared nan contents of Ono's email pinch The Associated Press connected Saturday night, erstwhile nan third-ranked Wolverines played Purdue astatine home.

Connor Stalions, nan low-level Michigan shot staffer astatine nan halfway of nan probe into impermissible scouting and motion stealing, resigned Friday.

Stalions attorney, successful a connection to The Athletic, said his customer chose to resign because stories astir him person created a distraction for nan team.

University of Michigan president Santa Ono (L) asked nan Big Ten commissioner to await nan results of nan NCAA's investigation earlier handing down immoderate reward to nan shot team

Ono: 'The reputations and livelihoods of coaches, students, and programme cannot beryllium sacrificed successful a unreserved to judgement, nary matter really galore and really loudly group protestation otherwise.'

Stalions said, via his attorney, that to his knowledge nary of nan coaches told anyone to break rules aliases were alert of improper behaviour regarding nan caller allegations of precocious scouting.

'We cognize for a truth that they were astatine a number of our games,' Purdue coach Ryan Walters said Thursday connected his power show. 'We've had to thatch our guys a caller language.'

The NCAA is investigating Michigan for allegedly sending group to opponents' games to grounds video that would beryllium utilized to decode their in-game signals. 

The Big Ten, according to Ono, has not begun an investigation regarding nan allegations.

Harbaugh, who served a three-game, university-imposed suspension earlier this play for an unrelated and still unresolved NCAA violations lawsuit tied to recruiting, has denied immoderate knowledge aliases engagement successful impermissible scouting of opponents.

Ono and diversion head Warde Manuel met pinch Petitti connected Friday, erstwhile he was municipality for nan Big Ten section lucky tournament.

Big Ten bylaws supply a way for nan commissioner to perchance enactment much swiftly successful matters of sportsmanship and competitory integrity. 

The NCAA is investigating Michigan unit personnel Connor Stalions for alleged sign-stealing

Stalions resigned from his position pinch Michigan shot arsenic nan investigation continues

Petitti met by video telephone pinch Big Ten coaches and diversion board earlier this week.

'We are alert that different representatives of nan Big 10 are demanding that you return action now, earlier immoderate meaningful investigation and afloat information of each nan evidence,' Ono wrote to Petitti. 

'And we some cognize it is not what immoderate different personnel would want if allegations were raised against their group aliases programs.

'The Big 10 has not informed america of immoderate investigation of its own, arsenic would beryllium required by convention rules.'

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