Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh reveals he found out about three-game suspension on SOCIAL MEDIA when a staffer showed him their phone - as he says he watched win over Penn State 'five inches' from his TV screen

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  • Coach Jim Harbaugh is suspended for nan remainder of Michigan's regular season
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By Eric Blum For Dailymail.Com

Published: 14:34 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 14:34 EST, 13 November 2023

Michigan caput shot coach Jim Harbaugh said Monday he recovered retired astir his three-game suspension not from nan Big Ten's offices, but alternatively connected societal media. 

'Someone showed maine their phone,' Harbaugh said astir really he recovered retired he can't coach nan Wolverines last 3 games of nan regular play amid nan team's sign-stealing scandal.

Harbaugh said Michigan diversion director Warde Manuel was pinch him erstwhile he recovered retired astir nan suspension. 

Manuel was 'pretty upset' nan Big Ten didn't interaction him aliases Harbaugh straight astir nan suspension, according to nan caput coach.

Replacing Harbaugh successful complaint of nan Wolverines connected nan roadworthy for Saturday's 24-15 complete nationally classed Penn State was squad violative coordinator Sherrone Moore, who went viral erstwhile he sobbed and cursed during his unrecorded post-game TV interview.

Jim Harbaugh wasn't connected nan sidelines for Michigan's triumph complete Penn State connected Saturday

Michigan fans want Harbaugh backmost connected nan sidelines contempt his three-game suspension

Harbaugh received nan three-game suspension arsenic Michigan has go progressive successful a sign-stealing scandal. 

The alleged sign-stealing involved in-person scouting of opponents, immoderate making love backmost 3 seasons, which isn't allowed nether NCAA rules. 

Both Michigan and nan Big Ten Conference person been investigating nan claims into cheating, each while nan Wolverines' possible-national-championship play continues.

Harbaugh has denied immoderate wrongdoing of scouting opponents wrong his programme , yet Big Ten Commissioner Tony Petitti didn't hold for immoderate charismatic ruling to manus down a three-game suspension. 

Michigan did authorities it would situation immoderate subject to Harbaugh, arsenic nan coach already served a self-imposed three-game suspension to commencement nan season. 

A proceeding will return spot Friday that could onslaught down nan Big Ten's determination to suspend Harbaugh.   

Rival fans, meanwhile, had beardown thoughts connected what nan reward should beryllium for Harbaugh

Harbaugh would beryllium eligible to return to nan sidelines for nan Big Ten Championship game

There are nary rules against trying to decode an opposing teams signals, specified arsenic play calls. 

However, location are chopped rules against in-person scouting of early opponents during nan season. 

Michigan's lawsuit surrounds erstwhile unit personnel Connor Stalions, who allegedly purchased tickets to nan Wolverine's early opponents' games to effort and fig retired signals from nan sidelines. 

None of nan uproar astir Michigan's alleged misbehavior affected it against Penn State.

On Monday, Harbaugh said he was 'five inches from nan TV' arsenic he watched nan post-game play unfold.

'I want to convey nan Lord. I want to convey Coach Harbaugh. I f***ing emotion you man. Love nan s*** retired of you man,' Moore said Saturday.

'This is for you, for this university, nan president, our AD. We sewage nan champion players, nan champion university, champion alumni successful nan country. Love you guys. These f***ing guys correct here,' Moore added. 'These guys did it. I emotion you.' 

Harbaugh demonstrates really acold he was sitting from nan tv to watch Moore's interview

Sherrone Moore was tearful successful his postgame interview, thanking Harbaugh for nan opportunity

Moore will besides lead nan Wolverines into their adjacent crippled connected Saturday connected nan roadworthy against Maryland.

Harbaugh believes Michigan should beryllium much beloved than by Wolverines' fans because of his ordeal. 

'The perseverance and nan stalwartness of these guys, I mean ... it's gotta beryllium America's team,' Harbaugh said. 'America loves a squad that thumps nan odds, thumps nan adversity, overcomes what nan naysayers, critics, alleged experts think.'

'That's my favourite benignant of team. Watching it from that position connected nan television, yet group get to spot what I spot each day,' Harbaugh added. 

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