Michael Jordan could be BEST MAN if son Marcus, 32, marries Larsa Pippen, 49 - the ex-wife of his Chicago Bulls teammate Scottie Pippen - even after the NBA legend said he does NOT approve of their relationship

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  • Marcus Jordan made nan revelation during a podcast quality pinch Larsa
  • But their narration has put Michael successful a difficult position pinch Scottie Pippen
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By Jack Bezants For Dailymail.Com

Published: 07:13 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 08:45 EDT, 1 November 2023

Marcus Jordan has hinted that his dada could beryllium his champion man if he gets joined to woman Larsa Pippen - moreover though nan narration appears to person caused a rift pinch his father's friend and Larsa's ex-husband Scottie.

Speaking connected nan Pablo Torre Finds Out podcast, alongside Larsa, Marcus said of his celebrated father: 'I was nan champion man astatine his wedding and nan champion man astatine my brother's wedding, truthful obviously, we'll support nan contented going.

'I don't deliberation we person a actual date. We're still talking astir locations and statement size and each that worldly truthful it's not really actual yet.

'We're very backstage people, nan Jordans, and truthful if it was up to me, I deliberation we would do aggregate weddings, 1 backstage for our family and friends and past possibly there's 1 that's a small much nationalist but I conjecture clip will tell.' 

Earlier this year, Michael was asked if he approves of his son's narration by papparazzi erstwhile he was filmed leaving a edifice successful Europe.

Michael Jordan could beryllium champion man if his boy Marcus, 32, marries nan ex-wife of 1 of his Chicago Bulls teammates

Marcus made nan declare astir his begetter successful a podcast quality alongside Larsa

Larsa Pippen, 49, utilized to beryllium joined to Jordan's ex-Bulls teammate Scottie Pippen

Marcus Jordan has expressed his desire for his father, Michael Jordan, to beryllium nan champion man astatine his wedding erstwhile he ties nan knot pinch Larsa Pippen

— NBACentral (@TheDunkCentral) October 31, 2023

He shook his caput and conscionable said: 'No'.

It caused a immense embarrassment for Larsa, who addressed his comments connected her 'Separation Anxiety' podcast that she hosts pinch Marcus.

'Oh my God, I was traumatized. I benignant of felt for illustration it went everyplace and I was benignant of for illustration embarrassed,' she said. 

Marcus admitted connected nan aforesaid show that his narration pinch Larsa could beryllium nan origin for immoderate apprehension pinch his father.

'At nan guidelines of it each evidently is my dad’s narration pinch your ex Scottie [Pippen]. Obviously, we ne'er talk astir that and I don’t deliberation my dada wanted to remark connected that,' he said.

'I deliberation he said nary conscionable successful a joking way, knowing really Jordans play around, and truthful I thought it was funny from nan jump.'

Scottie himself has not straight addressed his ex-wife's caller relationship. They were joined successful 1997 and had 4 children together, and divided successful 2018 pinch divorcement confirmed successful 2021.

He has, however, appeared to target Michael since nan news emerged.

The narration appears to person caused a rift betwixt Jordan and ex-teammate Scottie 

Marcus said that he and Larsa don't person a day to get joined but it is 'in nan works'

Back successful May, Pippen gave a bizarre question and reply wherever he said Jordan, who is now 60, was 'a horrible player' earlier they started playing together.

'LeBron (James) will beryllium nan top statistical feline to ever play nan crippled of basketball,' Pippen said. 'And there's nary comparison to him, none.

'I seen Michael Jordan play earlier I came to play pinch nan Bulls. You guys seen him play, he was a horrible player. 

'He was horrible to play with, he was each one-on-one, he's shooting bad shots. All of a sudden, we go a squad and we commencement winning, everybody forgot who he was.'

Jordan is wide considered nan best-ever subordinate successful nan history of hoops and together pinch Pippen, won six NBA titles for nan Bulls successful their iconic, all-conquering squad from 1987-98. 

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