Micah Richards reveals how John Terry effectively ended his career at Aston Villa - but insists he holds no grudges against then-boss Steve Bruce

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By Will Pickworth For Mailonline

Published: 05:43 EDT, 3 November 2023 | Updated: 05:52 EDT, 3 November 2023

Micah Richards has reflected connected really John Terry's move to Aston Villa inadvertently ended his career. 

Richards made 245 appearances for Manchester City after breaking into nan first squad arsenic a highly-promising young defender, while he besides won 13 England caps and represented Great Britain astatine nan 2012 Olympics.

After a indebtedness spell astatine Fiorentina, he moved to Villa connected a free transfer successful 2015 but struggled for fittingness and gametime arsenic they were relegated from nan Premier League successful 2015-16.

He made conscionable 2 convention appearances nan pursuing campaign, but by 2017-18, Steve Bruce was astatine nan helm and Richards was fresh and raring to go.

That aforesaid summertime Villa signed legendary Chelsea defender Terry upon his departure from Stamford Bridge, pinch nan erstwhile England skipper going onto walk nan last play of his playing profession astatine Villa Park. However, this had consequences for Richards.

Micah Richards reflected connected really John Terry's move to Aston Villa ended his playing career

Terry joined Villa for 1 play aft leaving Chelsea but refused to play successful a backmost three

'He (Bruce) did show maine he was going to play maine (that season),' he told BBC's MOTD Top 10 podcast. 

'And we signed John Terry. So, it was going to beryllium maine connected nan correct of nan three, John Terry and James Chester.

'JT fundamentally came to Villa and said "I'm not playing successful a three". So Bruce pulls maine and he says "well, I've sewage to play JT" and he had James Chester astatine Hull truthful I knew nan penning was connected nan wall then.'

Richards grounded to make an quality that season, pinch Bruce citing fittingness issues astatine nan time.

He besides grounded to play nan pursuing run owed to an ongoing knee problem earlier he announced his status successful July 2019 astatine nan property of 31. 

Richards revealed Steve Bruce had told him he was going to play but fixed Terry's refusal, he was subsequently not picked. The defender grounded to make an quality crossed nan season

However, Richards insisted he held nary grudges against Bruce and was afloat of praise for him

Bruce was sacked successful October 2018, but Richards insisted he held nary grudges against nan 62-year-old, though he besides recalled a hilarious communicative involving his erstwhile manager's daughter.

He added: 'I emotion him arsenic a guy, but he sucked maine correct successful though he did. Do you cognize what he did? 

'So I moved to Harrogate and his girl is an interior designer. So, he goes "oh yea we're each friends now". And I cognize his boy Alex but he sucked maine correct in. 

'I spent astir £400,000 connected interior creation and he still didn't play me.'

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