Miami police force homeless people to move away from film set for 'Bad Boys 4' starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

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Homeless group surviving connected nan thoroughfare successful tents successful Miami, adjacent to wherever actors Will Smith and Martin Lawrence person been shooting Bad Boys 4, opportunity they person been moved from their encampment by constabulary because of nan ongoing production.

Several group told the Miami Herald how nan officers insisted connected moving them, together pinch each of their belongings.

'It's because of that caller movie that's filming,' Matthew Williams, 44, told nan newspaper. 'They moved america because we were excessively adjacent to their set. They didn't want nan fancy movie group from retired of municipality seeing that bum beryllium successful Miami.'

The action movie, approved by section officials, is expected to bring a $20 cardinal boost to nan section economy.

Homeless group successful Miami surviving successful tents by nan broadside of nan roadworthy were forced to relocate by constabulary owed to nan filming of Bad Boys 4 starring Will Smith, left, and Martin Lawrence

 Local 10 News cameras spotted Will Smith and Martin Lawrence shooting scenes successful Miami connected Friday. The movie shoots led to postulation tie-ups successful nan city's Brickell neighborhood

Columbia Pictures group speech $500,000 to salary for further constabulary support successful bid to negociate postulation during nan four-day agelong movie sprout successful Miami. 

Responding to nan removal of bum tents, City of Miami Police Officer Michael Vega noted really nan erecting of specified items connected metropolis spot was illegal, and that officers were simply enforcing nan law.

'It is not that Miami Police doesn't want them to spot nan bum population,' Vega said. 'They tin spot it done each of downtown Miami.'

He said nan group were camped successful a restricted area accessible only to those approved by nan movie unit and insisted location was nary volition to 'hide nan homeless' from nationalist view.

Before moving group along, constabulary opportunity they ever they urge shelters including Camillus House, nan Chapman Partnership center, aliases Salvation Army.

The movie, approved by officials, is expected to lend $20 cardinal to nan section economy. Pictured, 1 of nan breathtaking car pursuit scenes

Will Smith, left, and Martin Lawrence are seen stepping crossed nan thoroughfare during filming 

'They're offered to spell to a shelter and if they refuse, past they person to time off nan area,' Vega said. 'Before nan officers show them to move, they are offered help, and astir garbage to judge it.'

Williams utilized to activity arsenic a statement navigator astatine a Bayside Marketplace edifice earlier nan costs of surviving expenses simply became excessively much.

Felicia Evans, 55, who has been bum for nan past 9 months and who utilized to activity arsenic a nursing adjunct said nan acquisition had been challenging aft uncovering each 3 recommended shelters were full, leaving constricted options. 

Despite seeking thief from a caseworker, she has yet to unafraid shelter and faced difficulties sleeping successful her shelter fearing theft aliases harm.

She said bum group were successful urgent request of assistance.

'We don’t person excessively galore places to go. They’re filming for Will Smith, and we can’t spell that way. It’s difficult. I don’t cognize what nan adjacent steps are going to beryllium because each of nan shelters are full,' Evans said.

Recently, nan metropolis of Miami had to salary $300,000 successful compensation to 4 bum individuals aft disposing of their belongings. 

As portion of nan settlement, nan metropolis has now agreed to extremity throwing distant individual possessions alternatively temporarily storing them for owners to retrieve having first photographed them.

 Hollywood bully guys Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are packing power connected nan group of Bad Boys 4 while filming astatine a section formation successful Miami. The accumulation spent $500,000 connected constabulary support but has faced disapproval for displacing bum individuals

In position of nan movie, it has been breathtaking for locals and visitors alike visiting nan area to drawback glimpses of nan film's production, but it has besides been causing immoderate postulation headaches.

Busy streets person had to beryllium shutdown astatine times to let nan unit and actors show sprout pursuit scenes.

The accumulation has brought an economical boost to nan area, providing a assortment of jobs since accumulation resumed February 26.

Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah had anticipated wrapping it up complete nan summer, but accumulation was brought to an abrupt halt aft nan actors onslaught began past July.

Principal photography had been completed connected nan movie anterior to nan shutdown, but reshoots were required to complete nan film.

Production is expected to wrap soon, and past nan unreserved to edit will begin.

The beloved franchise has focused connected nan antics and investigations of narcotics officers Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett arsenic they return down immoderate very vulnerable criminals.

The movie is group for merchandise connected June 7, 2024 contempt being primitively scheduled to beryllium successful theaters connected July 3, 2019.

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