Metallica Is Going After The Everyday People Stealing From Them...Again

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DELHI, INDIA - OCTOBER 28: Kirk Hammett (L), Lars Ulrich (CL), James Hetfield (CR) and Robert ... [+] Trujillo (R) from Metallica astatine nan F1 Rocks India Metallica performance property convention connected October 28, 2011 successful Delhi, India. (Photo by Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/Getty Images for F1 Rocks successful India pinch Vladivar)


Metallica has not been acrophobic to usage nan rule to protect their net successful nan past, and now nan set is doing truthful erstwhile again...but this latest ineligible lawsuit looks different from their past high-profile lawsuit.

The institution responsible for producing Metallica's circuit merchandise is taking ineligible action to combat nan waste of unauthorized bootleg items astatine nan stone band’s concerts. A communal show extracurricular of shows these days is group trading knockoff t-shirts and different merch items that look astir identical to nan overmuch much costly merch items fans tin acquisition wrong nan venue.

These bootleggers person plagued nan euphony manufacture and countless artists for years, and now Metallica, aliases astatine slightest a institution connected to nan rockers, is taking action to yet extremity this scourge of copyright infringement.

Merch Traffic, nan institution that useful pinch awesome bands and musicians specified arsenic Metallica, among galore others, printing their charismatic merchandise, precocious revenge a suit successful national tribunal successful St. Louis, MO, wherever nan set will beryllium playing a show soon. The suit doesn’t sanction anyone specifically, alternatively going aft group called John and Jane Does.

The suit intends to extremity those who will beryllium opinionated extracurricular nan venue connected nan nighttime of nan performance trading clone Metallica merchandise—whoever they extremity up being. The extremity is to let constabulary to show up and confiscate nan bootleg merch and destruct it immediately.

According to nan suit (via nan St. Louis Post-Dispatch), "The infringing merchandise is of nan aforesaid wide quality arsenic plaintiff’s merchandise and is apt to origin disorder among prospective purchasers. Further, nan infringing merchandise sold and to beryllium sold by defendants is mostly of inferior quality."

This newly-launched ineligible action is not constricted only to Missouri. The institution down nan move has besides pursued akin litigation successful various states, including New York and New Jersey. Their nonsubjective is clear: to put an extremity to bootleggers and safeguard nan integrity of Metallica's merchandise.

This isn't nan first lawsuit of Metallica defending their marque against those infringing upon their intelligence property. Back successful 2000, nan stone legends took a guidelines against online theft of their euphony erstwhile they sued nan online filesharing institution Napster for trademark infringement. For years, Napster had allowed users to download immoderate euphony they wanted for free successful a caller exertion known arsenic peer-to-peer networks.

These online downloads wounded nan band's gross significantly, and they weren’t nan only ones emotion nan pain. Napster, and others for illustration it, earnestly damaged nan euphony industry. The suit was yet settled nan pursuing year, and Napster subsequently revenge for bankruptcy.

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