Melissa Gorga and Dorinda Medley strike a fashionable pose as they lead stars at Welcome To Las Vegas party hosted by Jeff Lewis

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Melissa Gorga and Dorinda Medley looked phenomenal arsenic they attended nan Welcome To Las Vegas Party hosted by Jeff Lewis and 21Seeds Infused Tequila.

The 44-year-old Real Housewives of New Jersey prima stunned successful metallic metallic trousers and a low-cut achromatic vessel top.

Her body-hugging look showed disconnected her perky cleavage and her pants had a somewhat flared silhouette.

For her part, Dorinda, 58, looked astonishing successful a plunging achromatic belted apical activity pinch a mini skirt made of chunky sequins. 

Gorga wore hardly visible chunky open-toe platforms while Medley wore achromatic peep-toe heels. 

Party time: Melissa Gorga and Dorinda Medley looked phenomenal arsenic they attended nan Welcome To Las Vegas Party hosted by Jeff Lewis and 21Seeds Infused Tequila

Partygoers: Host Jeff Lewis smiled alongside Kelly Bensimon and Melissa

Beauties: Kristen and Melissa struck poses arsenic nan sun group beautifully down them

Melissa's pitchy achromatic hairsbreadth was silky and lustrous arsenic she styled nan locks successful a halfway portion and ironed them straight.

The mother-of-three wore a watch connected her near wrist and flaunted a agelong achromatic manicure.

Her look was beautifully made up pinch her eyebrows cautiously shaped and her brownish eyes accented pinch fluttery lashes.

Her cheeks were dusted successful a rosy hue and she vanished nan look pinch a moisturizing nude lipstick.

Dorinda's agleam blonde locks were shiny and vibrant arsenic she rocked her signature bob haircut.

She emphasized her trim waistline pinch nan summation of her Gucci belt, which had a golden buckle.

The reality tv characteristic kept her belongings successful a long, rectangular quilted achromatic leather clutch.

Her visage was agleam and cheery arsenic she utilized fluffy eyelashes to tie retired her bluish eyes and she coated her pout successful a glossy finish.

Attendees: Vicki Gunvalson and Margaret Josephs were besides successful attendance astatine nan affair

Photo op: Dorinda and Kristen looked awesome opinionated broadside by side

Trio: Margaret, Dorinda, and Kristen cozied up for pictures

Smiley: The women each flashed their toothy grins for photos

Margaret Josephs commanded attraction successful a slinky champagne-colored mini dress.

The flirty number featured spaghetti straps and grazed her thighs arsenic she partied nan nighttime distant pinch her Bravo TV family.

Her agelong blonde hairsbreadth was styled successful a debased ponytail that fell complete her enarthrosis and allowed her to show disconnected her dangling earrings.

She wore dense oculus constitution that included sleek achromatic liner and voluminous eyelashes.

Finally, her look was vanished pinch a glossy pinkish lipstick that complemented her stellar smile.

She teamed her statement dress pinch open-toe beige heels that revealed a pristine achromatic pedicure. 

Her look: Taekman wore a champagne-colored mini dress pinch open-toe heels

Bold look: Kelly wowed successful a lacy, sheer, reddish catsuit that teased her pinkish undergarments

Looking good: Andy Cohen smiled alongside Kelly astatine nan buzzy event

Duo: Margaret and Kelly shared a one-on-one moment 

Friends: Jeff and Kelly sewage together for a flick during nan splashy gathering successful Vegas

Kelly Bensimon looked astonishing successful a lacy reddish catsuit that was sheer and showed disconnected pinkish satin undergarments.

She was bronzed up arsenic she deed nan Vegas segment pinch her aureate blonde hairsbreadth styled successful a halfway portion and loose, bouncy curls.

During 1 moment, she posed pinch Meredith Marks, Taylor Armstrong, Emily Simpson, and Guerdy Abraira.

Marks wore a plunging, body-hugging, brownish leather dress that cropped conscionable supra her knee.

Taylor was a show to spot successful a achromatic sequin jumpsuit that she teamed pinch sky-high achromatic heels.

Her agleam blonde hairsbreadth was arranged successful a halfway portion and styled straight.

Emily turned heads successful reddish basking pants and a sleeveless sheer achromatic apical pinch an opaque sheet covering her chest.

Guerdy was clad successful a fitted lavender dress pinch a cowl cervix and she coordinated it pinch purple lipstick and ample hoop earrings.

L-R: Meredith Marks, Taylor Armstrong, Emily Simpson, Guerdy Abraira and Kelly Bensimon

Cocktail: Bensimon giggled arsenic she enjoyed a refreshing beverage 

Red and purple: Emily Simpson and Vicki Gunvalson turned heads successful their colorful looks

Playful: Mercedes Javid and Vicki Gunvalson took a characteristic image pinch a vessel of 21Seeds

Hair: Josephs looked awesome pinch her platinum blonde bob styled pinch a broadside bang

Glittery: Margaret was fashion-forward successful a achromatic blouse pinch chromatic accents throughout 

Beauty: Ubah Hassan wowed successful a lacy achromatic jumpsuit arsenic she posed astatine nan rooftop venue

Ubah Hassan wowed successful a lacy achromatic jumpsuit arsenic she posed astatine nan rooftop venue.

The 40-year-old Somalia-born tv characteristic flashed her megawatt grin while enjoying nan shindig.

She wore her lustrous acheronian hairsbreadth into a precocious ponytail and stunned successful a look of warm-toned makeup.

Her eye-catching look was rounded retired pinch a brace of strappy sandal heels. 

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