Meghan Markle signs new podcast deal with Lemonada Media after she and Prince Harry parted ways with Spotify

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Meghan Markle has signed a caller podcast woody pinch Lemonada Media aft she and Prince Harry parted ways pinch Spotify.

The move will spot her big a caller podcast bid and person her erstwhile Archetypes podcast distributed to each platforms, Deadline reported.

The end of nan couple's reported $20million woody was announced successful 2023, 3 years aft it was signed.

Spotify and nan Sussexes's audio accumulation institution Archewell Audio released a associated connection saying they person 'mutually agreed to portion ways and are proud of nan bid we made together'. 

A apical Spotify podcast executive past called Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 'f***ing grifters' aft they produced only 1 13-episode bid of a podcast for nan company, and past split. 

Meghan Markle has signed a caller podcast woody pinch Lemonada Media aft she and Prince Harry parted ways pinch Spotify

The extremity of nan couple's reported $20million woody was announced successful 2023, 3 years aft it was signed

Bill Simmons, Head of Podcast Innovation and Monetization astatine Spotify, condemned nan brace successful an section of his ain podcast. 

'The f***ing grifters. That's nan podcast we should person launched pinch them,' he said. 

'I've sewage to get drunk 1 nighttime and show nan communicative of nan Zoom I had pinch Harry to effort and thief him pinch a podcast idea. It's 1 of my champion stories.'

Bill Simmons (left), who sold his podcast and sports publicity institution The Ringer to Spotify for $200 cardinal successful 2020, now useful arsenic Spotify's caput of podcast innovation. On Friday he described nan Duke and Duchess of Sussex (right) arsenic 'f****** grifters' aft they parted ways pinch nan company

Meghan Markle's Spotify podcast Archetypes will not beryllium renewed for a 2nd season 

Simmons, a sportswriter, founded sports and popular civilization website and podcast web The Ringer, and sold it to Spotify successful 2020 for $200 million. 

He past joined Spotify, and has agelong been captious of nan couple.

Last January, he blasted Prince Harry, saying it was 'embarrassing' to beryllium affiliated pinch nan aforesaid company.

'Shoot this feline to nan sun,' he said, according to sports website The Big Lead. 

'I'm truthful tired of this guy. What does he bring to nan table? He conscionable whines astir s*** and keeps giving interviews. 

'Who gives a s***? Who cares astir your life? 

'You weren't moreover nan favourite son. You unrecorded successful f****** Montecito and you conscionable waste documentaries and podcasts and cipher cares what you person to opportunity astir thing unless you talk astir nan royal family and you conscionable kick astir them.'

Spotify has precocious laid disconnected unit and scaled backmost big-name talent successful favour of emphasizing nan creator economy. 

The streaming elephantine announced it would beryllium laying disconnected astir 200 unit members - astir 2 per cent of their workforce - who activity wrong their podcast teams. It cited difficulties successful making podcasts profitable, contempt its fame among listeners. 

Markle's Spotify podcast, Archetypes, will not beryllium renewed for a 2nd season. 

The move to ditch nan Duchess of Sussex's show, which explores nan 'labels that effort to clasp women back', follows discussions months agone astir renewing it for a 2nd series.

Insiders adjacent to nan audio elephantine declare nan royal mates did not meet nan productivity benchmark required to person nan afloat payout, nan Wall Street Journal reported.

Markle, however, is still readying to create much podcasts and find a caller location for her series, which antecedently featured her friend and tennis prima Serena Williams, popular sensation Mariah Carey and South African comedian Trevor Noah.

Meghan signed disconnected her 12th section successful nan Archetypes podcast bid pinch a defiant portion of poesy astir survival

The axing of nan show comes aft sources adjacent to nan Duke and Duchess of Sussex claimed nan brace would extremity making tell-all Netflix documentaries, publishing memoirs and sitting down for interviews discussing nan royal family, arsenic they person 'nothing near to say'.

The talent agency that precocious signed Meghan, WME, told nan Wall Street Journal: 'The squad down Archetypes stay proud of nan podcast they created astatine Spotify. 

'Meghan is continuing to create much contented for nan Archetypes assemblage connected different platform.'

The podcast reached nan apical of Spotify's charts successful nan week it premiered.  

Meghan signed disconnected her 13th and past Archetypes section pinch a defiant portion of poesy astir endurance - but made nary mention of a imaginable 2nd series.

Closing nan show, which featured men for nan first time, she quoted nan Greek post-war writer Dinos Christianopoulos and said: 'What didn't you do to hide me? But you forgot that I was a seed.'

Discussions to people much contented from Archwell - nan accumulation institution owned by nan royal mates - are ongoing, nan Wall Street Journal reported. 

There are besides suggestions that Meghan could soon look to bring backmost her wellness and manner blog The Tig, successful a bid to rival Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop website, which is reportedly worthy $250million.

It comes amid reports that nan mates will extremity making documentaries and tell-all books arsenic they person 'nothing near to say'

The royal brace person raked successful millions since moving to California. Prince Harry's bombshell memoir Spare was portion of a $20million book deal 

Since officially leaving nan Royal Family and moving to California successful 2020, nan Duke and Duchess person pursued a number of different avenues to bring successful revenue.

This includes Prince Harry's bombshell memoir Spare which he created arsenic portion of a $20million woody pinch Penguin Books.

The mates besides teamed up pinch Netflix to nutrient nan docu-series called Harry And Meghan, pinch nan streaming elephantine reportedly paying nan brace $100million for nan six-episode series.

It came as Prince Harry and Meghan unveiled their caller website, which modestly insists nan brace are 'shaping nan early done business and philanthropy.'

The website is operated by 'The Office of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex' and is simply a 'one-stop shop' for each their activities. is minimalistic by creation and features a ample photograph of nan mates connected nan location page.

It has links to nan Archewell Foundation and Archewell Productions, arsenic good arsenic nan arguable website launched successful 2020 to coincide pinch their determination to measurement backmost arsenic moving royals. 

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex be nan closing ceremonial of nan Invictus Games successful September 2023. The photograph now appears connected nan Home page of

Their 'About' page reads: 'The Office of Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex is shaping nan early done business and philanthropy'

It is thought nan Duke and Duchess will usage nan tract to stock their individual and charismatic updates, keeping group informed done nan 'News' section.

Their 'About' page reads: 'The Office of Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex is shaping nan early done business and philanthropy.

'This includes: The Archewell Foundation, Archewell Productions, patronages, ventures, and organizations which person nan support of nan couple, individually and/or together.'

There is besides a page dedicated to Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex and Meghan, nan Duchess of Sussex, detailing their backgrounds and achievements.

Prince Harry's curriculum vitae references his 10-years served successful nan British Armed Forces and arsenic a New York Times bestselling writer of Spare, 'a memoir of his life told pinch compassion, vulnerability and unflinching honesty'.

Meghan's curriculum vitae refers to her defense work, her profession successful nan intermezo manufacture arsenic a lead domiciled successful nan TV bid 'Suits' and arsenic a NY Times bestselling writer of children's book 'The Bench' and 'Together: Our Community Kitchen'. 

Their biographies see nan line: 'They are committed to their mission: Show Up, Do Good. They clasp nan worth that charitable activity should not simply beryllium ‘a handout, but alternatively a manus held'.

The Archewell Foundation was group up by nan Duke and Duchess to 'build meaningful initiatives' and 'drive semipermanent change'. 

Archewell Productions was founded successful 2020 and is 'dedicated to illuminating thought-provoking and divers narratives that underscore our communal humanity and observe community.'

Prince Harry dashed to London from LA past week to spot his begetter King Charles, who was precocious diagnosed pinch cancer

The Duchess of Sussex (centre) prepared Afghan nutrient together pinch 15 Afghan women now surviving successful nan US connected Saturday

Following nan announcement of nan King's unwellness connected Monday, Prince Harry, 39, flew to London from California wherever he lives pinch his woman Meghan Markle and their 2 children.

The Duke of Sussex took a commercialized British Airways formation from Los Angeles arriving astatine Buckingham Palace astatine 2.42pm.

He past spent astir 45 minutes chatting pinch his father, which is thought to beryllium their first due interaction successful 15 months.

It was their first general gathering successful personification since nan precocious Queen Elizabeth II's ceremonial successful September 2022.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle joined 15 women who person resettled successful nan US from Afghanistan to navigator accepted Afghan nutrient complete nan weekend.

The Duchess of Sussex created The Welcome Project successful 2023 together pinch nan Archewell Foundation, which she group up together pinch Prince Harry.

The programme is expected to create 'a safe haven and inclusive situation for women who person precocious resettled successful nan US from Afghanistan', according to a property merchandise by nan Archewell Foundation.

On Saturday, Meghan joined nan Southern California Welcome Project for an evening of cooking and storytelling.