Meet the Premier League billionaire set to own one of the A-League's new teams

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  • Bill Foley owns a caller A-League club 
  • He presently owns Premier League broadside Bournemouth 
  • He will beryllium successful complaint of a caller Auckland team 

By Ollie Lewis For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 03:39 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 03:39 EST, 21 November 2023

The A-League will characteristic 2 teams successful New Zealand for nan 2024-25 play aft a licence for a squad successful Auckland. was awarded to billionaire Bill Foley, who owns English Premier League nine Bournemouth and reigning NHL champs nan Vegas Golden Knights,

Foley is nan laminitis and wide partner of Black Knight Football Club, which owns AFC Bournemouth, has a important finance successful FC Lorient of France's Ligue 1 and this twelvemonth he hoisted nan Stanley Cup aft nan Golden Knights' NHL triumph.

The yet-to-be-named squad will participate a men's broadside successful nan A-League adjacent season, pinch a women's squad to travel nan play after.

Foley pledged to bring a title to Auckland, for illustration he did to Las Vegas, pinch nan Golden Knights nan fastest NHL description squad to ever triumph nan title aft conscionable six season.

'It's an honour to bring a apical shot nine to Auckland. Building a title squad from description has been my astir exhilarating master achievement, and I purpose to do nan aforesaid for nan fans of New Zealand and peculiarly nan organization connected nan North Island,' he said.

Bill Foley will ain 1 of nan caller teams entering nan A-League

The businessman presently owns Premier League nine AFC Bournemouth

'It's a typical spot and an area that I cognize will clasp this team.'

The Auckland squad will subordinate nan Wellington Phoenix successful an expanded 13-team title that Football Australia leader James Johnson said was portion of nan league's 'evolution'.

'We are pleased to invited Bill Foley's engagement pinch nan Auckland description club. His finance is an important measurement successful nan improvement of nan A-Leagues, combining our location interests pinch an world perspective,' he said.

'Bill's acquisition successful sports and his attraction connected organization engagement are valuable arsenic we look guardant to nan club's debut successful nan A-Leagues, offering a caller and engaging attack for our fans and players.'

Auckland was nan guidelines for an A-League club, ironically called nan Knights, betwixt 2005 and 2007 but won conscionable six of their 42 matches while playing successful beforehand of dismal location crowds.

Foley is an American who graduated from nan West Point Naval Academy earlier embarking connected a successful business career.

He founded nan NHL Golden Knights and purchased AFC Bournemouth successful 2022.