Meet Sophie Turner's VERY eligible new squeeze: Aristocrat Peregrine Pearson who had raunchy kiss with Game of Thrones star has a family worth more than £224million and dated King Charles' goddaughter

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An aristocrat who was seen sharing a raunchy buss pinch Game of Thrones prima Sophie Turner has a family net worth of much than £224million and dated King Charles' goddaughter.

Peregrine Pearson is nan eldest boy and heir of Michael Pearson, nan 4th Viscount Cowdray - a erstwhile movie shaper who owns a important chunk of nan Pearson media empire. 

The 29-year-old has a £5million pad successful Chelsea while his begetter owns a sprawling mansion in West Sussex pinch 22 bedrooms and 16,500 acres of grounds boasting 10 polo pitches. 

Peregrine had been dating Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark, a 27-year-old model, but it emerged successful September that they had gone their abstracted ways aft 'growing apart'.

He was seen kissing pinch Sophie Turner connected a thoroughfare successful Paris earlier they attended nan rugby World Cup together, reports The Sun. It comes conscionable a period aft nan 27-year-old's ex Joe Jonas revenge for divorce. 

Peregrine Pearson (pictured successful December 2021) - dubbed Britain's 'most eligible bachelor' - was spotted kissing Sophie Turner successful Paris connected Saturday

Outing: In caller days, nan brace were besides seen attending nan Stade de France together, pinch Sophie smiling arsenic she walked a fewer paces up of Peregrine (pictured) 

Exes: Peregrine was antecedently successful a narration pinch King Charles's goddaughter, Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark (pictured successful November), but they divided earlier this year

An onlooker who spotted Sophie and Peregrine successful Paris said: 'They arrived together astatine nan chauffeur pick-up location extracurricular of nan station.

'It looked for illustration they mightiness person some travel connected the Eurostar from London.'  

While Sophie is said to beryllium worthy a whopping £10million, this pales successful comparison to Peregrine's family fortune.

His ancestral property is location to Cowdray Park Polo Club - which boasts 10 pitches and hosts much than 450 matches each year.

The prestigious nine hosts the annual Gold Cup, wherever both Prince William and Prince Harry person played. The Gold Cup is polo's astir prestigious European event.

The main Cowdray House, bought successful 1908 by Peregrine's great-great-grandfather Weetman Dickinson Pearson, has 120 acres of general gardens and woodland.

The location was a replacement for a Tudor manor built by nan Montague family, which burnt down successful 1793. 

In 2009, Lord and Lady Cowdray reportedly decided to put nan property connected nan marketplace for £25million, but decided they couldn't portion pinch nan spot and alternatively started hosting luxury events there, pinch Cowdray Hall now serving arsenic a wellness centre.

Cowdray Hall offers belief workshops, retreats and play classes, and features a chapel utilized for yoga, Pilates and meditation.

Family: Property developer Peregrine is nan eldest boy and heir of Michael Pearson, nan 4th Viscount Cowdray and his woman Marina (both pictured successful July 2018), who divided up successful August

Upbringing: Reflecting connected his childhood, Peregrine said his creator mother Marina (both pictured pinch his relative Montague successful 2014) ne'er forced them to play polo and allowed them to beryllium 'creative'

Smooch: Peregrine was spotted kissing Sophie Turner connected Saturday and, conscionable hours later, they were besides spotted arriving astatine Stade de France together (pictured)

Peregrine antecedently admitted that contempt being nan heir to nan sprawling estate, which besides features a workplace shop and café, he does not play polo himself.

He told nan Telegraph in 2018: 'I'm getting lessons, I grew up riding and complete nan adjacent fewer years it's thing I tin spot myself doing a batch more.'

The publication besides reported that Peregrine was taking a much progressive domiciled successful moving nan property and was shadowing main executive Jonathan Russell to study astir nan intricacies of nan polo club.

'It's awesome to beryllium capable to observe it from a region and spot what my early domiciled is going to be,' Peregrine said.

Peregrine's ain children will not turn up successful Cowdray Estate owed to it being transformed into an events venue, but Peregrine said he isn't upset astatine nan imaginable arsenic he looked towards nan future.

'Having heard nan accent of managing these type of houses, it's nan cleanable compromise,' he told The Telegraph.

'The location is still an important portion of nan organization and a valuable employer, without costing america money to run. And I still person nan luxury of utilizing it erstwhile I like.' 

Peregrine, known to friends arsenic Perry, began making love his ex, Princess Maria-Olympia, successful 2020. 

Friends began whispering astir nan authorities of their narration erstwhile Peregrine was conspicuous by his absence astatine nan Chelsea-based model's 27th day statement successful July. 

Royal links: Cowdray Park Polo Club boasts 10 pitches and hosts much than 450 matches each twelvemonth (Prince William is pictured connected nan grounds of nan nine successful July 2006) 

Impressive: His begetter owns a sprawling 16,500-acre West Sussex property (pictured successful 2015) which is location to Cowdray Park Polo Club 

Royalty: The prestigious nine hosts nan yearly Gold Cup, wherever some Prince William and Prince Harry (pictured successful August 2003) person played

After their split, Olympia, nan only girl of Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece and his wife, Marie-Chantal Miller, 'unfollowed' Peregrine connected Instagram.

She besides deleted each traces of him connected her relationship connected nan picture-sharing societal media app.

'They grew apart,' a root told nan Daily Mail's Richard Eden astatine nan time. 'Their friends and family were hoping their national would lead to marriage, but it wasn't meant to be.'

Olympia's grandfather is King Constantine, a narration of Prince Philip, who was exiled from Greece pursuing nan 1967 coup. The family proceed to usage their royal titles decades aft nan abolition of nan monarchy. 

Their divided came aft Peregrine was absent from nan model's 27th day statement 2 months earlier successful July.

The mates had not been seen successful nationalist together since November 2022, and did not vacation together this twelvemonth aft 3 consecutive summers of doing so. 

Instead, nan Princess visited Italy and Greece pinch family and friends including character Poppy Delevingne, who has been linked to her relative Prince Constantine Alexios.

Meanwhile, Peregrine spent his summertime pinch pals successful Cow Neck, New York state, arsenic good arsenic successful Spain pinch family. He besides went to nan Burning Man show successful Nevada.

Preferring to enactment retired of nan spotlight, Peregrine's Instagram is backstage and is followed by Jamie Redknapp and Olivia Bentley.

Sophie Turner is now listed among his followers. 

In August, it emerged that Peregrine's father Lord Cowdray and his woman Marina, nan Viscountess Cowdray, had separated after 36 years of marriage.

Break-up: It comes aft Sophie precocious reached a impermanent custody statement pinch Joe Jonas (pictured successful March 2022) past month, pursuing their split 

'It's highly acrimonious,' a family friend claimed to nan Daily Mail's Richard Eden astatine nan time.

'Marina has walked retired of nan marriage. Michael [the viscount] is devastated. The New Age worldly has changed her.'

Marina, nan girl of precocious Tory MP John Cordle, was Michael's 2nd wife. He was antecedently joined to Fritzi (Ellen) Erhardt, nan girl of a German industrialist.

As good arsenic Peregrine, nan mates besides stock a girl Eliza Pearson, 35, who joined Ned Rocknroll - who changed his surname from Abel Smith - successful 2009.

Princess Beatrice was among nan guests astatine nan open-air pagan wedding ceremonial led by a druid, but nan brace went their abstracted ways conscionable years later.

Ned, a nephew of Virgin billionaire Sir Richard Branson, went connected to wed character Kate Winslet successful 2012 and nan mates are still together. 

Meanwhile, Eliza went connected to marry Norwegian financier Leif Kvaal and they stock 3 children together, according to Tatler.

As good arsenic Peregrine and Eliza, Lord Cowdray and his woman besides stock daughters Emily and Catrina, and different son Montague.

Lord Cowdray besides has a boy called Sebastian from a erstwhile narration pinch exemplary Barbara Ray.

Reflecting connected his puerility successful 2018, Peregrine said his creator mother Marina ne'er forced them to play polo, contempt increasing up connected nan grounds of a prestigious polo club, and allowed them to beryllium 'creative'.

He told nan Telegraph really he and his siblings would walk a batch of clip pinch their mother successful her pottery workplace successful nan plot arsenic nan heir of nan Cowdray luck looked backmost connected his upbringing.

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