Mauricio Pochettino calls out 'DANGEROUS' Alan Shearer criticism of Nicolas Jackson after he dissected £32m Chelsea star's 'never going to score' performance in scathing Match of the Day analysis

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  • Nicolas Jackson has struggled to deed nan crushed moving since joining Chelsea
  • Alan Shearer heavy criticised the striker aft nan Blues' 2-0 conclusion by Brentford
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By Will Pickworth For Mailonline

Published: 05:00 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 06:20 EDT, 1 November 2023

Mauricio Pochettino has deed retired astatine Alan Shearer and his 'dangerous' disapproval of Chelsea striker Nicolas Jackson.

The Senegalese striker joined nan Blues for £32million from Villarreal successful nan summertime but is still adapting to life astatine Stamford Bridge.

The 22-year-old has netted conscionable 2 Premier League goals successful 9 appearances and struggled again to show his objective broadside during Saturday's 2-0 conclusion by Brentford.

This prompted disapproval from Shearer connected Match of nan Day, who had claimed Jackson was not a 'natural goalscorer' and said it 'looks arsenic if he needs a batch of thief successful that position', while Pochettino besides had to intervene erstwhile nan striker was criticised by a Chelsea fan.

However, nan Blues leader threw his support down Jackson and suggested Shearer's disapproval was unwarranted.

Mauricio Pochettino deed retired astatine Alan Shearer and his 'dangerous' disapproval of Nicolas Jackson

Jackson struggled during Chelsea's conclusion to Brentford and Shearer slammed his performance

'You request much matches to travel to that (Shearer's) opinion,' he said up of Chelsea's Carabao Cup 4th information necktie against Blackburn.

'If you watch nan crippled against Liverpool, Dortmund aliases Luton, successful different circumstances he’s a different player. It is vulnerable to make this study connected 1 game. 

'Nico was not astatine his best, but if you watch him successful different games he’s 1 player, if you spot [the] Brentford [game] he’s different player. We person to beryllium adjacent pinch our analysis, we request to springiness clip to him. I judge successful him.'

When analysing nan reasons for Chelsea's conclusion connected MOTD, Shearer had pinpointed Jackson arsenic a imaginable problem arsenic he said: 'To beryllium much prolific you person to get yourself into scoring positions. There was a complete deficiency of activity from him today. 

'Sometimes you person to make nan tally for nan defender and for yourself. He looks very earthy and astatine times unsure what to do. 

'He's conscionable waiting for thing to happen, you person to do it yourself sometimes. You've sewage to work, you've sewage to make defenders work, you've sewage to effort to propulsion them around.

'Goalscorers don't bent astir astatine nan separator of nan container for illustration he does. He's sewage to judge that nan shot comes in, it's his occupation to get connected nan extremity of it. 

'They were never, ever going to people coming pinch that. It looks arsenic if he needs a batch of thief successful that position.'

Along pinch defending Jackson, Pochettino besides insisted his broadside were unlucky not to triumph against nan Bees.

Shearer had besides insisted Jackson, 22, 'looks arsenic if he needs a batch of thief successful that position'

Pochettino claimed Jackson - who joined Chelsea for £32m successful nan summertime - conscionable needed time

After nan defeat, nan Blues are now 11th contempt different summertime of dense spending and nan Argentine appreciated nan business they find themselves successful but called connected nan Chelsea fans to support backing his side.

He added: 'We are a young team, this intends excessively galore changes successful nan summertime and nan circumstances are not for us. Sometimes [results] are bully aliases sometimes bad. 

'Performance‑wise, we are consistent. Against Brentford astatine 0-0, playing well, we deserved to beryllium one, two, three-nil up successful nan first half. 

'It’s frustrating for nan fans, but we request nan fans to show nan players: "Come on, we judge successful you." We request to understand nan situation.'


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