Mauricio Pochettino admits Chelsea have made 'MISTAKES' after spending more than £1BILLION under Todd Boehly... as he warns they must learn from their errors and that it will take time to get things right with his young team

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  • Chelsea are languishing successful 11th spot pinch conscionable 3 wins from 10 convention games 
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By Kieran Lynch For Mailonline

Published: 06:16 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 06:16 EDT, 1 November 2023

Mauricio Pochettino has warned Chelsea they must extremity making nan aforesaid mistakes if they are amended their fortunes going forward.

Chelsea person had a mediocre commencement to nan season, pinch their 2-0 nonaccomplishment to Brentford meaning they person conscionable 3 wins from their opening 10 Premier League games.

Things could get tougher for nan Blues who person a tricky tally of fixtures coming up,  pinch their adjacent 5 convention games coming against Tottenham, Man City, Newcastle, Brighton and Manchester United. 

The Blues had different engaged summertime model pinch a turnover of 40 players, pinch Chelsea signing 12 and offloading 28 to return their spending nether Todd Boehly to complete £1billion.

Pochettino has warned that Chelsea can't spend to repetition nan 'mistakes' they person made and that it will return clip to get things correct pinch his young team.

Mauricio Pochettino has admitted that Chelsea person made mistakes and stressed nan value that they request to study from them if they are to make important strides

Another engaged transportation model took Chelsea's spending nether Todd Boehly to complete £1bn

Chelsea's conclusion to Brentford intends they person now won conscionable 3 retired of their first 10 games

Asked if he believes Chelsea person been cursed, Pochettino said: 'Things that spell against you, you person to effort to defy them and effort to survive. 

'You person to beryllium quiet and beryllium strong. And not to suffer your balance, because it is easy to blasted aliases opportunity thing that is going to impact different group and lead to section successful nan club.

'The important point is to spot nan ideas, nan judgement and study of why definite things person not happened. 

'To thief nan organisation to beryllium amended and to improve, and not to make nan aforesaid mistakes again. The astir important point is to study from nan mistakes.'

Despite their struggles, Pochettino believes their performances person been 'consistent' contempt their mixed tally of results.

He said: 'A young squad intends excessively galore changes successful nan summertime because of nan circumstances and we are suffering – sometimes bully and bad results, but performances are consistent.'

Chelsea dropped into nan bottommost half of nan Premier League pursuing their location conclusion to Brentford.

They look Blackburn Rovers successful nan Carabao Cup connected Wednesday night, which will springiness them nan opportunity to summation immoderate assurance up of Monday's tricky characteristic against convention leaders and unbeaten rivals Tottenham.  

Pochettino says his young squad request to beryllium fixed clip if they are to win (Nicolas Jackson seen coming onto switch Mykhailo Mudryk against Arsenal)


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