Matthew Perry is seen dining out with a female friend at the Hotel Bel-Air the day BEFORE he was found dead in his hot tub at home

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Matthew Perry enjoyed a repast retired pinch a enigma female conscionable a time earlier he was tragically recovered dormant successful his basking tub. 

The Friends star, 54, appeared successful bully spirits arsenic he sat down pinch nan brunette astatine nan Hotel Bel-Air successful Los Angeles, California connected October 27. 

Other diners said nan duo sat for complete an hr and a half earlier leaving together, pinch nan character mostly ignoring his nutrient arsenic he was immersed successful his glamorous guest, according to TMZ. 

The day repast came conscionable a time earlier Perry was recovered by his adjunct successful his basking tub, sparking a activity of tributes for nan beloved character from crossed nan globe.  

Matthew Perry was seen pinch a enigma female nan time earlier he died 

The Friends prima enjoyed a repast retired astatine nan Hotel Bel-Air successful California 

The beloved character was recovered dormant successful his basking tub connected October 28 

Perry dated a drawstring of precocious floor plan women passim his famed career, including Lizzy Caplan and Gwyneth Paltrow. 

But aft his engagement to literate head Molly Hurwitz ended successful 2021, sources told he was left yearning for a woman and family. 

Insiders adjacent to Perry said that he longed for a meaningful narration and stepchildren, acknowledgment to his closeness to his ain stepdad Keith Morrison. 

‘Matthew ever dreamed of having nan cleanable family,’ a root adjacent to nan prima told ‘He wanted a wife, and astatine slightest a mates of kids. And he said he wouldn’t moreover mind marrying a female who already had kids.'

‘Lately nan prima has been looking for emotion again. But a drawstring of grounded relationships near him emotion sad and depressed, and arsenic if he would ne'er find that emotion he longed for,' nan root continued. 

‘Matthew dated dozens of women. But successful nan end, he ever felt they were only willing successful his money and his fame. And he was generous to a fault.

‘He would ablution women pinch gifts only to person them battalion up their goodies and locomotion away.

‘In nan extremity I deliberation his years of fighting demons… Drugs and alcohol… Took a toll connected him, and connected his health, and yet he would extremity up unsocial again.'

Matthew Perry was lonely and longing for a woman and a family erstwhile he died, aft a drawstring of grounded relationships near him emotion 'sad and depressed,' sources told (pictured successful 2022) 

Aerial images show Perry's excavation and basking tub wherever he was reportedly recovered dormant Saturday

Investigations into Perry's decease are still ongoing, nevertheless officials person said location are nary indications foul play was a factor. 

He is believed to person drowned, though an charismatic origin of decease has not been announced.  

First responders connected nan segment revealed that erstwhile Perry was recovered by his assistant, he was recovered underwater earlier she lifted his caput up successful a hopeless effort to get him immoderate air. 

By nan clip nan Los Angeles Fire Department arrived astatine his Pacific Palisades home, nan character was already dead, it was later determined. 

It comes aft a 15-second dispatch call emerged revealing nan infinitesimal his adjunct called 911 to study a imaginable cardiac arrest. 

Perry had been unfastened astir his past struggles pinch intoxicant and constituent abuse, but said successful caller interviews he was cleanable and sober. 

Perry wrote successful his memoir, published past year, that he had spent $9 cardinal trying to get sober, revealing he had been to 6,000 AA meetings, gone to rehab 15 times, and been successful detox 65 times. 

First responders are said to person recovered anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications astatine nan spot - but location was nary motion of immoderate forbidden drugs. 

Family friends had besides reported that he seemed 'fatigued' successful nan days earlier his death.

The 54-year-old took to Instagram successful his last days to station a haunting image of himself enjoying a dip successful his pool. 

The caption read: 'Oh, truthful lukewarm h2o swirling astir makes you consciousness good? I'm Mattman.' 

In his past station to his Instagram, posted earlier this week, nan prima shared haunting images of him successful his pool

Perry's ex-fiancé Molly Hurwitz had hoped for a long-lasting narration pinch Perry earlier 'he threw it away', an insider told 

Perry and Hurwitz had been first romantically linked successful 2018 earlier their engagement successful November 2020, which came to a melodramatic extremity successful nan summertime of 2021

With tributes flooding successful for nan actor, his ex-fiance has been near 'heartbroken' by his nonaccomplishment aft hoping for a long-lasting narration pinch Perry earlier he 'threw it away.' 

Perry and Hurwitz had been first romantically linked successful 2018 earlier their engagement successful November 2020. 

Their narration came to a melodramatic extremity successful nan summertime of 2021, however, aft it was alleged that Perry had messages a 19-year-old connected exclusive making love app Raya. 

'Of course, she is heartbroken complete his death,' an insider told 'She loved him and conscionable for illustration anyone other would consciousness successful her instance, wishes things would person been different.'

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