Matthew Perry hoped to reunite with his 17 Again costar Zac Efron to star in a biopic about his life... before the Friends star's tragic death at 54

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Matthew Perry was exploring nan anticipation of a biopic astir himself earlier his decease — and he wanted his erstwhile 17 Again costar Zac Efron to prima arsenic a younger type of himself.

According to Athenna Crosby, who dined pinch Matthew conscionable 1 day before his tragic decease astatine property 54, nan Friends prima 'wanted to make a movie astir his life and person a biopic made.'

The intermezo newsman and character told People that Matthew 'wanted Zac Efron, who's played him already to play him again because he said he did specified a bully job.'

The revelation astir Perry's hopes for a movie astir his life travel conscionable days aft he was found dormant successful his basking tub by his assistant.

Matthew starred successful nan 2009 drama 17 Again arsenic Mike O'Donnell, a 37-year-old man connected nan verge of divorcement who regrets throwing distant his chance to person a successful profession arsenic a hoops prima successful bid to wed his pregnant woman and early wife.

Dashed hopes: Matthew Perry, who was recovered dormant successful his basking tub astatine property 54 connected October 28, reportedly wanted to make a biopic astir himself anterior to his decease pinch Zac Efron playing him; seen successful 2017

Costars: Athenna Crosby, who dined pinch Perry a time earlier his death, told People that Matthew 'wanted Zac Efron, who's played him already to play him again because he said he did specified a bully job.' Efron played Perry's younger characteristic successful 2009's 17 Again (pictured)

But aft an brushwood pinch a mysterious janitor connected a bridge, he finds himself transformed into his 17-year-old aforesaid (now played by Zac Efron).

After he enrolls successful precocious schoolhouse again nether a clone sanction and resolves to redo his life for a amended outcome, he realizes that he has nan expertise to thief his 2 teenage children navigate their difficult individual lives astatine school, which besides brings him person to his estranged woman (Leslie Mann).

The movie received mixed-to-positive reviews from critics, but audiences were large fans of Matthew and Zac's performances, and nan movie became a container agency deed pinch a gross of $139.5 cardinal against a $40 cardinal budget, according to The Numbers. 

At nan time, Efron was basking disconnected nan occurrence of nan 3rd High School Musical movie and his critically acclaimed capacity successful Me And Orson Welles.

Perry marked nan tallness of his post-Friends profession pinch nan film, which was tragically his last movie role. In consequent years he appeared exclusively connected television, either arsenic a bid prima aliases a guest.

He had intended to make his long-awaited return to nan metallic surface pinch a domiciled successful Adam McKay's satirical drama Don't Look Up, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, Meryl Streep and galore different A-listers, but he was forced to driblet retired aft already filming immoderate of his scenes.

Perry later revealed successful his memoir — Friends, Lovers, and nan Big Terrible Thing — that he had still been successful nan throes of addiction while filming his scenes, and he later traveled to a rehab installation successful Switzerland.

While there, he lied astir suffering symptom successful bid to get his doctors to prescribe him opiates. However, erstwhile nan alleged symptom wouldn't spell away, his expert recommended having a instrumentality surgically implanted successful his backmost to thief pinch nan mostly non-existent pain.

Sad sack: Perry starred arsenic a washed-up 37-year-old who regrets his life choices and mislaid chance astatine being a hoops star, arsenic good arsenic his mediocre narration pinch his children and his grounded marriage

Behind nan scenes: But a magical brushwood turns him backmost into his 17-year-old aforesaid (played by Efron), and he resolves to thief his troubled children and his estranged woman now that they don't cognize his existent identity

The 2009 deed was nan precocious constituent of Perry's post-Friends career, and he ne'er appeared successful different movie for nan remainder of his life.

What could person been: Perry filmed scenes for Don't Look Up but was near retired of nan movie aft his bosom stopped during surgery. He was revived aft 5 minutes of CPR, which collapsed 8 of his ribs; seen successful November 2022 successful West Hollywood

But Perry stayed up taking hydrocodone nan nighttime earlier his surgery, truthful erstwhile he was administered propofol, nan narcotics interacted and caused his bosom to extremity — for respective minutes.

'I was fixed nan changeable astatine 11:00 a.m.,' he wrote. 'I woke up eleven hours later successful a different hospital. Apparently, nan propofol had stopped my heart. For 5 minutes. It wasn’t a bosom onslaught — I didn’t flatline — but thing had been beating. I was told that immoderate beefy Swiss feline really didn’t want nan feline from Friends dying connected his array and did CPR connected maine for nan afloat 5 minutes, beating and pounding my chest. 

'If I hadn’t been connected Friends, would he person stopped astatine 3 minutes? Did Friends prevention my life again?' he pondered pinch morbid humor.

Perry added that nan life-saving CPR besides collapsed 8 of his ribs. 

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