Matthew Perry claimed he 'didn't remember' after he proposed to former fiancée Molly Hurwitz when he was 'high as a kite' in rehab facility

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Late Friends prima Matthew Perry said he was 'high arsenic a kite' erstwhile he projected to erstwhile fiancée Molly Hurwitz successful precocious 2020, during a timeframe he was successful rehab successful Switzerland.

Perry, who died Saturday astatine nan property of 54, opened up astir nan uncomfortable concatenation of events successful nan memoir he released past year, Friends, Lovers and nan Big Terrible Thing.

Hurwitz, 32, who useful arsenic a literate head for Thruline Entertainment, was initially linked to nan character successful 2018, and nan brace were engaged successful November of 2020, before parting ways successful June of 2021.

In nan memoir, Perry did not sanction Hurwitz, but described nan business that led to their engagement and ultimately, their parting.

Perry said astatine nan time, he had purchased Hurwitz 'a ringing because [he] was hopeless that she would time off me' and that he 'didn't want to beryllium this injured and unsocial during' nan coronavirus pandemic.

Details: Late Friends prima Matthew Perry said he was 'high arsenic a kite' erstwhile he projected to erstwhile fiancée Molly Hurwitz successful precocious 2020, during a timeframe he was successful rehab successful Switzerland. Pictured successful NYC successful November of 2022

Hurwitz, 32, was initially linked to nan character successful 2018, and nan brace were engaged successful November of 2020, earlier parting ways successful June of 2021 

He added: 'I was precocious connected 1,800 milligrams of hydrocodone erstwhile I asked her to wed me. I had moreover asked for her family's blessing. Then I'd proposed, precocious arsenic a kite. And connected 1 knee.'

Perry said that aft he had sobered up and near nan facility, he had been shocked to study astir nan engagement, arsenic Hurwitz and her dogs moved into his location successful Los Angeles.

'I was slow opening to recognize that I was engaged, lived pinch a female and 2 dogs,' Perry said. 'Needless to say, I was not fresh for immoderate of this. You unrecorded pinch me? We unrecorded together?'

Perry went into item astir nan life-changing discussions he couldn't recall, arsenic Hurwitz reminded him.

He said: 'We person kids' names picked out, nan full 9 yards, which is nan sanction of a movie I erstwhile made?' past penning from Hurwitz's perspective, 'You went down connected 1 knee to propose, which really wounded your stomach, remember?'

Perry said he 'didn't remember,' adding that 'needless to say, we collapsed up.'

Hurwitz took to Instagram connected Monday pinch a poignant memorial for her erstwhile boyfriend. 

'He would emotion that nan world is talking astir really talented he was,' Hurwitz, 32, said successful nan caption of a station which showed a pic of Perry's silhouette group against a wintry metropolis landscape. 'And he really was very talented.' 

Details: Matthew Perry's erstwhile fiancée Molly Hurwitz, 32, took to Instagram connected Monday pinch a poignant memorial for nan precocious Friends prima pursuing his decease astatine 54 Saturday 

Perry played Chandler Bing connected nan NBC smash deed Friends. Pictured earlier this twelvemonth astatine USC successful LA

Hurwitz was initially linked to nan character successful 2018, and nan brace were engaged successful November of 2020, earlier parting ways successful June of 2021

In her societal media post, she Hurwitz recalled really she had a beforehand statement spot to spot Perry bespeak connected his capacity connected nan deed NBC drama - which co-starred Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer - earlier nan show's reunion was released successful May of 2021.

'As nan Friends reunion was approaching, we rewatched nan show together,' Hurwitz said. '"F***, I was truthful good!!!…See what I did there???” We rewound and studied scenes.

'Our respect and appreciation of joke is thing that connected us. Being pinch him arsenic he rediscovered his brilliance was magical.'

Hurwitz said that she 'obviously knew that man successful a very different way, too,' saying, 'While I loved him deeper than I could comprehend, he was complicated, and he caused symptom for illustration I’d ne'er known.

'No 1 successful my big life has had a much profound effect connected maine than Matthew Langford Perry. I person tremendous gratitude for that, for everything I learned from our relationship.'

Hurwitz indirectly referenced Perry's battle pinch constituent maltreatment passim overmuch of his life.

'I’d beryllium remiss if I didn’t mention Al Anon, an invaluable assets for those who emotion personification struggling pinch this destructive disease,' she said.

She ended her missive successful saying, 'Matty, I consciousness alleviation that you are astatine peace,' ending nan post, 'Sincerely, Moll-o-Rama(…fication).'

Perry successful June of 2021 told People through a rep of their split, 'Sometimes things conscionable don't activity retired and this is 1 of them. I wish Molly nan best.'

Less than a twelvemonth prior, pursuing their engagement, Perry described Hurwitz to nan publication arsenic 'the top female connected nan look of nan satellite astatine this time.'

Hurwitz recalled really she had a beforehand statement spot to spot Perry bespeak connected his capacity connected nan deed NBC drama earlier nan show's reunion was released successful May of 2021 

She said of Perry: 'Being pinch him arsenic he rediscovered his brilliance was magical'

The Friends character was pictured successful April successful LA, astir six months earlier his death  

The couple's divided came aft Perry was outed for utilizing nan making love app Raya, wherever he allegedly asked a 19-year-old girl, 'Am I arsenic aged arsenic your dad?' during 1 flirty exchange. 

Perry was seen successful a video posted by TikTok personification @kittynichole - existent sanction Kate Haralson - who claims they matched connected nan membership-only making love work successful May past year.

Haralson, now 22, shared nan footage of herself pinch nan caption: 'When you lucifer w Matthew Perry arsenic a joke connected a making love app and he facetimes you and plays 20 questions pinch you.'

In nan 16-second video, Perry was seen smiling arsenic he asks his imaginable date, 'Do you ever play pinch your hairsbreadth this much?' to which she responds, giggling: 'I conjecture so.'

Haralson, a individual adjunct who says she was 19 erstwhile Perry first contacted her, told PageSix connected Thursday that she wanted to show really older men successful Hollywood are 'taking advantage' of younger women connected making love apps.

'A batch of group were saying I'm a bully and mean for posting this, and it made maine consciousness benignant of bad, but astatine nan aforesaid time, I consciousness for illustration a batch of guys successful Hollywood are talking to each these young girls and it's thing that I deliberation a batch of group should beryllium alert of,' she told nan outlet. 

Hurwitz took to societal media to retrieve nan precocious character connected nan aforesaid time Perry's Friends costars Aniston, Cox, Kudrow, LeBlanc and Schwimmer issued a associated connection saying they were 'all truthful utterly devastated by nan nonaccomplishment of Matthew.

'We were much than conscionable formed mates,' nan ensemble told People. 'We are a family. There is truthful overmuch to say, but correct now we're going to return a infinitesimal to grieve and process this unfathomable loss.'

The group concluded successful saying, 'In clip we will opportunity more, arsenic and erstwhile we are able. For now, our thoughts and our emotion are pinch Matty's family, his friends, and everyone who loved him astir nan world.'

Friends, which followed nan lives of six friends successful their 20s surviving successful New York, was a smash deed crossed nan globe erstwhile it aired betwixt 1994 and 2004, and re-runs still stay hugely celebrated years later.

On Sunday, a root Page Six that nan formed is 'reeling' from nan nonaccomplishment of their 'brother' Matthew.

'The formed is reeling from nan nonaccomplishment of their brother, because that's what Matty was — their brother,' an manufacture root told nan news outlet, adding: 'It's conscionable devastating.'

Perry was recovered underwater successful his basking tub by his assistant, who lifted his caput up to effort to get him immoderate air, first responders person revealed.

But, by nan clip nan Los Angeles Fire Department, arrived astatine nan Friends star's Pacific Palisades location connected Saturday and lifted him retired of nan jacuzzi, he was already dead.

Captain Erik Scott, pinch nan LAFD said: 'Los Angeles City Firefighters responded [and] recovered an big antheral unconscious successful a stand-alone basking tub.

'A bystander had brought nan man's caput supra nan h2o and gotten him to nan edge, past firefighters removed him from nan h2o upon their arrival.

'A accelerated aesculapian assessment, sadly, revealed nan man was deceased anterior to first responder arrival.

'The circumstances are nether investigation by LAPD and nan LA County Medical Examiner. We mourn pinch families and friends who suffer a loved 1 unexpectedly.'

Perry is believed to person drowned, though an charismatic origin of decease has not yet been determined.

An first autopsy consequence has been 'deferred', pinch toxicology reports group to follow. It comes aft a 15-second dispatch telephone emerged revealing nan infinitesimal his adjunct called 911 to study a cardiac arrest.

The signaling of nan infinitesimal emergency services rushed to nan segment was shared which describes a drowning - known arsenic an Emergency Medical Situation 9.

A first responder tin beryllium heard saying: 'Agent 23. Rescue 23. EMS 9 connected nan radio. In consequence to nan drowning.'

He had not been successful his basking tub for very agelong earlier his assistant discovered his lifeless assemblage and attempted to resuscitate him, according to a caller report. 

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Perry's assemblage was not 'waterlogged' erstwhile emergency services arrived astatine nan actor's location connected Saturday. 

He was pronounced dormant astatine nan segment aft firefighters lifted him from nan jacuzzi. 

The character was unfastened astir his battles pinch opiates and booze, but said he was cleanable successful caller interviews.

First responders are said to person recovered anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications astatine nan spot - but location was nary motion of immoderate forbidden drugs.

The coroner for Los Angeles County has listed Perry's origin of decease arsenic 'deferred', pending nan last results of toxicology tests.

On Sunday afternoon, nan coroner released his assemblage to nan family, but said they are yet to find a origin of death.

The Medical Examiner's agency tin merchandise first results wrong days, aliases it tin return six to 8 weeks for last results of toxicology tests to travel back.

Family friends person said nan prima seemed 'fatigued' successful his past days, and successful his last station connected Instagram, shared earlier this week, he posted images of him successful his pool.

The caption read: 'Oh, truthful lukewarm h2o swirling astir makes you consciousness good? I'm Mattman.'

Perry said little than a twelvemonth agone that he was keen to thief others who were dealing pinch a akin business successful position of battling addiction to narcotics aliases alcohol.

Perry, successful a November 2022 quality connected nan podcast Q pinch Tom Power astatine Toronto's Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema, said that nan 'paramount thing' he would want to beryllium remembered for 'is that he wants to thief people' battling addiction,  

'The champion point astir me, barroom none, is that if an alcoholic aliases supplier addict comes up to maine and says, "Will you thief me?"' he said. 'I tin opportunity yes and travel up and do it.

'When I die, I don't want Friends to beryllium nan first point that's mentioned. I want that to beryllium nan first point that's mentioned, and I'm going to unrecorded nan remainder of my life proving that.'

Heartbroken: Perry's co-stars from Friends released a associated charismatic connection astir nan actor's tragic passing (Clockwise L-R) Courteney Cox arsenic Monica Geller, Matthew Perry arsenic Chandler Bing, Jennifer Aniston arsenic Rachel Green, David Schwimmer arsenic Ross Geller, Matt LeBlanc arsenic Joey Tribbiani, Lisa Kudrow arsenic Phoebe Buffay

The megastars were each past seen together during nan 2021 HBO Max reunion typical hosted by James Corden (center) 

Perry appeared connected nan deed bid Friends for 10 seasons, spanning 1994 until 2004 

Perry said that it was difficult for him to watch past episodes of Friends, arsenic he could floor plan his addiction conflict by his quality connected nan program.

'I didn't watch nan show, and haven't watched nan show, because I could spell drinking … opiates … drinking … cocaine,' he said. 'Like I could show play by play by really I looked.' 

Perry called nan programme 'an unthinkable ride' and said that 'it's been an unthinkable point to watch it touch nan hearts of different generations. 

'It's go this important, important point and I, you know, I would watch that again. It was really funny, and each nan group were nice.'

Perry appeared connected nan deed bid for 10 seasons spanning 1994 until 2004. He had besides appeared successful a number of mobility pictures successful his career, including 1997's Fools Rush In, 2000's The Whole Nine Yards and 2009's 17 Again. 

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