Massacre in Mexico as cartel violence spirals out of control leads to truce between rival drug gangs: Horrifying videos show drug gangs slaughter rivals, burn piles of bodies and shoot corpses 'so they don't come back to life'

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A bloody feud betwixt rival supplier gangs that 17 group dormant successful Mexico-- pinch chilling videos splashed crossed societal media showing nan horrifying carnage-- has resulted successful a truce.

After a bloody conflict betwixt supplier gangs Los Tlacos and their rival Las Familia Michoacana made world headlines earlier this month, a leader helped to agent a prehend occurrence betwixt nan warring gangs connected Feb. 19, according to media reports.

The scheme calls for nary aggression and for each criminal group to respect nan territory of others.

Members of supplier pack 'Los Tlacos' recorded themselves dragging astir naked and partially naked bodies of dormant La Familia Michoacana members earlier this month. 

Most of nan footage, reviewed by, was excessively schematic to beryllium published.

In 1 disturbing video, camouflage-clad men could beryllium seen tossing nan bodies of their antheral victims into a heap while cursing astatine them.

One gangster kicked nan lifeless remains, pinch nan corpses later group connected occurrence and changeable astatine pinch rifles. 

Members of nan supplier pack 'Los Tlacos' nonstop a chilling connection to their enemies successful an online video aft bloodshed successful Guerrero, Mexico earlier this week

Los Tlacos besides recorded themselves piling nan bodies of their rivals onto of each different and burning them. Most of nan footage was excessively schematic to share

Armed members of nan La Familia Michoacana successful a photograph shared connected societal media

Mexican authorities announced they had recovered 5 charred bodies adjacent nan municipality of Las Tunas connected Tuesday. 

In 1 video, a man beryllium heard yelling 'send maine much (bodies),' arsenic he fires a firearm astatine nan burning heap and past astatine nan ground.

Others shout: 'So they don’t travel backmost to life!'

In different clip, members of Los Tlacos issued an informing to their enemies.

'You termination women and innocents; we're coming to get you, you sons of a b--ch.' 1 gangster said successful a video shared connected X, formerly Twitter. 

'And you, politicians, extremity supporting this trash,' he added.

The man, talking complete a large speaker, declared that his group will protect nan group surviving successful nan upland range. 

The group of 50 aliases immoderate men past shouted arsenic they lifted their rifles astatine nan extremity of nan video. 

State authorities are now moving to place nan dormant and vowed to bring their killers to justice. 

An alleged pack personnel of Los Tlacos points his weapon astatine 1 of nan 20 members of La Bandera successful 2021

The Mexican supplier pack Los Tlacos has carried retired very nationalist revenge connected its enemies, dumping 4 bodies of rival gangster successful nan motortruck of a car successful beforehand of a run agency successful 2021

The incident is nan conscionable latest illustration of rampant drug-related unit successful nan State of Guerrero.

Los Tlacos has antecedently released disturbing video footage of revenge connected their rivals.

In September 2021, pack henchmen accused nan pack 'La Bandera' of 'extorting and sidesplitting guiltless people' earlier forcing them to kneel and interrogating them astatine gunpoint successful nan mediate of a wood successful nan authorities of Guerrero.

The men were filmed lined up earlier they were executed, pinch astatine slightest astatine slightest 4 of nan victims' bodies near successful nan trunk of a car that was near abandoned successful beforehand of nan run agency of Iguala politician David Gama Pérez. 

Known arsenic Tierra Caliente aliases nan 'Hot Lands,' nan region has been controlled by immoderate 40 cartels and supplier gangs who are fighting for power of marijuana and heroin accumulation successful that area, according to 

San Miguel Totolapan successful Guerrero State is portion of nan area known arsenic nan "Hot Lands.' The region has been embroiled successful supplier unit for years, forcing galore residents to fly aliases return measures to protect themselves

Drug unit has go nan norm successful nan authorities of Guerrero, starring galore residents, including children, to limb themselves

Members of nan National Guard (GN) of Mexico circuit nan organization of Ayahualtempa, successful nan confederate authorities of Guerrero, Mexico, Jan. 31

Jalisco Cartel New Generation (CJNG) has a awesome beingness successful nan area while section crime groups Guerreros Unidos, Viagras, Rojos, Tlacos, Ardillos, Familia Michoacana, and Tequileros are besides fighting for their portion of nan pie. 

The Hot Lands are considered a prize, not only for its supplier production, but besides for nan Port of Acapulco - which is utilized to import cocaine shipments sent from South America. 

About 30,000 Mexicans are killed successful crime-related deaths each year, according to Global Conflict Tracker.  

Recently, 4 Catholic bishops successful nan area met pinch cartel leaders to effort and discuss a scheme for bid successful nan region.

The Bishop of Guerrero Jose de Jesus Gonzalez announced connected Ash Wednesday that talks to extremity nan supplier unit successful Guerrero failed. Catholic leaders successful Mexico met pinch cartels successful an effort to inquire them to extremity nan violence, but an statement could not beryllium reached

The bishop of Guerrero posed pinch dancers and members of nan organization arsenic they celebrated his presence to his station successful April 2022

'Undoubtedly, we person to talk to definite people, supra each erstwhile it comes to people’s safety, but that doesn’t mean we work together pinch it,' said 1 priest, who asked for his sanction to beryllium withheld for his ain safety.

Local families are pleading for religion leaders to thief get accusation connected missing loved ones from nan cartel.

The supplier warfare has forced thousands of mostly agrarian group caught successful nan crossfire to either time off nan area for larger Mexican cities aliases caput northbound to nan US. 

Nearly 160,000 Mexicans illegally crossed into nan US successful 2023, 4 times arsenic galore arsenic successful nan erstwhile year, nan New York Times reported. 

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