Mary Fowler beams with joy after seeing boyfriend Nathan Cleary cheer her on from the stands during Matildas game against Taiwan... and she scores just minutes later!

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  • Mary Fowler was delighted to spot Nathan Cleary successful nan stands 
  • The NRL superstar was supporting his woman connected Wednesday 
  • READ: The tell-tale signs Fowler and Cleary were loved up 

By Ollie Lewis For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 08:20 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 09:37 EDT, 1 November 2023

Nathan Cleary played nan supportive fellow arsenic nan NRL superstar shouted connected his caller woman Mary Fowler during nan Matildas' conflict pinch Taiwan.

Fowler, pinch nan upwind successful her sails aft going nationalist pinch Cleary, 25, during an intimate day astatine a parkland successful Perth connected Wednesday, was Australia's biggest threat successful a first half that ended pinch nary goals. 

After a halftime squad talk from Tony Gustavsson, Fowler returned to nan transportation and saw Cleary's look connected nan large screen, pinch nan Penrith leader chatting pinch friends earlier nan commencement of nan 2nd half astatine HBF Park.

A wide grin dispersed crossed her look arsenic she laughed pinch teammates, intelligibly pleased to spot her caller beau successful attendance.

That confidence-booster surely did nan trick, pinch Fowler uncovering nan backmost of nan nett early successful nan 2nd half pinch a sensational onslaught from region to put nan Matildas successful beforehand against their rivals. 

The Matildas went onto triumph nan crippled 3-0 acknowledgment to goals from Sam Kerr and Tameka Yallop.  

Mary Fowler beamed pinch delight aft seeing Nathan Cleary supporting her

The NRL superstar was successful attendance to cheer connected his caller woman connected Wednesday night

Earlier successful nan day, Fowler and Cleary spent clip together successful Perth and were seen laying together successful nan mediate of an unfastened parkland by nan h2o - laughing, hugging, chatting, and drinking from nan aforesaid h2o bottle. 

At 1 point, Cleary took his garment disconnected and Fowler laic connected his chest. 

The pair first attracted attraction arsenic a imaginable mates erstwhile they were seen together connected a leisurely locomotion on nan Nepean River successful Penrith successful Sydney's west. 

The brace were past seen sharing an crystal pick pursuing a promotional arena hosted by Adidas, a marque some athletes endorse.

Last Sunday, Cleary was photographed pinch 2 Matildas fans extracurricular Optus Stadium conscionable earlier nan Aussies' 8-0 triumph complete nan Philippines, pinch Fowler scoring nan opening goal.

Despite nan immense liking successful Australian sport's caller powerfulness couple, Fowler was not quizzed connected nan relationship by Channel 10 up of nan game. 

Fowler scored for nan Matildas soon aft seeing her caller fellow connected nan large screen

The 20-year-old celebrates pinch Caitlin Foord aft putting her state successful front 

Fowler poses pinch fans aft nan game, which Australia won 3-0

Earlier connected Wednesday, nan brace enjoyed an friendly day successful a parkland successful Perth

It was nan couple's first nationalist outing arsenic fellow and woman and sent fans into a spin

Instead, she was asked astir her tally of shape pinch City, her caller domiciled connected nan helping and nan beardown support for nan Matildas successful Perth.

'To spot nan magnitude of group coming retired to support america has been unthinkable and they person been ace large truthful it has been a awesome travel and I deliberation each of america will retrieve that,' she said. 

Channel 10 had different question and reply pinch Fowler aft nan match, but erstwhile again grounded to inquire her astir her caller emotion pinch Cleary.

She was erstwhile again asked astir support from nan Perth crowd, and replied: 'Yeah, it's amazing. You know, it's truthful bully playing retired location and conscionable proceeding nan fans get down you and moreover erstwhile nan ref does thing silly and they are each booing it's really bully to spot and gives you truthful overmuch power retired there.'

Fowler was asked astir her caller romance by Daily Mail Australia connected Wednesday morning, but said: 'Sorry, I conscionable want to get backmost to my hotel.' 

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