Martin Bakole reveals he SWALLOWED A WASP during his impressive stoppage win over Carlos Takam on the undercard of Tyson Fury's crossover clash with Francis Ngannou

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  • Martin Bakole hit Carlos Takam connected nan Tyson Fury-Francis Ngannou undercard
  • He has now revealed that he swallowed a wasp during nan conflict successful Riyadh
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By Sam Brookes For Mailonline

Published: 12:11 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 12:26 EDT, 1 November 2023

Heavyweight contender Martin Bakole has shockingly revealed he swallowed a wasp during his triumph complete Carlos Takam connected Saturday nighttime successful Saudi Arabia.

Bakole's conflict pinch Takam was nan first televised bout connected nan undercard of Tyson Fury's crossover conflict pinch Francis Ngannou, and nan Scottish-based heavyweight delivered a ascendant show arsenic he stopped his force wrong 4 rounds.

From nan extracurricular it looked for illustration a straightforward nighttime for Bakole arsenic he moved to 20-1 arsenic a professional. But nan 30-year-old has since explained that a wasp flew into his rima and stung him midway done nan contest.

Speaking to iFLTV astir nan bonzer incident, Bakole said: 'I can't judge it, I'm surprised. Still coughing until now. It stung maine successful nan ring.'

Bakole past pointed retired wherever he had been stung earlier confirming 'I swallowed it'.

Martin Bakole (pictured) revealed he swallowed a wasp during his conflict pinch Carlos Takam

Bakole still went connected to triumph nan fight, stopping his force successful nan 4th round

His triumph came connected nan undercard of Tyson Fury's conflict against Francis Ngannou that saw nan Gypsy King knocked down successful nan 3rd information earlier coming backmost to triumph connected points

IFLTV interviewer Kugan Cassius was near stunned by Bakole's story, and asked whether he had recovered from nan melodramatic event. 

'I was vomiting successful my changing room. I deliberation it is still present (points to throat) but I deliberation I will beryllium OK,' Bakole responded.

The full undercard successful Riyadh was held extracurricular earlier nan main arena was staged indoors successful a abstracted arena. 

No different fighters person complained astir flying insects astatine this stage, but Bakole surely handled nan bizarre incident good arsenic he took Takam isolated complete 4 rounds.

Takam is known for his durability, having antecedently taken Anthony Joshua 10 rounds successful their world title conflict successful 2017.

But he had nary reply to Bakole's powerfulness this clip arsenic nan referee mercifully jumped successful to spare him of much damage.

Bakole was delighted aft his triumph and declared that he wanted to return to conflict successful Saudi Arabia, but he whitethorn beryllium champion asking for an indoor venue adjacent clip to limit nan consequence of being stung again.

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