Marsh brothers in mourning after heartbreaking family tragedy - as Mitch sets sights on returning to Cricket World Cup

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  • Marsh flew location from World Cup aft decease of grandfather
  • Aussie players wore achromatic limb bands to honour family member
  • Marsh is expected to return to India for Australia's adjacent match

By James Cooney For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 19:56 EDT, 4 November 2023 | Updated: 20:03 EDT, 4 November 2023

Australian all-rounder Mitch Marsh will return to nan Cricket World Cup successful India aft flying location to beryllium pinch his family successful Perth pursuing nan decease of his grandfather Ross connected Friday.

The 32-year-old had played each crippled of Australia's run earlier his daze departure up of Saturday's 33-run triumph complete England.

Aussie players wore achromatic limb bands during nan lucifer successful tribute to Ross.

Marsh is expected to alert backmost to India successful clip for Australia's conflict pinch Afghanistan connected Tuesday. 

Marsh, and his nephew Austin - nan boy of Mitch's relative Shaun - some stock nan mediate sanction of Ross.

Mitch Marsh will return to nan Cricket World Cup successful India this week, aft flying location to beryllium pinch his family successful Perth pursuing nan decease of his grandfather Ross

Marsh (pictured pinch relative Shaun and begetter Geoff) has nan mediate sanction of his grandfather

Teammate Marcus Stoinis says Marsh indicated he will beryllium backmost successful India soon capable and he's wished to triumph nan World Cup.

'He's sewage a family rumor going connected and for illustration we each know, family is very important, nan astir important (thing) really,' Stoinis told reporters earlier successful nan week.

'He's doing nan correct point and he's getting location and he's seeing nan group he needs to see.

'I don't deliberation there's a timeline connected erstwhile he's coming back, but I'm judge he'll do what he needs to do astatine location and past get back.

'He sent maine a connection past nighttime saying, 'I'll beryllium location for a small spot and past I'm coming backmost to triumph this World Cup' truthful that speaks to his mindset I think.

'You miss him disconnected nan section – successful position of his power and his characteristic astir nan squad arsenic overmuch arsenic we're going to miss him connected nan section – but you tin beautiful overmuch spot really nan team's going to line-up (without him).

'I joked pinch him that he conscionable passes nan overs backmost to maine now – and 'thanks for that'. You cognize that nan bases are covered, but we will miss him, and he'll beryllium backmost soon.'

Australian players wore achromatic limb bands successful representation of Ross during nan match

Marsh told his Aussie teammates that he will beryllium backmost to 'win nan World Cup'

Making 286 aft being sent successful to bat by England skipper Jos Buttler, Australia looked apt winners successful Ahmedabad until Stokes slow played himself in.

The England prima struggled early successful his innings, but hung astir to create uncertainty successful Australian minds and punctual them of his erstwhile heroics.

After combining pinch Moeen Ali astatine 4-106, nan brace were looking comfortable and group for an battle successful nan last 15 overs.

But Zampa (3-21 from 10 overs) continued his singular resurgence pursuing nan spinner's mediocre commencement to nan tourney to disregard Stokes for 64 and termination disconnected England's chances astatine 5-169.

Tailenders Chris Woakes (32) and Adil Rashid (20) provided a fewer tense moments but ne'er earnestly threatened to propulsion disconnected an improbable win.

Australia vanished disconnected England’s ODI World Cup defence, dumping them retired of tournament

England were all-out for 253 pinch 11 balls near to enactment connected nan bottommost of nan array pinch conscionable 1 triumph from 7 matches successful a disastrous defence of their first ODI World Cup title.

England's fifth-consecutive conclusion officially eliminated them from nan World Cup and they are now successful threat of missing qualification for nan Champions Trophy.

While England's misery continued, Australia person won 5 games successful a statement aft opening nan tourney pinch disappointing defeats to India and South Africa.

Third-placed Australia are a crippled clear of Pakistan and New Zealand pinch a lucifer successful hand, meaning they only request to triumph 1 of their remaining clashes pinch Afghanistan and Bangladesh to beryllium safe successful nan apical four.

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