Marquez Valdes-Scantling says Aaron Rodgers is one of the best teammates he's EVER had - as the Chiefs Super Bowl winner hints at free agency move to the Jets after Kansas City departure

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  • Valdes-Scantling says Rodgers still reaches retired to him from clip to time 
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By Jake Fenner

Published: 12:52 EDT, 4 April 2024 | Updated: 13:00 EDT, 4 April 2024

Free supplier wide receiver Marquez Valdez-Scantling said glowingly of his erstwhile backmost - conscionable not precisely nan 1 from his astir caller team.

Not that he was dissing Patrick Mahomes astatine all, but nan receiver who astir precocious played for nan Kansas City Chiefs was praising his erstwhile awesome caller successful Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers.

Talking to Zach Gelb of PapaRead Sports Radio, MVS had a batch of positives to opportunity astir nan gunslinger who now dons a different shadiness of greenish pinch nan New York Jets.

'Man, he's 1 of nan top teammates you'll ever find,' Valdes-Scantling said. 'He cares much astir his teammates than astir nan crippled of football. 

'I deliberation that's thing that group don't really understand because they get this cognition of him that he's this whatever, this diva, aliases that he's each astir himself, and that's nan furthest point from nan truth. 

Marquez Valdes-Scantling (L) heaped praise connected his erstwhile teammate Aaron Rodgers (R)

Valdes-Scantling was drafted to Green Bay and was a cardinal relationship for Aaron Rodgers

Valdes-Scantling (11) signed pinch Kansas City and won back-to-back Super Bowl titles

'Aaron has taught maine truthful overmuch worldly connected nan section and disconnected nan field. He's a large advocator of conscionable your intelligence wellness and really you attack life, not moreover conscionable football, and nan things that he's gone done complete nan years. 

'He shares that and conscionable lets you know, "Hey, I'm human, too. I whitethorn propulsion this shot really, really well, but I'm human, too. I person bad days. I person bully days." Just for him to beryllium capable to unfastened that up and beryllium a awesome friend to me, not moreover conscionable a teammate, but a awesome friend to me. 

'I'm everlastingly indebted to him. He's 1 of nan guys that will matter maine and say, "Hey, I'm proud of you", moreover if it's wholly random. Just, "Hey, I'm reaching retired to you. Love you, bro". Those are things, for illustration I said, I haven't been his teammate successful two, 3 years now. We and we still person that aforesaid relationship.'

Valdes-Scantling hasn't signed pinch a squad conscionable yet, starring Gelb to inquire nan receiver if he was considering teaming up pinch Rodgers successful New York. 

'I mean, maine and Aaron person talked, but for illustration I said, it's a speech for maine and my supplier to talk about,' nan receiver replied. 

'I don't really want to talk astir free supplier worldly correct now. I'll fto that grip itself. Right now, I'm looking guardant to immoderate that looks like.'

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